Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Lie

Someone asked me a question / posed a statement concerning the seemingly (for some) age old statement of fact, agreed upon by 3/4 of humanity - he lied. My response: The biggest lie is that he lied.

It stands.

There are moments when I would like to fly off to Amsterdam (before they ban all their drugs) and get drugged up for the rest of my life to avoid dealing with the most irrational, illogical, emotionally draining nonsense.

People who believe he lied TEND to be (generalizing) liberal. They tend to believe he has implemented a police state, violated our civil liberties and believe that big business is controlling the government and or media in his favor, or at the very least, in the favor of big business. The notion of brainwashing and kidnapping, torture, and lies is so pervasive ... and so bloody simple. Simpletons.

Follow me here ... assume for one second he did not lie (which he did not) then you have been lied to and you believe a lie, spread a lie, and argue using that lie as your evidence. That lie is spread by the media and by other simpletons to the point now where someone too busy with their personal life to spend hours and weeks reading news clips, statements, and the facts, will believe the lie. They have been brainwashed.

The greatest fear the left has is self-created, and they are now living in a world of their creation with boogeymen they have created, and they are terribly afraid.

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