Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sky is Falling, The End of the World as we know it.

So says Al Gore. I know, he is just a man and we should stop picking on him and instead deal with the science he brings to the table. The problem is, science wasn't given the Oscar. Nor was science given the Nobel Peace Prize ... Al Gore was. He has become the world spokesman for and representative of global warming. Whatever is said about it, whatever he says about it, will inextricably become Al Gore, not because I want it that way nor do most human beings want the two tied together. Rather, Gore and those who drool over his ramblings, make the connection that cannot be ripped apart by mortal hands.

Today, Gore tells us, with his usual insight, that global warming is worse than he first imagined. At a time when most of the planet is suffering from snow and cold not experienced in decades, he warns that the North Pole will lose all its ice in five years. Great news for those of us who would like something a bit warmer. Perhaps Santa in a bathing suit.

The brilliance of this idiot is astounding. Five years. Which means - 1 full presidential term plus the remaining months of the Bush administration. Coincidence?? I think not. Nothing with that man is happenstance. Nothing.

What will now happen is something of the following - within a period of time, Al Gore will endorse one or another of the three candidates for president on the Democratic ticket. Guessing, based on Gore's profundity - he will choose one of the two who can actually get the nomination and possibly win. He will spend the time between now and that moment trying to divine the future so he can select the winning candidate. At an appropriate moment he will pounce - informing the American people, and the world, that He, Al Gore, has chosen X to be the person to lead us away from the precipice of world Armageddon. Furthermore, based on his divining the future, we must accept his candidate because the ice caps depend on us electing his choice for president. This election, he will tell us, will be the most crucial election in our history - not only because of issues of terrorism, poverty, homelessness, and economic issues, but because there is almost no time to fix things before it is too late. Gore will then tell us that his choice, X, will fix things. Therefore, we must support his choice and forgo an election and hand over the title and office to X in order to expedite the saving of the ice caps. For that matter, we may as well disband congress and let Gore's selection take care of all the important issues at the same time and save ourselves the wasted time and money a congress costs.

The world is depending on it, on us, on Al Gore.

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