Thursday, January 31, 2008


The South Central Jurisdiction for the Methodist Church, whose 290 delegates meet in July, in some part or another oppose construction of the George W. Bush's presidential library, museum and public policy institute from being built at Southern Methodist University.

The reason - because it will promote his administration's policies that they feel conflict with church teachings.

A better library for SMU: Kennedy's - it could promote the various methods of screwing around behind your wife's back, show the many faces of Marilyn Monroe, promote diversity in sexual relations, and disdain for the arts. That is very methodist like.

The Clinton library - a man who bombed more coun tries than Bush even considered bombing. It could promote the diversity of women, who were usd by Bill. It could present a showcase on political marriages and how to make them work. During the tour, there could be a hall of abortion - supported and funded by the Clinton administration. That most assuredly does not conflict with church teachings. Have another hallway showing Bill's tolerance for homosexuality and other behaviors typically regarded as not very Christian, unless you are a Methodist minister in which case it is probably very much in line with your thinking.

The Carter library could move to SMU - again, funding for abortion - a long hallway on state funded abortions supported by his administration.

None of the above violate church teachings, but war does. I will have to rip the Bible up because it seems to violate church teachings.

Hypocritical fools. And you wonder why your churches stand empty.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Emotional Outbursts

All humans possess varying degrees of emotion. Some people are very emotional while others are less emotional and or more stoic in their presentation. Some people operate more on emotion than logic and act out emotionally or emote far more than those who operate with logic and reason.

No one wants to be with someone who is all logic (Mr Spock) or all emotion (____ Fill in the blank ____). No one wants to be with someone who is all emotion - they exaggerate, cry, whine, complain, fail to take responsibility for their actions, fail to understand how other people fit in to the larger picture, are unable to respect or care about the feelings of others, cannot distinguish between truth and fiction and live in a world that is more often fantasy or utopian.

The other extreme - Mr. Spock, is equally as difficult. Emotions are all unsatisfactory, unneeded, as is warmth and compassion. The extreme is concerned most with the macro and less about the micro (for the emoting many this is the flip side for they are concerned more often with micro issues and less with macro).

The problem with these extremes is we rarely find any person or group that is completely one or the other, BUT what happens when one political party operates on an emotional platform rather than logic and reason. Young people cheer and swoon for emotionally laden words that mean nothing. Words are supposed to mean something: BAD, GOOD, EVIL, YES, NO, UP, DOWN, BROWN, RED ... but emotionally laden terms mean nothing yet sound very uplifting and the masses swoon. In fact, such nonsensical foolishness says more about the masses who refute one political philosophy as uncompassionate and uncaring only to embrace one without substance, quite sad.

They may be great speakers but words like change and hope mean nothing without context. For the young and foolish it matters not. It matters not that of all the rhetoric and fluff, no concrete statements on anything have been uttered - just fluff, emotionally laden words filled with hope of change and a utopian kingdom on earth with no substance behind the words. Cheer on like mindless idiots waiting for the mothership to open its doors and zap you and the building you're standing atop.

It would be funny to watch and laugh at, however unkind such laughter would be, to direct it at the mentally challenged fools cheering as the mothership loads her weapons and aims, yet ... if it were a movie only we could laugh. Unfortunately, this is deadly serious. Our lives are at stake and I don't mean rhetorically or metaphorically or in a utopian sense, but in the very real form of life and death - our life, and our death if we fail. I cannot laugh because my life means a little more to me than silly foolish utopianism spewed by political hacks who care more about division and race than about America.

It is deadly serious.

Where did they go???

For many years I have been annoyed with television. Well, not exactly television. A television is just a box of some form or another, but rather the programs on television, actors on television, executives at the networks that produce programs for television. All are responsible.

There were several programs I would watch only to turn on one week and find rerun or not find anything. Some weeks it would run in pairs - two weeks of no new shows, or two weeks of re-runs. It was a serious turn-off and did result on several occasions in my turning the television off and not returning for 3-4 weeks. The net result of this - the American people lost interest in top rated shows and they dropped in viewership.

Then the executives at the networks fell out of the stupid tree and decided to revamp the way seasons were constructed. When I was young, the new 'Fall Season' began around Labor day and or very near the day I started school. While I did not enjoy returning to school, there was a silver lining - new programs.

A number of years passed and I paid little attention to television and when I again turned the TV on in the 1990s, seasons began in October and November and by 2005, several began their seasons whenever ... no rhyme or reason - just random.

This assumes people pay attention to schedules, watch at random times and do not care about structure or order in their lives. they have nothing better to do than tune in on March 11 to watch a new season or January 8 or June 21. But in the real world we live our lives quietly with structure and do not have time to monitor random television schedules.

The net result of this - the American people lost interest in top rated shows and they dropped in viewership.

Then we throw out shows that appeal to the lowest common denominator, shows intended for the severely stupid, and or mentally handicapped. In fact, that is unfair to individuals who have mental handicaps - they appreciate programs that appeal to the greatest ability of people not programs that mock or denigrate.

Then the strike ... and now, according to an article in Times Online, January 31, 2008:

American TV networks have lost almost a quarter of their audiences because of the Hollywood writers' strike, according to new figures, and executives fear that “orphaned” viewers may never return.
The Nielsen ratings organisation found that US viewership for last week's opening of the 2008 TV season was down 21 per cent compared with the same week last year, when new episodes of hit shows such as Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy were aired.

Bad news, yet again.

Dear Executives:

I appreciate the suffering you have endured as you smacked your head on every branch as you fell from the stupid tree, but if you want to save yourselves (long term) you need to make radical changes to your programming. You can most likely get some viewer interest back - should there be a war or an attack on the US or some other country, but short of that great programs will lose and have lost an audience. You think you can get it back - that is unfortunately one effect of all the tree whacking you suffered as you fell from the tree. No, you will never get it all back. A few more times like this and you will be paying advertisers to advertise on your programs.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brattleboro Boondoggle

An article published in the Rutland Herald, January 26, 2008, written by Susan Smallheer, explains that residents of Brattleboro will vote on March 4 whether to arrest Bush and Cheney the next time they visit Brattleboro, Vermont.

I sent a letter to the editor of the paper, suggesting the nice people of Brattleboro en masse get sterilized to prevent the passing on of their stupid genes.

Ignorant, stupid, and idiotic. It isn't a matter of taste, belief, or opinion. It is a matter of lunacy and ignorance.

Brattleboro, its unions, and everyone else who fell out of the stupid tree must strive to avoid passing the stupid gene to the next generations.

Oppose and dislike Bush, fine. Silly and wasteful voting such as that which will occur, waste more money than any average citizen can afford, and time none of us have to accomplish nothing but warming the cockles of the scores of Brattleboro citizens who fell out of the stupid tree and hit their heads the hardest.

UPDATE 3/5/08: They voted.
The fools in Brattleboro and Marlboro voted ... to arrest Bush and Cheney the next time they appear in their towns.

What a thought.

Imagine this you twits - Bush shows up with Secret Service, the police show up to arrest Bush and as they push through the phalanx of Secret Service, the police pull their guns and are all shot dead. In the ensuing melee, hundreds are wounded, shooting breaks out everywhere. The City Council convenes and emergency meeting to request the National Guard show up, the President nationalizes the guard and they surround the city offices and everyone is arrested and tried for attempted murder, mayhem, and summarily taken to hospitals where they are all euthanized for their own good.

Maybe some good will come of this.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Losercrats and Retardicans

I heard that description and even though I do not appreciate linking all Republicans with the mentally stupid - it has its applications. Before any claim is made that I favor one or another - I would like to make it perfectly clear that I believe one political party has at its base an intent to turn us into another useless nation like the rest, one that will ask permission before we build a road or sell a loaf of bread, one that is made to feel guilty over everything and forced to pay for that guilt. One political party does not believe in the independence and greatness of America - they believe in the global community and sharing.

The other party is too stupid to stop them.

One party is a danger to our national security and quite honestly to humanities survival.

The other is incapable of comprehending how truly screwed they are. Given enough time they may figure out what to do only to end up shoving both feet in their mouths and falling into a tide pool where they would drown and or asphyxiate from having their feet in their mouth. If the good Lord Himself offered the Republicans a chance at global victory, they would screw it up and spend time bickering until time was up and they would lose. If the Lord offered to take care of all the work, the Republicans would still lose, because they are as a whole, incapable of winning.

Is that clear enough. I have covered both parties.

Silly Rabbits, Terrorism isn't for children, it must be dealt with by mature adults.

In March 2004, al-qaeda attacked Spain. Their reasoning / excuse for the murdering of innocents: Spain had troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The result: Spain elected a PM who immediately pulled out of Iraq and cowered against the wall publicly telling the world it was done with Iraq and please don't hurt Spaniards.

You see, when you deal with the blood-thirsty, they take your cowering as a sign of weakness, not equality. They cannot permit weakness nor cowardice for that above all else is regarded as worthy of further attacks.

Fast forward to 2008 -

"The Al Qaeda-inspired cell planned to attack the Barcelona metro and other targets in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom, said the bomber turned police informant."

Good lord, attack Spain again! Why? Spain pulled out, it left Iraq and never hurt another person. The same with Portugal, France, and Germany. Why one earth - they all left Iraq or never went in the first place. Most have mop up jobs in Afghanistan and or stand around looking like they accomplish various tasks when not otherwise holding buildings up. Europe pulled up its respective skirt, over its head, and ran all the way home. Surprise - al-qaeda wants to kill them again. As a human being the idea of Spain (or anywhere in Europe) being attacked again is repulsive and must be stopped. I have to admit, a small part of me doesn't care.

You do not usually get the opportunity to run away from these people - usually the idiots lie dead. If you do manage, as Spain did, get to run away with the tail between their legs, you do not have the privilege even in your most whacked out delusional dreams to believe that they will leave you alone, like they promised. What level of retardation has set in for you to possibly believe such foolishness and nonsense. Who in their right mind would believe al-qaeda to keep their word. Why would al-qaeda keep their word. They are not like you and I, they do not think like you and I, they do not want to live like you and I, they have utterly no interest in compromise or accommodation, nor should we even ponder the consideration of such - they do have an interest in you being quite dead and or converted to their perverted belief system.

Al-Qaeda believes that by striking at Europe, it will further divide the US from its allies, thereby making it easier to defeat the US later. What al-qaeda fails to understand for its myopic worldview does not permit a real understanding is, further attacks will not weaken Europe, they will embolden Europe. Europe will begin a clampdown on Muslims and Islamic activities that make anything up until now seem downright multicultural. From deportations to secret imprisonment, to police raids every day in every country repeatedly daily, to harassment and wiretapping ... this will be standard protocol. Furthermore, it will push the Europeans back to full support for the US.

Such a move/ attack would be very unwise and quite likely, at this time, causing a deep rift within al qaeda over the benefit of such action.

A part of me says - leave Europe to reap what it has sown. We have enough to do, we are finished with Europe. Let them face al-qaeda alone. I quickly realize that it is our burden to deal with idiots who would rather slap us than pat us on the back, but who cannot possibly fend for themselves, and we will see this play out in the next months.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Further Evidence - Oh Canada!

The saddest part of a debate on healthcare is, the proponents of such a system deny it is Canadian-like, yet it is in every way when you examine the components. It is a failed system and rather than recognizing the failure and working to make our system better, these misguided fools insist on treading down the road of misery. My thought is - why go down the road when we know the end. Their response - well, we'll fix it as we go.

Why is it so clear to me - these people are retarded rodeo clowns. Lets throw away a system that is the envy of the world and embrace a failed system and if it is a problem at any time we will fix it. Rather than understanding in a mature grown up way that you do not throw things away when they do not work, you fix them, and only after fixing them and no change, only then do you consider an alternate course. These proponents are idealistic and naive and quite honestly foolish. That is ok when you are idealistic and spend other peoples money.

In the US, anyone can land here and squat, pop out a baby and get free medical care. An illegal from Germany can walk in to Cedars Sinai at USC in Los Angeles, throw up their arms and say - I am poor and need to have a baby. The hospital will evaluate the person, determine they are poor and pat them on the back telling them that the people of Los Angeles are kind enough that we will pay for the birth and hospitalization. After care will also be free or whatever the mother can afford. As long as she doesn't have insurance.


Because our system - our attitude is everyone deserves the care regardless of citizenship or status. How can we afford this? because we pay a great deal in taxes.

Canada - free medical care to all. But not really. You would think if we provide free hospitalization and delivery for the illegal from Germany than Canada must provide a basket and warm blankets along with the baby shower in addition to everything else, all for free - because they have a great system - medical and political and of course - economic!


They cannot afford what they have, consequently only a select few can get the care.

Edmonton Journal, January 25, 2008, p. A-18

Soldier faces $20,000 bill for expected child
Cypriot wife has not finalized status as landed immigrant


A Canadian soldier who met his wife in Cyprus while on a break from his tour in Afghanistan may be stuck with more than $20,000 in medical bills for their expected child.
Master Cpl. Daniel Joudrey, a 34-year-old electrician with the army, said he is struggling to pay for the birth of his son next month because his wife, Calliopi, has not finalized her status as a landed immigrant in Canada and has no medical coverage.
“We’re happy the baby is coming but we’re worried. I’m applying for loans, getting turned down so things aren’t looking good,” Joudrey said on Thursday from his home in Dundurn, Sask.
“I figured I’m Canadian, I’m in the military . . . I thought she would be covered the second we got married.”
Joudrey, who has been in the military for 14 years, serving in Bosnia and Afghanistan, said he had hoped that because he served his country, his country would look after him and his family.
Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier has on numerous occasions professed the government’s “unwavering” support for the Canadian Forces and their families.
Joudrey said he sought help from the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman, Saskatchewan Health and his military superiors, without recourse. Calls to National Defence were not returned. The couple met in August 2006 by a hotel pool in Cypress where Joudrey was undergoing “decompression” — a program designed to ease the physical and mental rigours of life in the combat zone.
They were married the following March after Joudrey and her nine-year-old daughter moved to Saskatchewan.
Her application for permanent resident status has been delayed by missing paperwork such as a criminal record check and medical records.
She is scheduled for a caesarian section on Feb. 5. Hospital officials recently told them that it would cost $3,700 a day for her hospital stay, not including fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist or medications, she said.
“I thought somebody made a mistake,” Calliopi Joudrey, 30, said. “Because I’m not Canadian, I don’t expect free medical treatment. But I thought because (my husband) is Canadian and it is his baby that it would be different.”
Calliopi Joudrey must also pay more for standard hospital services because she is a visitor to the country. “If you’re not a resident of Canada, (hospitals) usually charge about 125 per cent because of additional administrative fees,” said Pat Cambridge, assistant director of health registration and vital statistics at Saskatchewan’s ministry of health.
Daniel Joudrey, who grew up in a military family, said he has already spent more than $1,800 for blood work, doctors visits and other medical bills.
Some community members, he said, have kindly donated baby clothes.
The hospital has agreed to set up a payment plan for the Joudreys. Also, the baby will get full coverage after he is born, Cambridge said.
“He may be caught in a conundrum but I believe there are people in the military chain of command who can solve his problem,” Bob Butt at The Royal Canadian Legion said.
“I don’t know all the details . . . But in this particular case, the military should be looking after its own.”

The Sky is Falling Part 2

No need to explain ...

20mph limits 'increase emissions'

David Williams, Evening Standard 25.01.08

Cutting speed limits in London to 20mph could increase emissions of carbon dioxide by more than a tenth, the AA claimed today.

Slowing vehicles down makes engines work less efficiently, and the AA has calculated that even on free-flowing routes, fuel consumption in a petrol car going 20mph can be 5.8 miles per gallon worse than at 30mph.

This is enough to produce an extra quarter of a tonne of CO2 every quarter mile travelled. On congested roads the effect can be even more marked, especially with small-engined cars.
Mayor Ken Livingstone has told London's councils to launch 20mph "safety zones" after evidence that they cut accidents and injuries by half.

But the AA said it wanted "detailed research" into the effects of the lower limit before it became widespread. Its president Edmund King said: "It would be a bitter and unpalatable irony if local authorities that have targeted owners of larger vehicles with environmental charges are found guilty of pumping up CO2 emissions through indiscriminate use of 20mph restrictions."

The London Assembly Green Party said the AA's claims were "misinformed" and its tests, conducted on a proving ground, bore no relation to "real" driving conditions in London.

• Haringey is set to become the first London borough to have a 20mph speed limit on all residential streets in an attempt to cut fatal accidents. Haringey already has 20mph zones in Tottenham, Seven Sisters and Muswell Hill. There are more being considered in Wood Green, Crouch End, Stroud Green and Muswell Hill.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mayan Sacrifices

Ancient Maya sacrificed boys not virgin girls: study

Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:38am EST

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The victims of human sacrifice by Mexico's ancient Mayans, who threw children into water-filled caverns, were likely boys and young men not virgin girls as previously believed, archeologists said on Tuesday.

The Maya built soaring temples and elaborate palaces in the jungles of Central America and southern Mexico before the Spanish conquest in the early 1500s.

Maya priests in the city of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula sacrificed children to petition the gods for rain and fertile fields by throwing them into sacred sinkhole caves, known as "cenotes."

The caves served as a source of water for the Mayans and were also thought to be an entrance to the underworld.

Archeologist Guillermo de Anda from the University of Yucatan pieced together the bones of 127 bodies discovered at the bottom of one of Chichen Itza's sacred caves and found over 80 percent were likely boys between the ages of 3 and 11.

The other 20 percent were mostly adult men said de Anda, who scuba dives to uncover Mayan jewels and bones.

He said children were often thrown alive to their watery graves to please the Mayan rain god Chaac. Some of the children were ritually skinned or dismembered before being offered to the gods, he said.

"It was thought that the gods preferred small things and especially the rain god had four helpers that were represented as tiny people," said de Anda.

"So the children were offered as a way to directly communicate with Chaac," he said.

Archeologists previously believed young female virgins were sacrificed because the remains, which span from around 850 AD until the Spanish colonization, were often found adorned with jade jewelry.

It is difficult to determine the sex of skeletons before they are fully matured, said de Anda, but he believes cultural evidence from Mayan mythology would suggest the young victims were actually male.


The Sky is Falling, The End of the World as we know it.

So says Al Gore. I know, he is just a man and we should stop picking on him and instead deal with the science he brings to the table. The problem is, science wasn't given the Oscar. Nor was science given the Nobel Peace Prize ... Al Gore was. He has become the world spokesman for and representative of global warming. Whatever is said about it, whatever he says about it, will inextricably become Al Gore, not because I want it that way nor do most human beings want the two tied together. Rather, Gore and those who drool over his ramblings, make the connection that cannot be ripped apart by mortal hands.

Today, Gore tells us, with his usual insight, that global warming is worse than he first imagined. At a time when most of the planet is suffering from snow and cold not experienced in decades, he warns that the North Pole will lose all its ice in five years. Great news for those of us who would like something a bit warmer. Perhaps Santa in a bathing suit.

The brilliance of this idiot is astounding. Five years. Which means - 1 full presidential term plus the remaining months of the Bush administration. Coincidence?? I think not. Nothing with that man is happenstance. Nothing.

What will now happen is something of the following - within a period of time, Al Gore will endorse one or another of the three candidates for president on the Democratic ticket. Guessing, based on Gore's profundity - he will choose one of the two who can actually get the nomination and possibly win. He will spend the time between now and that moment trying to divine the future so he can select the winning candidate. At an appropriate moment he will pounce - informing the American people, and the world, that He, Al Gore, has chosen X to be the person to lead us away from the precipice of world Armageddon. Furthermore, based on his divining the future, we must accept his candidate because the ice caps depend on us electing his choice for president. This election, he will tell us, will be the most crucial election in our history - not only because of issues of terrorism, poverty, homelessness, and economic issues, but because there is almost no time to fix things before it is too late. Gore will then tell us that his choice, X, will fix things. Therefore, we must support his choice and forgo an election and hand over the title and office to X in order to expedite the saving of the ice caps. For that matter, we may as well disband congress and let Gore's selection take care of all the important issues at the same time and save ourselves the wasted time and money a congress costs.

The world is depending on it, on us, on Al Gore.

AMMAN JORDAN. Reuters Wed Jan 30, 12:44 PM ET

AP. Jerusalem, January 30, 3008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Media - LA La Times

Being disingenuous is not what the media is about. it is not part of your job description nor does it embolden you, nor should it embolden you. It is unfair and not very responsible to link one act to another that is wholly unrelated, however indirectly you attempt such linkage.

The LA Times does so and does it as often as it can and apparently with little thought.

The parts I would like to highlight, I have reproduced from the article.

First, to be clear - if I am writing a 2000 word article and I spend 1800 on one topic and one or two sentences on an alternative theory and then return for the last 100 words to the original strain or theory or argument ... we are not entirely honest nor balanced.

The article:

BAGHDAD -- He works as a blacksmith in one of Baghdad's swarming Shiite slums. But at least once a month, Abu Saif tucks a pistol into his belt, hops into a minibus taxi and speeds south.His goal: to unearth ancient treasures from thousands of archaeological sites scattered across southern Iraq.

Images of Baghdad's ransacked National Museum, custodian of a collection dating back to the beginning of civilization, provoked an international outcry in the early days of the war in 2003.The ancient statues, intricately carved stone panels, delicate earthenware and glittering gold are now protected by locked gates and heavily armed guards. But U.S. and Iraqi experts say a tragedy on an even greater scale continues to unfold at more than 12,000 largely unguarded sites where illegal diggers like Abu Saif are chipping away at Iraq's heritage."It may well be that more stuff has come out of the sites than was ever in the Iraqi museum," said Elizabeth Stone, an archeology professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Iraqi officials say the U.S. government has supported their efforts to retrieve looted antiquities from the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Islamic and other civilizations, but they do not hide their bitterness that more was not done to secure them in the first place."Iraq floats over two seas; one is oil and the other is antiquities," said Abdul Zahra Talaqani, media director for Iraq's Ministry of State for Tourism and Archaeology. "The American forces, when they entered, they protected all the oil wells and the Ministry of Oil . . . but the American forces paid no attention to Iraq's heritage."The thefts were already taking place before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003, but U.S. and Iraqi experts say they surged in the chaos that followed.

End of excerpt.

Antiquities - scrolls, pottery, paintings, carvings ... who wants them and why? I assume someone who has the money to pay. Museum or private collectors. And what will they do with them? Stick them in cases and show them to visitors or guests.

I do not sense or believe that these antiquities will be destroyed, unless the Islamic armies get control of the pottery and blast them to bits.

So first we should relax a bit. What may be stolen is not lost, it is misplaced. Second, should any museum in the world, where laws apply and governments work by something other than bribery, the pottery and shards and relics will be returned. Until then, they are safe.

Next - if the shards or pottery are in private hands, the question is why and what would they do with it? Hide it in their basement is unlikely else why pay so much for it. More likely, sell it or show it off. In either case, given time, it to will be uncovered and returned.

Until then, the bits of antiquity that have been taken are carefully cared for and will be returned, probably at the time Iraq is able to invite the world to visit its museums and appreciate the art.

The twist of the article makes it seem that the end, Armageddon has befallen the world of art and antiquities.

The other point is - 12,000 sites and it got worse after the US invaded - as if Iraq was guarding all 12,000 sites before. Ha. Only in the imagination of someone on serious drugs.

And the military is not a police force - it was not our responsibility and no, we cannot consider - gee, when we invade we will have to watch out for pottery. Silly rabbits, war is war - not the Geneva Convention.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hillary / Obama Ticket

Well, imagine this - Obama has said that what happened while Bill was president was unpresidential, that Hillary has no experience, that Hillary and Bill are the status quo ... and suddenly he wants Hillary on his ticket? The Obama's have nothing in common with the Clintons. The resentment and contempt for each other is palpable. Obama and his wife versus the cheater and his enabling power hungry wife ... I don't think so.

On the other hand, Hillary might bring him on board if only to offer the country the truly first of a kind - female president and black VP. Not because he is able or capable ... but because of race.

That's what you get with them - a highly politicized racial campaign because for them it isn't about ability, its about race and gender.

God Save Us All ... from fools and idiots

FBI Denies File Exposing nuclear Secrets Theft

A January 20, 2008, article in The Times Online in which "THE FBI has been accused of covering up a key case file detailing evidence against corrupt government officials and their dealings with a network stealing nuclear secrets. "

Great story and one we should ask the major media why they didn't cover every day seven times a day. We should ask Dan Rather why he wasn't investigating a potentially serious story in 2004 rather than chasing dragons.

It is not the story this time, although the story is worth reading, but the comments that followed the story (these all come from the Times website although I have not printed all of them, for space and time).

The names of the guilty/idiots/responsible have been deleted, but they are word for word (mistake for mistake). The lines in black are written by various fools and idiots (and a couple who are actually quite bright), and my comments in red:

The Times is a London newspaper. Most of the comments are from Americans.


The cover-up must be to protect the identity of the "high government official" in the US. I am an independent but I am certainly aware of the media bias against Republicans. If it were a Republican official I have no doubt that this person would have been exposed already. Was it George Tenet? He was appointed by Clinton.

Best Guess! This fellow gets the award for most likely.

Current, typical US Media response: "US officials selling nuke secrets abroad to potentially hostile states? This is serious! Let's get right on... Oh, look! Paris Hilton's using a new brand of lip gloss! Brangelina's got a baby bump! STOP THE PRESSES!!!" Feh, At least there are some people in this world who still give a damn about the truth. I'm with X in Denver: thank you, Sibel, thank you for taking a stand and doing what's right. Keep up the good fight! N.

This is unfortunately a by-product of Hollywood, which happens to be on the left.

This story and the story of the six nukes "accidentally" removed from their secure storage are unbelievably shocking! How can the US press not investigate and report on it as front page news?

They are too busy reporting how low Bush can go in the polls and how Republicans are distancing themselves from a president no one likes. This story would require them to actually produce something.

If these secrets disappeared during the Clinton era, they were probably not stolen but a "gift".

Bingo! He gets an award as well. Can we say LORAL corporation.

Thanks, Times, for covering this story. The media in the US are cowards that would rather cover OJ & Britney Spears than news of substance. I should work for a news agency to find out for myself why stories like this aren't getting reported in the US. It's a shame we have to get news about our own country from overseas.

This person has just woken up and realized there are 49 other states (besides the one they are in) in the US. Pretty soon they will realize they are married to their brother or maybe a half sister who has a mustache. There are real differences between European and US media - the US media do not, on a 30 minute show, put 20 minutes of bodies, 8 minutes of weeping, and a 2 minute diatribe against the US. In the US we spend 25 minutes on anti US, 2 minutes crying and 3 minutes on commercials. That is the difference twit, not that the US media are cowards. They are just too busy hunting down the possibility that Bush and his wife had a fight one night.

Haven't I heard previously the the "corrupt government official" was Denny Hastert--the Republican (of course) Speaker of the House?

No sir, it was someone in Bill's administration. You must have been watching too much Bill Maher or some other dolt, perhaps Charlie Sheen.

who cares? Show me a government without secrets and I'll show a government that doesn't exist. Ever think that maybe the US is using this to shadow actual illegal transfers. Hell no, that would be too simple an explanation; surely it's a coverup....pffft....

True enough

Once again, the clearest and most present danger to world peace is...the United States. Less than a year remains of Bush's incompetence and deceit, yet I fear that his thugs will become more like cornered animals as the "end times" draw near. I would expect some kind of false flag covert ops to try to percolate a war with Iran, followed by martial law in the US as general unrest swells, followed by the economy going completely underwater, followed by (if there is any justice left in the world) Bush, Cheney, Addington, Yoo, and all their acolytes being tried for war crimes, marched out, and shot. I hope I'm wrong about most of this, but, either way, this is the end of American hegemony, a victim of monumental hubris and willful stupidity.

This is NUMBER 1 idiot. Please, do not reproduce. You are more dangerous than bin Laden - in part because you are too stupid to know how dangerous you are and not because you are insightful for I realized my IQ dropped 2 pts after I read your idiotic rambling. You serve no purpose sir but to offer yourself up for human testing on mars the next time a satellite is being shot up into space.

As an American citizen, I can clearly state that I am ashamed of my country! I will venture to say that I speak for the vast majority of Americans. All of the information concerning this matter must come out into the open immediately.

You speak for yourself and the idiot above you and no one else unless it is the 10% who can't read because you stole their money.

By suppressing this vital piece of news, the US main stream media proves, how regulated and secretive they all are. Not much of a democracy !

Oh and Canada is an open country. yep. Not. Please, crawl under your rock with bin Laden. You and he share one thing in common that I know of: you both believe the US media is controlled by the US government. You believe that not only is the media controlled by the US government , but the media of the world is free compared to the US. So when I want to know who was arrested in Canada on anything from drugs to murder, I check US newspapers for the facts because your media are unable to print it - it violates your laws. Fool.

Israel has been doing this for years. It is not politically correct to stop them, let alone report them on all incidents. The focus of this article is on the Turks, but Israel most likely had a larger role.

Yes, also quite likely.

1996-2002?? Let's see -- it started and continued under President Bill Clinton, but stopped under George W. Bush. The high ranking officials would have been from the Clinton Administration. I bet that might be why the press isn't onto it. Maybe Sandy Berger shoving papers into his pants was about so much more.

Even more possible

Maybe Miss Sibel is naive, and blundered on a good counter terroism op designed to get names and faces intoel and or prlopage missinformation. Sucessful or not, it could verywell be endangering foriegn operative and this newspaper would be culpable.

This is also quite possible (the misspellings are not mine)

Amazing, after a Vanity Fair article a couple of years ago nothing in the US press. Meanwhile friends send me reports from the UK, Germany, India and Israel. I forward the articles to everyone. The same people who were pardoned for Iran/Contra, manipulated intelligence to go to war against Iraq, and are now trying for war in Iran (funny after illegally arming Iran in the 80s, isn't it?) seem to be involved in this case. Let's get them imprisoned and throw away the key.

The friends in Germany must submit their news through their agencies for approval before it is disseminated to the people. Please. Europe as an example of free media! Maybe 300 years ago. Caspar Weinberger was pardoned - he is dead. Oliver North - he is not trying to invade anyone and spends his life visiting marines and hospitals. You are an idiot. Please, do not reproduce. Spend your life flagellating yourself for your ignorance and stupidity.

If I've learned anything from the Internet it's this: The "mainstream media" is nothing but a propaganda outlet for the government, big business and the owners. Sibel should just speak. If they lock her up the backlash will bring down the whole rotten system.

Yeah, the US media, a mouthpiece for BUSH, that's why the media like him so much. Every day when i read the NYTimes or LA Times or Seattle NotVeryIntelligencer, or Chicago Tribine - they write such glowing stories about him and his ratings being so low. Makes sense, to a comatose retard like yourself.
Viscount Linley - Princess Margaret's son, the Queens nephew, 12th in line to the throne -the name of the royal fellow your media are unable to print due to laws preventing the publishing of names. The US had the name because the government does not control the media, unlike in France, Britain, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy ... [Do not take any of this to mean I care one iota about the individual or anything he may or may not have done. I don't. My issue is the media and government coverage/control - the censorship, nothing more.]

The US does not and cannot censor. The government may ask news sources to not publish, but it is all done on a day by day basis, NEVER with the undertsnaidng that it will be forever, or even close.

I would like to hear her speak, and bring the indictment of the Clintons back to the table.

Until then, continue using condoms, for all our sakes.





Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bill and Monica - 10 years Later

Agence France Press had an news article that dealt with Hillary appearing on the Tyra banks show and discussing her husbands lies and unpresidential behavior.

The statements by Hillary are the most public yet on the scandal that wrangled away all she and Bill had worked for.

None of that was very important. It was the last few lines that were more interesting.

"He was acquitted in the Senate after the Republican-led House of Representatives impeached him, but the battle, in which Hillary Clinton played a key role, drained political capital at a key moment of his second term."

He was not acquitted, he was not removed from office. To acquit means to find innocent of the charges and that did not happen. AFP has lied or misstated the facts - in either case, the same result.

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No Thank You

I finished watching a video that Tom Cruise and his delusional band of thugs, otherwise known as Scientologists, do not want us to see. It can be located at

My thought is - No Thank You Tom. If the choice is between you and your delusional sort and that alien you are afraid of, I choose the alien. If the choice is between you and your idiotic claim to understanding, and being brain dead and enslaved, I choose enslavement. If the choice is between your knowledge and being picked apart by a giant bird of prey over and over again, I choose the bird of prey.

You are a nut. Certifiable. The question is, in my opinion, why you became a nut. What event pushed you over the edge and don't say you suddenly woke up and saw something for what it was. That isn't it. Something else. The same with all other scientologists - some weakness or failure in life. Perhaps in your case Tom, it is your mother and sisters who raised you, the absence of a father. Whatever it was, I really am quite sorry.

The claim made by your wacko squad is bunco. The government attorneys gave up far too easily. If you are a religion, that religion involves aliens, intergalactic war, invasions, foreign entities inhabiting our bodies ... is not like ANY religion in the history of earth. It is very much like a sci fi comic. Christianity regards Jesus as the son of God. God is our God. Islam believes Jesus is the most endearing prophet and believe our God is the one God. Judaism is looking for the messiah and believe the one God as the only God. Even the Buddhists believe in a god of sorts - Brahman. Who is your God, Tom? I applaud the Germans for their stand against you and the nuts that follow Scientology. Had I the power, I would revoke your religious exemption and do it in a hurry. We could sure use the tax dollars from the obscenely wealthy fruitcakes who join Scientology and write off as religious all the costs / treatments / interfacing you do.

You are dangerous, you are not sane, you and your entire cabal - fell from the stupid tree and seriously injured yourself on the way down. The unfortunate part - you all didn't become vegetables we could release from the hell on earth to fly free to wherever you think you aren't going. If I was Buddhist I would say you were awfully bad in a past life to come back so stupid in this life. If I was Muslim, I would say you are in danger of eternity in hell getting up close and personal with Shaitan. Christians would say the same. Jews would say you have made your own hell on earth. 5 billion 850 million people accounted for. 150 million atheists and then there is you. You who amazingly know more than anyone else about life and space and aliens. You and your band of retarded rodeo clowns have insight the other 12 billion people who have lived on this planet didn't and do not have. A real sense of self-importance and ego runs through that theme. A real crutch I would say.

If you ever get on the 405 at Sunset and see an accident, don't stop. if you are ever driving down Wilshire or Santa Monica Blvd, and cars have been smooshed together, don't stop. We would rather you keep on driving than stop and puff yourself up any more than you are. We mere mortals would rather suffer the indignity of laying naked on a street bleeding than have you and your alien host stop and breath on us. We REALLY really really really do not want your help. Whoever said they did, was lying and or certifiable.

It is truly unfortunate that mentally unstable people have children. I would not wish this on anyone, but I could wish that the children's services remove all children from families in Scientology to raise them in healthy dysfunctional families. Unfortunately they won't, they are all chasing Britney or they are afraid you will send the alien after them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

World Opinion - Sept: Oh Canada ...

The United States is a very large country. We are a country with over 300 million people living at any given time, within our borders. According to recent accounts, we add one new person every 30 seconds, and that new addition is not from birth increases. We have as many opinions in this country as we do people - on every subject.

At any given time we have Jerry Springer guests, some believe Elvis is alive, that UFOs fly our friendly skies, that bigfoot and creatures from middle earth transform into what appear to be earthlings, all the way over the ledge with the 9/11 conspiracies. We do have our share of fruitcakes, nuts, fools, idiots, and retarded rodeo clowns, BUT that number is, as a whole, statistically insignificant.

Less than 1% of a population at any given time is irrelevant as to what their opinions are, and we tend, generally, as Americans, to be middle-of-the-roaders (not to be mistaken for middle -earthers although the US is or could be in the middle of the earth depending on ones perspective.

The number of fools and idiots, nuts, and fruitcakes who believe the nonsense listed above are deserving of a strong suggestion that they not reproduce, for all our sakes. That is generally how Americans regard idiocy.

Then we have the flavorful retarded rodeo clowns who run around screaming and hissing about repairing American relations around the world to a chorus of Amens. For me, the chorus is even more problematic than retarded politicians. Mindless fools who like the sound of something and Amen it to death, who repeat the same mantra without evidence nor purpose - simply because they are the chorus. One presidential candidate said they would immediately send two former presidents on a round-the-world tour to tell the world we are back (and open for business I presume) and work very hard to repair relations with all the nations of the world that have, for seven or eight years been trampled upon. I assume that also means the Lincoln Bedroom would also be back up for sale.

A wise owl would ask - who are these nations we must repair relations with. Anyone who does not ask that question is neither wise nor very useful, instead they play to rhetoric and the retarded rodeo clown mentality (aka Jerry Springer guests).So who are they, these esteemed nations we must work so hard to rebuild relations?

Canada our closest neighbor and trading partner.
In 5 parts.
Part 1:
What can you say about a country that until very recently (2005-2006) and perhaps it still does - permitted anyone into their country that wanted to drop by. Imagine the following: a very lonely person living in the back hills of a far away country, without passport or papers, just money for a ticket and a visitors visa, lands in Canada and yells out - I am a refuge, I am seeking asylum. That person is given a pass, taken to a room, questioned, fills out paperwork, given a hearing date several months down the road, given a meal ticket and the address for a free lodging and sent off. Guess what percent ever show up for their hearing?? Now, realize that some of those 'refugees' are not, and some are al qaida and some used Canada to sneak into the US.

Part 2:
I have been to Canada. I went in April 2007. I went for a funeral. I took with me a medium size suitcase filled with a suit jacket, jeans, shorts, socks, pair of shoes and as I recall a book or two, plus some papers to read. I was stopped in Vancouver

Sidebar: When I appeared at LAX for my direct flight - my suitcase was scanned once at the ticket counter and then again as it rides through the suitcase area to the plane. I was scanned at the security checkpoint - legs out, arms up, shoes off.

I was stopped in Vancouver by a very unhappy woman who probably hated men. I was wearing shorts, no jacket, nothing in my pockets (because I was trying to minimize any issues in LA getting on the plane). She asked me some questions and as best as I can recall the conversation went something like the following:
(H)er: What brings you to Canada?
(M)e: A funeral
H: Who's funeral
M: My aunt
H: When did she pass away/die
M: I don't recall, a couple weeks ago or so
H: When did you buy your ticket
M: I don't know, I assume after she died.
H: How long are you staying
M: Less than 72 hrs
H: Why so little time
M: I am just here for the funeral and then I am returning home.
H: Where do you live
M: Los Angeles
H: What do you do for work
M: Teach
H: Where
M: You wouldn't know the name if I told you
H: What's the name of the school.
M: [School name]
H: What do you teach
M: History
H: What type of history
M: I teach all subject areas.
H: Ok (flipping through the ticket) Where is the funeral
M: On Vancouver island in a place called Courtney
H: When is it
M: Tomorrow
H: Oh, what time
M: I don't know
H: You don't know. You're going to a funeral and you don't know when it is? (Pause and she is flipping through the ticket for the umpteenth time) Ok, so you say you bought the ticket after she died, and she died a couple weeks ago. So, why is the ticket dated a week before she would have died according to what you just told me? (She was looking at the ticket and it had the date I purchased the ticket).
M: I didn't buy it before she died, I bought it after.
H: Do you have any other family members in Canada.
M: No one other than her husband.
H: he is still alive?
M: yes
She is flipping through the ticket for the 30th time. She stamps it, writes something on it and hands it back to me. She is fully armed and is behind a shield/glass wall wearing a bullet proof vest.
I move on to the next checkpoint. They look at the ticket and tell me to go to a counter and wait for an inspector. I wait. A woman comes up, looks at my ticket and asks me to open the suitcase. She runs her hands through, pulls out some things, rummages around, tells me I can put it back and go.

Now - what was wrong with that incident?

Canada allows any cretin to enter their country, free meal ticket, free transportation, free lodging and some are most certainly al qaida. Me, coming from the US to the great white north, having gone through more security and tighter security than you will find any where but Israel - me, a person who could not have a weapon nor drugs nor a toothpick, me they decide to search. As if Americans are flooding in to Canada to bring them drugs! A country where possession of a small amount of virtually anything is a minor violation akin to jaywalking. But me they will grill, search, and recheck. The al qaida they offer dinner and a movie to.
I don't care what her bloody excuse was - it would be impossible for me to get in to LAX, through the ticket counter, get my suitcase on the plane, get through security if I had anything but clothes on me or in my suitcase. What a bloody waste of time and very telling of Canada's ineptitude - they let the killers in but have a problem when someone wants to go to a funeral.

Part 3: What can you say about a country that less than 10 years ago, ran in to financial problems and opted to review its budget for possible cuts. It found some.

Sidebar: In World War II, Canada had about 1 million men under arms. The total population of Canada at the time was about 12 million. Today thge total population of Canada is less than the state population of California - about 33 million. The total armed forces of Canada are approximately 80,000.

`Canada had been closing bases since the 1970s. The last batch really did them in. There were ten bases across Canada and they closed eight of them. That left two fully operational. Would seem its time to cut back the manpower. Too many men under arms for two operational bases!

Part 4: A country that has 1-2 television stations. Perhaps by the 21st century they have a couple more - gardening and maybe the snow channel. The bulk, all of their stations come from the US and boy do they watch TV (what else can you do when it is winter eight months of the year - either sub freezing, freezing, very cold, bitterly cold, cold, or cool and wet) yet they resent American culture like nobodies business.

Part 5:
Medical - Canada has the universal plan HRC and Obama want for us. What a great system, if you are dead. I am at a loss how anyone with a 1/5 of their brain operational would choose a system that kills off its patients. Why do I say this? Not complicated. Canada has 10 provinces. For medical purposes, Canada is likewise divided up into parts. I don't recall if it is 5,6, or 7 regions, but it is divided up. Each region received X amount of money from the federal government each fiscal year based upon the number of people/claimants from previous year.

For purposes of my example we will have one fiscal year run from Jan 1 through Dec 31. I have no idea what a fiscal year is, but we'll imagine it is the same as a year for the rest of us. Our region has 1,000,000 claimants. The government budgets 10,000,000 for the region. Claimant 1 needs a heart transplant and a pacemaker - cost $350,000 plus another $50,000 for rehab and meds. Claimant 200, 239, 457, 894, 1349, 7983, 10342, 53987, and 12 other people all need the same surgery as number 1 at a cost very similar. A total of nearly $8.5 million. broken legs, x-rays, meds, beds in hospitals, wheelchairs and we have another 1.5 million. Oops, its 10 million and we are only at November 1. Now what happens in this universal health care system???????????????????????????????????????????

If you had an axe fall on your head and you are bleeding to death, they will patch you up, provide the necessary care and tell you to see the doctor Jan 1. goodbye.

If you have some pain in your neck or back or even in your head, but all is functional - they will schedule you for Jan 1 or after. You better hope you get in soon or the appointments will be in Feb or Mar.
Now assume you go in to see the doctor Jan 1 for the pain in the head and the doctor does x-rays and it comes back cancer, but its too late - they send you home. And that's just how it works. Ain't life grand.
When someone really needs medical care, they come to the US. Within the last six months a story of a woman who was about to have quadruplets. She lived in the midwest in Canada, perhaps Alberta. The problem - Canada only had so many rooms for women who were about to have quadruplets. They had to fly her to the US. And that's just how it works. Ain't life grand.

The HMO system in the US ... that's the foundation for the universal system. Each person would have a primary care doctor they can choose, choice, free will ... and any time you need to see another doctor: dermatologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, internist would see your primary care doctor first and he would tell you whether you should see anyone else. His choice, not yours. But you do get to choose him. And that's just how it works. Ain't life grand.

They guard their borders unless you are al qaida and claim refugee status. They provide free health care unless they run out of money. They have a military unless they run out of money and close the bases - imagine, a military without a base.

They have a culture - it may be white and cold and wear mukluks or snowshoes, but they also have beer and moose. PETA should head north - visit the moose. Which brings up my final comment on Canada - animals and their loathsome treatment of wildlife.

Each year beginning at the end of March, Canadian fishermen/killers, slaughter over 350,000 seals. In particularly gruesome fashion.

Sidebar: There are always exceptions. If someone has a fishery and fifty seals are sitting outside eating all the fish as they leave, I can understand the need to take some action.

They take their pelts and sell them. If it were to save the fish, pelts wouldn't be needed - just slaughter the seals and be rid of the problem. That isn't the reason, entirely - around 1986-1988, the Canadian government very nearly abolished seal hunting. The numbers went from the hundreds of thousands down to ten thousand or so. It was on its way to extinction and then ... the fishermen in Canada were caught in an international fish conundrum. Major fishers from Japan, Scandinavia, and the US were fishing Canadian fish and the Canadian fishermen couldn't catch any because everyone else got them first and seals ate a few more. So the Canadian government decided to use the seal hunt as a means of underwriting Canadian fishermen. The seals were meant as a subsidy - kill the seals and profit off them. It wasn't anything as noble as saving salmon for spawning. It was a subsidy.

And that's just the way it goes. Ain't life grand. Especially if you are a seal and it's March.

Finally, polar bears. There are 22,000 or so in the world. We hear enough in the US about the poor polar bear and Bush is drowning all the cubs in global warming and how unkind he is and how sad the bears are and we need to save the polar bears from drowning ... so the Canadian government can kill them! And that's just how it works. Ain't life grand, unless you're a polar bear. ONLY CANADA (where there are approximately 15,000) allows NON native peoples to kill polar bears. In the other 7-8 countries where polar bears live, only the native peoples of that country are permitted to shoot or kill a polar bear and those numbers are regulated. In Canada, you purchase a license for approximately $12,000 which includes the tour and accommodations and the right to skin one polar bear you shoot. Now, to be fair, many who take up this offer are not Canadians - although a growing number want a nice warm rug for those eight months of winter.

And that's just how it works. Ain't life grand.

A country that has sat on the verge of collapse for over 30 years. The division between the French and English is as real and very nearly as similar to the North and the South in the 1860s. The federal government throughout the 80s and 90s bribed Quebec to not vote for separation. Capitulation after capitulation to Quebec and the french at the expense of the English speaking Canadians. The result - political parties in the West of Canada that aligned themselves more closely with the US than with Eastern Canada. They pull back from the precipice only to climb out on the ledge every 10 years or so. They will try it again soon enough.
Let's see - am I missing anything eh? Hmm. Bobs your uncle and oh yes, we purchase 20% of our oil from Canada, making them one of our biggest trading partners. In fact, Canada has for quite some time been sending us nearly twice as much oil as we get from Saudi Arabia. Moose and Beer and eh and O Canada and all that white stuff they call snow. I think I've covered about everything.

They have a Prime Minister at the moment who is a reasonable sort, he has apologized to the US for his predecessor. We have no need to send any team to Canada to tell them we're open for business. No need. Save the dogsleds.

That sorts out Canada. Next, Mexico.

UPDATE: July 2008
Montreal - The summer tourism season has arrived in Old Montreal, but the tourists have not.
The streets, restaurants, and boutiques of this picturesque 18th-century neighborhood are usually crowded with Americans on holiday. But this year, they're eerily quiet, and area businesspeople say this could be the worst year yet for an industry that's taken a beating since 2001.

"Each year there's been a challenge: We had 9/11 and the SARS outbreak, the exchange rate, and high gas prices," says Gisele Beauvais Olivier as she arranges Quebecois ceramics in her boutique on Rue St Paul. "Americans are very good customers who appreciate handicrafts, but they are not here as usual."

It's a situation being played out across Canada, where visits by Americans have been plummeting for years. In March, the last month for which official statistics have been released, visits by Americans fell to their lowest level since record keeping began 36 years ago. Data released June 28 showed foreign tourist spending in the first quarter fell to the lowest level since 1999, and that the number of US visitors has fallen by nearly a third since 2003.


Maybe the number of Americans visiting has dropped because of women like the one I ran in to at the airport. It was enough for me to say - never again. I don't care if she was a one time anomaly. She was enough.

Not as I say, do as I do

I enjoy finding or stumbling upon or otherwise having sent to me an election candidate schematic or web page that asks questions and shows you the best candidate to satisfy your positions. I think we would all like someone to just tell us our choice is the right choice. That is a separate issue from this post, but it does say something about the candidates.

The point of this bit is doing as I say and not as I do - it can be any issue: medical care, Iraq, military support, Iran, or on whatever issue a candidate speaks.

For example: I am candidate C and I would like to be the next occupant of the White House, which supported and funded a war I voted for or agreed to when it was very popular. Now the war is not popular and my base of support comes from a bunch of losers who would eat me alive if I supported it. I have suddenly decided I oppose the war and had I known everything I know now I would have always opposed the war and would have fought against the war and would never have taken us to war.

Easy to say now. Position taking is a remarkable ability of politicians. Find an issue, one that has already been decided, and take the most popular position. It cannot be reversed, you may, in your heart, know it was the right decision, but you also cannot get elected without your idiot base supporting you. The decision: oppose it and claim you would have always opposed it. It doesn't matter now. It is not like you would, if elected do anything different than the guy who started the US into the conflict, but you pretend, you make-believe, you devise for yourself and your idiot base an alternate universe, one where you would do what they (would / have) (approve/d) of. What I am still perplexed about is - why they are not called on this tactic. Why a columnist, however dim-witted he or she may be, why they do not punctuate the airwaves and print media with details about this tactic - for everyone in politics is aware of this option, and anyone outside who is at all half awake knows that politicians make statements to contrast themselves from someone else, but may, personally, believe just the opposite.

In my world, we call them liars and hypocrites.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

World Opinion - China

We have a very large country with over 300 million people living at any given time, within our borders.According to recent accounts, we add one new person every 30 seconds, and that is not from birth increases.

We have as many opinions in this country as we do people - on every subject. A few watch Jerry Springer and maybe a few still believe Elvis is alive, that UFOs fly our friendly skies, that bigfoot and creatures from middle earth transform into what appear to be earthlings, all the way over the ledge with the 9/11 conspiracies.

We do have our share of fruitcakes, nuts, fools, idiots, and retarded rodeo clowns, BUT that number is, as a whole, insignificant statistically. Less than 1% of a population at any given time is irrelevant as to what their opinions are and we tend, generally, as Americans, to be middle-of-the-roaders (not to be mistaken for middle -earthers although the US is or could be in the middle of the earth depending on ones perspective.

The number of fools and idiots, nuts, and fruitcakes who believe the nonsense listed above are deserving of a strong suggestion that they not reproduce, for all our sakes.That is generally how Americans regard idiocy.

Then we have the flavorful retarded rodeo clowns who run around screaming and hissing about repairing American relations around the world. One presidential candidate said they would immediately send two former presidents on a round-the-world tour to tell the world we are back (and open for business I presume) and work very hard to repair relations with all the nations of the world that have, for seven or eight years been trampled upon.I assume that also means the Lincoln Bedroom is back up for sale.A wise owl would ask - who are these nations we must repair relations with. Anyone who does not ask that question is neither wise nor very useful, instead they play to rhetoric and the retarded rodeo clown mentality (aka Jerry Springer guests).

So who are they, these esteemed nations we must work so hard to rebuild relations with ???

China - a country that consumes 1/3 of the steel on earth, 1/2 the worlds concrete, every minute consumes 2.5 thousand tons of coal, 24 million watts, 210 thousand gallons of oil yet has only 10% arable land, displaces tens of millions of people to produce dams and hydroelectric plants - this is the wave of the future? For this, the United States should sign Kyoto or whatever more recent formulation of silliness exists? Why - so a country can destroy the environment - hydroelectric plants are nearly the worst offenders, making hundreds of acres surrounding the plants uninhabitable and or unusable; pumping out fumes from 2.5 thousand tons of coal burnt every minute, 210,000 gallons of oil burned off every minute - all of this destroying the environment at a rate unprecedented on earth and unstoppable with any new environment program. So we will all weaken and destroy economies to allow this economy to prosper, over-take and to become the most powerful economic might on earth because some retarded rodeo clowns have strong anti-American feelings. China is the threat to the worlds environment. Their technology is not ahead of the US and their use of resources is not balanced against an increase in technology which often times reduces or mitigates environmental damage. In China, full speed ahead and a dead environment is the corpse left behind for show.

Yet despite this full-speed ahead mentality, despite the use of world resources on a level unprecedented and of less use to the world than one might imagine. The production of resources and use of resources in the US in the late 19th and 20th century produced a country that fed the world, saved the world several times, has aided and funded the world countless times, and has produced technology and education on issues unrivaled in the world. China does none of these and in fact, cannot feed itself let alone the world. It is a facade - this economic giant. It will need food to continue and it can either barter for the food or find a way to seize territory that will permit the production of food for its growing population.

A country with 12 million addicts, and a new World bank report suggests, 300 million poor.

This country is the wave of the future? It is not the wave of anything unless it fundamentally changes it political system. Absent that change, it will find itself in a very precarious position - 1/3 of its population in poverty, pumping out deadly greenhouse gases, using of natural resources faster than the rest of the world combined all to benefit a very small percent of the worlds population.

It has the worlds largest number of poor (next to India), uses more resources than the rest of the world combined, displaces tens of millions of people to produce environmentally unhappy hydroelectric plants that further destroy the environment, produce more deadly greenhouse gases than the rest of the world, are ruled by a political system that is bereft of the understanding that people ought to be free and to govern themselves in a democratic manner - a system that oppresses and imprisons, and one whose economy is not quite as large as was trumpeted several years ago ...

A country that, less than 20 years ago, trampled a freedom movement, literally and then made it illegal for anyone to mention what had happened. Today, it is against the law in China to mention what happened at Tiananmen Square.

Image taken from

In 2005, the Chinese communist government sanctioned the use of force against Taiwan should Taiwan push for a formal split from China (at present there is the oddest relationship between the two - it is a game mainland communist China plays). Reuters, Alice Hung. March 26, 2005. Massive Protest in Taiwan against China law.

Unlike the English, we should not cede anything to China - not simply because of in spite of any economic or military issue. There is, contrary to the article linked, no inevitability of anything and it is very much like the Europeans to believe in inevitability. They inevitably failed at pretty much everything they did so it is no wonder they attribute failure or decline to every other power. The Independent. April 18, 2006. Clifford Coonan. America meets new superpower.

Afraid of them - yes. Are they a danger or peace and democracy - yes. Are they a threat to the United States in their current state - yes. And if you would like to fault Bush for real, substantive issues try the permitting of sales of nuclear power plants to be built in China. The idea of Bush agreeing to the sale of nuclear power plants to China given the sieve-like nature of Chinese nuclear proliferation efforts (Iran, N Korea). Why? What could possibly justify this feckless policy? At a time when China has moved much of its resources to building weapons that will neutralize US aircraft carriers when China decides to seize Taiwan by force. WorldNet Daily, July 13, 2002. Jon Doughtery. China to target U.S. aircraft carriers.

On July 14, 2005, an article written by Alexandra Harney for the Financial Times titled: Top Chinese general warns US over attack, makes it clear what China will do when the time comes to seize Taiwan, if the US trys to stop them. General Zhu Chenghu is quoted as saying that "if the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory, ... we will have to respond with nuclear weapons."

Some wise old owl might ask, how did China get the technology to develop ICBMs that can reach the US. It might be interesting to consider Loral Corporation and the authorization given by Clinton to sell the technology to China. Further investigation should also consider an article in Insight magazine from November 6, 2000, written by Kenneth Timmerman. To access the article requires a fee, but the lax restrictions and approval of questionable sales to China contributed to their possessing the capability to send missiles into space.

It may be that technology that was used to secretly disable US satellites. An article in The Telegraph, 9/28/06 written by Francis Harris, suggests that China now has the ability to disable US satellites.

Hmm. Can we put the puzzle pieces together? Should we be concerned?

Are they polluting the earth in greater quantity than any other country or countries combined? yes. Do they produce anything that could justify polluting? No. They are not a friend, they are not an ally. They do not care about peace and security in the world - they care about China and oppression.

We do not owe them anything unless it is another apology for the late 1990's bombing of their embassy and the deaths of several Chinese citizens by US missiles.

Otherwise, they are not owed any apology for US actions over the last eight years, in large part because nothing we have said or done has altered their actions or position one iota. They have little to no interest in the rest of the world except to suck it dry - Africa of oil, Iran of oil ... China undermines the US and the West, preventing action in the Sudan by the US/UN. China is not a neighbor that needs respect nor a hug. China is a neighbor we must be wary of and one which is not owed anything. China actually owes us a thank you, for preventing further knowledge to die with the technicians who were dying every time their missiles would blow up on the ground unable to liftoff.

I would settle for no apology just so long as we do not start selling them nights in the Lincoln bedroom, again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

World Opinion - Четыре

This is part four in case the Russian was a bit indecipherable.

The United States is a very large country. We are a country with over 300 million people living at any given time, within our borders. According to recent accounts, we add one new person every 30 seconds, and that new addition is not from birth increases. We have as many opinions in this country as we do people - on every subject.

At any given time we have Jerry Springer guests, some believe Elvis is alive, that UFOs fly our friendly skies, that bigfoot and creatures from middle earth transform into what appear to be earthlings, all the way over the ledge with the 9/11 conspiracies. We do have our share of fruitcakes, nuts, fools, idiots, and retarded rodeo clowns, BUT that number is, as a whole, statistically insignificant. Less than 1% of a population at any given time is irrelevant as to what their opinions are, and we tend, generally, as Americans, to be middle-of-the-roaders (not to be mistaken for middle -earthers although the US is or could be in the middle of the earth depending on ones perspective.

The number of fools and idiots, nuts, and fruitcakes who believe the nonsense listed above are deserving of a strong suggestion that they not reproduce, for all our sakes. That is generally how Americans regard idiocy. Then we have the flavorful retarded rodeo clowns who run around screaming and hissing about repairing American relations around the world to a chorus of Amens. For me, the chorus is even more problematic than retarded politicians. Mindless fools who like the sound of something and Amen it to death, who repeat the same mantra without evidence nor purpose - simply because they are the chorus.

One presidential candidate said they would immediately send two former presidents on a round-the-world tour to tell the world we are back (and open for business I presume) and work very hard to repair relations with all the nations of the world that have, for seven or eight years been trampled upon. I assume that also means the Lincoln Bedroom would also be back up for sale. A wise owl would ask - who are these nations we must repair relations with. Anyone who does not ask that question is neither wise nor very useful, instead they play to rhetoric and the retarded rodeo clown mentality (aka Jerry Springer guests).

So who are they, these esteemed nations we must work so hard to rebuild relations?

We have sorted out a few countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, and North Korea. Now we will sort out Russia.

First, a few issues need to be sorted first - our relationship with Russia is two parts. First, leader to leader, and second, country to country. Leader to leader: Bush and Putin enjoy closer relations than any previous occupants of either office. Bush and Putin, personally, get along much better, more open discussions and agreements, than we will find with any previous occupants of either office - the White House or Kremlin. We cannot improve that relationship much unless we cede Alaska back to Russia.

Second, what disagreements exist do so in a very cordial manner. The hype is blown out of proportion by the media in both countries. In Russia, it is on purpose. In the US, the media blow it out of proportion without a deeper sense of what has transpired, and is ongoing.

Having set the stage with the above, there are major issues. Russia is seemingly sliding back toward totalitarianism, violates human rights, and conducts itself (intelligence agencies) as assassination squads around the world. Fewer television stations, less open media, government controlled media with the Kremlin dictating how much news and what type of news can be reported. The Kremlin called the print media in to hear directions - 50% of all news had to be positive about Russia. Further, the US had to be portrayed as the enemy of the Russian people.

Putin has seized control of television and print media. Centralized control over what is heard and printed. Journalists have been gunned down for doing very little but questioning the government and its policies.

Is this who we are supposed to rebuild relations with? Russia, attempting to, through blackmail, subvert the independent states that surround Russia, into a more closely held confederacy that would bind them almost as if they were within the greater Union. An attempt to rebuild the collapsed soviet Union - if only in terms of land mass.

What is quite interesting to ponder, if only during those moments when we seek to escape reality - when the Soviet union collapsed, in the weeks and months that followed, there was talk of Russia seeking admittance to NATO. Years later, Russian media reported an interest on the part of the government to seek US missile defense protection - to come under the umbrella of American protection. By 2003, the interest had waned, and an increased sense of Russian nationalism had gripped the military/government in Russia.

We cannot forget the Ukraine. The history of the Soviet Union is inextricably tied to the Ukraine for several reasons - food is one (grains), and the nuclear stockpile is the other. Today, possession of nuclear weapons and the wealth generated from those weapons sales/dismantling along with resources in the Ukraine - manganese, natural gas, oil, titanium, magnesium, kaolin, and nickel. Access and control of these resources benefits Russia. A Ukraine that does not call the Kremlin every morning for orders is a Ukraine that is a potential concern. In 2004-2005, Ukraine held elections and Victor Yushchenko ran for the presidency against a hand-picked Russian supporter from the Kremlin. Yushchenko was poisoned, seriously so - 1000 times the amount of dioxin was found in his system. Now, lets play 3 guesses as to who benefits if he dies?
a. France
b. Iran
c. Russia

C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.

(I will not mention Georgia in this posting, but they cannot be ignored for they are as damning as the Ukraine.)

One need not be an OJ detective to see the path to conviction in the case. Motive, benefit, opportunity.

Assassination of political leaders in other countries, journalists who opposed the Kremlins authoritarian policies, a country awash in the mafia and corruption - control of the Kremlin not by the few munchkins who are elected but by billionaires and wealth/power that is unseen every day in Russia. Russian interest serves their benefit. Russia is their playground and the resources and wealth of Russia have been raped in order to provide great wealth to the handful who control.

Recently, the English papers ran several articles about Putin's secret accounts in Switzerland and in other European cities where billions may be hidden.

A country that is aiding - Iran to build a nuclear reactor, North Korea in its military development, and oddly, the opponents of the US - including Saddam until he collapsed in the week after the US invasion.

The US has stated it will use preemptive action against terrorists or states that harbor/aid/abet terrorists. We would use our military. We have not said we would use nuclear weapons first since the Cold War. Russia has now stated they will.

Some in this country believe we should mend fences with Russia? What searingly stupid moronic lunacy - Russia should be apologizing to us for assisting the enemies of the US and free peoples in South Korea and the Middle East.

Russia has been sorted.

We can move on now and deal with a few easy ones next time: France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and England.

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