Sunday, July 27, 2008

X Files

Worth going to see when tickets cheapest during day; for sure when it is on dvd; or if you really must, at the theater in the evening. Also possible to rent it when it comes to On Demand for a lot less. In any case - get it one way or another.

I'd give it a B to a B+
(Revision: B+ ... 89.5 so it is very close to an A-)

I expect too much - like from my neighbors, but, if we accept that not everyone can be perfect, only He, the Obamessiah, then the writers (Carter and another person) did the best they could and the film was fine.

The competition is what did it in. It will make back its cost, and hopefully they do another (as Duchovny suggested an interest in a franchise). Kidnapping or abduction, missing person, someone vanishes - make it the presidents daughter, reinstate Scully and Mulder type thing. Then drag out some of the old stuff never addressed and get it resolved and settled and then get Mulder and Scully married off and ... they can do a lot with the characters.

The Truth is Out There

X Files



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