Friday, June 29, 2007


Impeach Roseanne. Impeach Bill Moyer. Impeach Bill Maher. Impeach Hillary Clinton. Impeach Sicko Moore. Impeach Babra Streisand. Impeach them all.

I read a nauseating post by Roseanne earlier in which she rants about impeachment. She is as stupid as a bloody doorknob and for that matter - the rest of them just as bloody daft.

Impeach Stupid People. Make a bumper sticker.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Idiots and Losers

What do you think about the bin laden family owning a percentage of the US? Or the Bush regime’s money-hungry quest?

I believe that anyone who believes bin Laden owns a percentage of the US has a significant mental disorder.

Anyone who believes that Bush is on a money hungry quest - has a serious mental disorder.

You are in deep need of more help than is available today. A lobotomy would not be uncalled for or out of the question. You pose a danger to yourself and others. You should not vote. You should not operate heavy machinery. You are a fool.

Had the US taken 100 million and invested it in the US stock market in 2002, we could have made a gadzillion more dollars than invading a desert landscape for oil that is not helping anyone at the moment. Stop being such a waste case and look at the reality of your function.

Bin laden doesn't own a TV. He sure as heck doesn't own part of the US. neither does his family and they don't control Bush regardless of any plane stories or other foolishness.

Seriously - put down the aluminum hat, put away your subscription to 'Dots for Retards' and leave the house, go to work, talk to sane people, stop talking about little green men and stupid invasions. Get a life or a lobotomy but for heavens sake - DON'T TRY TO VOTE.

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