Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting to know you ... so says the NY Times

Op-Ed Columnist
Getting to Know You

By Bob Herbert
Published: July 26, 2008

The conventional wisdom in this radically unconventional presidential race is that the voters have to get to know Barack Obama better. That’s what this week’s overseas trip was about: to showcase the senator as a potential commander in chief and leader of U.S. foreign policy.

The love fest with Obama by the main stream media over the last six months - practically annointing him, answering his critics for him, fawning over his every word, giving him a pass on major issues, and putting his candidacy ahead of Clintons and McCains in coverage.

Hillary complained that Obama was being given the pass, that the media were ignoring serious flaws in his campaign. McCain gets told off by the NYTimes for his piece, but Obama is drooled over for spewing forth nonsensical rubbish, some of which he has had to change his mind about after his tour d'planet.

And Herbert says Obama needs to let people get to know him??????????

Dear Lord. What bloody planet are we on. The network coverage, cable coverage, newspaper coverage, magazine coverage - more than every other candidate on the Republican and Democratic side, combined (well, except for the upcoming storm with Edwards and his love-child).

Getting to know him?

Good Lord. Everything is very confusing for me.

Fools are running the game and making the rules and issues up, then telling us what those issues are and what are legitimate questions to ask ... what a world.

He is not qualified. He is not capable. He is less qualified than my mailman who has worked for the federal government for many years longer, and who has gone to Iraq and Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Russia, France, Spain, and England. Far more traveled than Barrack, and more time in federal service.


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