Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Emotional Outbursts

All humans possess varying degrees of emotion. Some people are very emotional while others are less emotional and or more stoic in their presentation. Some people operate more on emotion than logic and act out emotionally or emote far more than those who operate with logic and reason.

No one wants to be with someone who is all logic (Mr Spock) or all emotion (____ Fill in the blank ____). No one wants to be with someone who is all emotion - they exaggerate, cry, whine, complain, fail to take responsibility for their actions, fail to understand how other people fit in to the larger picture, are unable to respect or care about the feelings of others, cannot distinguish between truth and fiction and live in a world that is more often fantasy or utopian.

The other extreme - Mr. Spock, is equally as difficult. Emotions are all unsatisfactory, unneeded, as is warmth and compassion. The extreme is concerned most with the macro and less about the micro (for the emoting many this is the flip side for they are concerned more often with micro issues and less with macro).

The problem with these extremes is we rarely find any person or group that is completely one or the other, BUT what happens when one political party operates on an emotional platform rather than logic and reason. Young people cheer and swoon for emotionally laden words that mean nothing. Words are supposed to mean something: BAD, GOOD, EVIL, YES, NO, UP, DOWN, BROWN, RED ... but emotionally laden terms mean nothing yet sound very uplifting and the masses swoon. In fact, such nonsensical foolishness says more about the masses who refute one political philosophy as uncompassionate and uncaring only to embrace one without substance, quite sad.

They may be great speakers but words like change and hope mean nothing without context. For the young and foolish it matters not. It matters not that of all the rhetoric and fluff, no concrete statements on anything have been uttered - just fluff, emotionally laden words filled with hope of change and a utopian kingdom on earth with no substance behind the words. Cheer on like mindless idiots waiting for the mothership to open its doors and zap you and the building you're standing atop.

It would be funny to watch and laugh at, however unkind such laughter would be, to direct it at the mentally challenged fools cheering as the mothership loads her weapons and aims, yet ... if it were a movie only we could laugh. Unfortunately, this is deadly serious. Our lives are at stake and I don't mean rhetorically or metaphorically or in a utopian sense, but in the very real form of life and death - our life, and our death if we fail. I cannot laugh because my life means a little more to me than silly foolish utopianism spewed by political hacks who care more about division and race than about America.

It is deadly serious.

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