Friday, February 29, 2008

Brain Dead and Brain Less

Fluff and hot air - normally when you confront people who blow hot air up your backside you know. You sense it and if unlucky enough, feel it. Unless the person blowing hot air is Obama.

"Now that he has the country's attention, I want to listen to him," Almada said. "There must be something I'm missing."
Clinton Has Connections, While Obama Has MomentumBy Keith B. RichburgWashington Post Staff WriterSaturday, March 1, 2008; A06

The answer - NO, you are not missing anything. It is a comatose disease people have caught. They believe because everyone else has caught the disease they are missing something. Even without knowing what IT is, they want IT and believe when they cannot understand IT that it is their fault not his.


UPDATE: Hillary's screeching has turned the media from fawning over Obama to introspection on reporting Obama. The New York Times, 3/9/08.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayers answered are not always answered

Assume there are two sides to every argument, and both are reasonably held , not spurious.

Argument 1 is X. Argument 2 is Y.

X = event A happened because of c1, c2, c3.

Y = event A happened because of c4.

It would seem that we should be able to look at C (Cause) 1, 2, 3, 4 and determine which it is. But what if 1,2,3,4 are all clouded in mud and not discernible (although each side X and Y both say they see clearly).

What if, just for a fleeting second, we accept X. What do we arrive at as an outcome?
The proponents of X have been arguing that for a long time. I have considered it, thought about it, and evaluated the conclusions. I have rejected this version of fantasy.

BUT what if, just for a fleeting second, we accept Y. What do we arrive at as an outcome?
Well, everything is much clearer, but your life loses meaning and your hate loses focus. It means five years of pettiness and hate have been for just that - pettiness and hate. It means your lives are empty and your hate great. It means for five years you have lived with nothing but a desire each waking moment to believe in ignorance and hate. You have been consumed by hate and rationalize it as a quest for truth, but there is no truth we do not already know, thus your quest is never-ending and all leads are cut off by THEM who control all. You see this as a vision quest, an eternal search for the light, but you have long ago stopped looking for light and instead search for hate and conspiracies. You are pathetic and your existence is pathetic. The ONLY reason public officials every now and then raise your stupid ideas is not because they believe them, but to enlist your aid in the campaign of hate. You are used and they do so knowingly and your obeisance to them is pathetic because you claim that those you seek to drag in to the light have brainwashed so many. The joke is, you are brainwashed and you were given a good hosing down - so good, you have no clue you were even hosed.

You are as useless as trees pulled up by floods or hurricanes. You are the foot soldiers for those who have no original thoughts who drag you out to throw the accusations around and arouse hate in order that they better float their campaigns. You are too stupid to even understand how pathetic you are - you really think these Senators and Congressmen actually believe your conspiratorial nonsense. they don't, but they do know it plays well to the crowd that fell out of the stupid tree and they know you will enlist in the army against whatever it is your hate is focused on at the moment.

This country is very much divided. 70% do not see any conspiratorial nonsense, but 15% do and another 15% are willing to feed the hate. The divide cannot be breached when 30% are raving lunatics who see boogeymen under their bed and aliens absorbing their thoughts.

Put the tin foil back on.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teens Losing Touch

Clearly, from the article on sexual disease, they are not losing touch with sex and unlikely they have put away their video games, but according to a new study from A Nation at Risk, students are losing touch with cultural and historical references.

Now, imagine this pretend imaginary world - no one knows history and no one has any understanding of the common cultural connections that bound the people of this far off land ... but they were very directed toward sex, video games, diversity, feelings, and math ... in nanoseconds, how long would such a country hold out against enemies foreign and domestic?

[INSERT annoying Jeopardy sound here while you think]

The Weather Outside is Frightful ... Global Ice Age (and its all Global Warmings Fault) UPDATED

The temperatures in the North America are the coldest since 1966.

Snow in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria.
In Baghdad, it has been over 105 years since they show records of snow. The difference: According to the records, 105 years ago the snow fell and stayed for minutes. This time it collected for hours, in large amounts - the same for Jordan and Syria - snowplows were used.

Canada - the coldest and snowiest year in decades. (they do count as part of North America, the colder part)

China - the coldest temperatures in over 100 years.

South America - coldest winter (summer here) in decades.

Greenland - temperatures -50 below consistently. Lowest temps they have seen without windchill as long as people can remember.

Australia - their winter (summer) was coldest in fifty years, with few fires, lower than average temperatures, and more rain.

Russia / Siberia - coldest winter on record.

Coldest winter in nearly a decade in parts of the US, more snow than in many winters combined.

And the ice that had melted on the glaciers ... its back and its thicker than it was

And the worlds temperatures have dropped ... precipitously.

The death and destruction from the cold stretches around the globe, almost unnoticed and certainly not reported. Climate dissent grows hotter as chill deepens.

It would help if Gore would get out and do a little dance and tell us how warm it is. We might feel warmer.

Update 3/3/08: The founder of The Weather Channel has suggested a lawsuit against Al Gore to take the issue to court where it could be sorted out.

There is NO SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS. ONLY BULLYING and intimidation of anyone who speaks out against the notion of global warming. EVEN members of the group that shared the award with Gore, do not agree with the opinion of the group. They have voiced their opposition recently in Vancouver Canada at a convention on global warming.

FEW people say that the weather is not changing. BUT records are not available to tell if it is cold or warm or really cold or really cool ... we have 100, 200 years of records and archaeological digs that show significant differences from those dictated to us by the UN. The REAL evidence does not support the 'scientific community'. What all evidence shows is the planet is changing, but humans play a minor relatively insignificant role in that change. Imagine a nuclear bomb going off and you holding up a shield to save yourself as the fire, wind and blast spread. We play very little role in our earth's environment despite that we believe otherwise.

That Giant Sucking Sound and Ross Perot

Ross Perot claimed we would hear a giant sucking sound if NAFTA was passed. His critics claimed he was hearing things and delusional.

Now, Obama says the same thing.

Except ... he sort of does and doesn't. He says it is his opponents fault (Clinton) but there isn't much we can do about it.

Except he recently stated he would rebuild relations with Mexico after years of neglect by Bush (the same Bush that wanted to let all illegals get citizenship - which made Mexico very happy).
This same man - Obama, would think about cancelling NAFTA (which of course would not piss the Mexicans off).


LORAIN, Ohio (AP) - Barack Obama accused Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday of trying to walk away from a long record of support for NAFTA, the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico that he said has cost 50,000 jobs in Ohio, site of next week's critical primary. At the same time, he said attempts to repeal the trade deal «would probably result in more job losses than job gains in the United States.One day after Clinton angrily accused him of distorting her record on the North American Free Trade Agreement in mass mailings, the Illinois senator was eager to rekindle the long-distance debate, using passages from the former first lady's book as well as her own words.«Ten years after NAFTA passed, Senator Clinton said it was good for America,» Obama said. «Well, I don't think NAFTA has been good for America _ and I never have.«The fact is, she was saying great things about NAFTA until she started running for president,» Obama told an audience at a factory that makes wall board, located in a working class community west of Cleveland.«A couple years after it passed, she said NAFTA was a 'free and fair trade agreement' and that it was 'proving its worth.' And in 2004, she said, «I think, on balance, NAFTA has been good for New York and America,» he said.The trade agreement has long been unpopular in the industrial Midwest, where critics blame it for lost jobs and shuttered factories, many of which once employed union workers who tend to vote Democratic.Ohio and Texas both hold primaries next week, with 334 delegates combined, and former President Bill Clinton has said publicly his wife probably needs to win both of them if she is to win the Democratic presidential nomination.Vermont and Rhode Island also hold primaries on March 4, but have far fewer delegates and have not attracted nearly as much attention.On another issue, Obama said he was not concerned that Republicans might attempt to depict him as unpatriotic if he becomes the Democratic nominee.Asked about a series of events, such as not placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem, he said, «The way I will respond to it is with the truth. That I owe everything I am to this country.He also said patriotism had more than one definition, and that Republicans had presided over a war «in which our troops did not get the body armor they needed» or were sent into the war zone without enough training.Polls show Clinton with a narrowing lead in Ohio, where trade has long been a sensitive issue.Given that backdrop, the issue is the core of Obama's drive to win the Ohio primary and possibly force Clinton from the race.At the news conference, he noted that she had said Saturday that the agreement was negotiated by President George H.W. Bush, and passed and signed into law while her husband was in the White House.He said Clinton has «essentially presented herself as co-president during the Clinton years. Every good thing that happened she says she was a part of and so the notion that you can selectively pick what you take credit for and then run away from what isn't politically convenient, that doesn't make sense.On Saturday, Clinton called attention to her plan to fix problems with NAFTA and a commitment against any future trade deals «unless they are positive for American workers.To an audience of Boilermakers Union members and their families, Obama promised the same thing, with particular attention paid to labor and environmental concerns.«Now, if we're honest with ourselves, we'll acknowledge that we can't stop globalization in its tracks and that some of these jobs aren't coming back,» he said. «But what I refuse to accept is that we have to stand idly by while workers watch their jobs get shipped overseas.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What happens when you make alcohol and pot available

The Age, February 25, 2008

Drinking and cannabis problems hitting children as young as 12

CHILDREN as young as 12 are seeking help for alcohol abuse as new figures from a major Melbourne drug treatment centre reveal a six-fold increase in cases of young people with drinking problems.

Some are drinking a slab of beer or a bottle of spirits a day and have developed serious health problems such as cirrhosis of the liver or hepatitis C. Cannabis dependency has also risen sharply, with some children smoking it to block out the pain of abuse.

Youth workers from Victoria’s biggest drug treatment service for under-21s, the Youth Substance Abuse Service, say alcohol and cannabis dependence are now more common than heroin addiction.

The new figures from the service come ahead of a separate report to be released today from the Australian National Council on Drugs, which will warn that 20% of 16 year-olds are drinking to harmful levels in any given week, while one in every 200 children aged 12 are drinking at harmful levels.

The ANCD report combined several major statistical studies on substance abuse for the first time. It warned that extra support for the family members of young substance abusers — including siblings— was needed.

Figures released to The Age show that the Youth Substance Abuse Service treated 776 cases of alcohol problems last year — up from 136 in 2002.

Cannabis cases rocketed from 608 to 1213, while heroin cases plummeted from 824 to 286.
The inhalation of toxic substances such as spray paint, glue and petrol (known as chroming) has also doubled.

And users are getting younger, with 12 to 15-year-olds accounting for 12% of all drug treatments — up from 9% in 2002.

Across all ages, 40% of the service’s clients have been diagnosed with a mental illness, such as drug-induced psychosis. Many have been kicked out of school and have lost contact with family.
Youth workers say children traumatised by bullying, sexual abuse and domestic violence are increasingly turning to alcohol and cannabis.

Ipsita Wright, director of the youth service’s south-east region, said the void left by police crackdowns on hard drugs such as heroin meant alcohol and cannabis were much more popular.
She said cheap, colourful alcopops were attractive to young people. ‘‘It’s obviously intentional from a marketing perspective and we see people who develop quite significant problems as a result of their alcohol use in terms of their physical health and the impacts the drinking has on their lives and their families,’’ Mrs Wright said.

‘‘We get a lot of referrals from teachers who might have noticed a kid’s grades are slipping, he’s less attentive on a Monday, his behaviour’s become quite erratic, or they’ve heard from other kids in the schoolyard that he’s drinking. Some of the 12 and 13-year-olds are still engaged with their families but may have behavioural issues like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and may be self-medicating by smoking cannabis.’’

Today’s ANCD report will argue that alcohol and substance abuse is less likely among young people whose parents actively disapprove of alcohol use.

‘‘Drug and alcohol use by young people has become normalised and is often seen as a rite of passage to adulthood,’’ ANCD chairman Dr John Herron said.

The report estimates that at least 451,000 Australian children are at risk of exposure to binge drinking by an adult.

One of the report’s authors, Dr Sally Frye, said a family environment where children were not exposed to alcohol was less likely to lead to binge drinking habits than one where parents try to gradually introduce their children to alcohol.

The report warns that siblings of substance users had a ‘‘significant’’ need for support, given evidence that sibling drug use may increase the likelihood of initial use by younger siblings.
‘‘There appear to be a number of gaps in the provision of services to family members, such as the delivery of services to siblings of substance users,’’ the report says. Mrs Wright said young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds were also a concern.

‘‘We’re starting to see more young people from African communities and alcohol is the main issue. It’s about wanting to fit into our way of living because alcohol in their own country was not so readily available and here it’s everywhere and not that expensive,’’ she said.

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Fitzroy-based Youth Substance Abuse Service, which has helped 10,000 young people through residential rehabilitation, day centres, detoxification and counselling.

Mrs Wright said: ‘‘For some young people the turning point may be a job or they may go through counselling and detox and are reunited with their family. I truly believe if we weren’t there to intervene, then many of them may not be alive.’’

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Please Please Please - No one Watch

I have stated a couple times I do not think very highly of Hollywood losers - both in terms of their uselessness and generally their intolerably boorish behavior. I have posited that TV has lost viewers and won't get them all back, that movies lose viewers and won't get them all back, and now I pray THE OSCARS fall flat.

My hopes:

Panic is setting in about an actors strike that may be on the way. Few in America or the world have seen the nominated pics and performances. There's no suspense because Hollywood has long ago guessed who and what will probably win. The vast majority of the presenters aren't big names. And not only has the host done it before to really poor ratings, but Jon Stewart couldn't even find anything funny to say about it while guesting on Larry King Live. So, all in all, I think everyone should expect the Worst Oscars Ever In The History Of Hollywood.

Why? because they really think too much of themselves. For this one event, it is quite possible between the bobble heads who show up and the bubble heads who offer goodie bags, tens of millions are spent on that one event - from plastic surgery, clothing, jewels, the goodie bags. Imagine taking the $30 million all bobble heads will spend or receive on Sunday and say doing something useful for once (now, a few of them do scream a lot about Sudan, so maybe they get to keep their $10,000 goodie bag or their $5,000 plastic surgery or their $2000 suit).

Everyone knows they are hypocrits. They seem to be the only ones who don't. We keep quiet because they amuse us.

UPDATE: No one watched! Yippee. They (the entertainment industry) spent $30-50 million so they could whack each other on the back. And they dare mention poverty.

Radical Islam in the US

Radical mosques.

3 of 4 in the US, according to this article and its sources.

Missing Ship

Feb 5, CAIRO - AP: Egypt Searches for missing cargo ship en route for Sudan. It was carrying cement - 1700 metric ton ship, missing. Hmmm.

Captain Jack is at work or even worse. For the 14 aboard it doesn't matter - they are dead, but for tens of thousands of others, it could be worse.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets. Bush and Secrets.


The Bush Secrecy Myth
February 22, 2008; Page A15

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now holding up an urgently needed revision to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The reason she and her colleagues cite is the Bush administration's alleged penchant for trampling privacy rights and excessive secrecy.

This has become something of a mantra in left-leaning circles. Helen Thomas, who has covered the White House since John F. Kennedy was president, calls the Bush administration "the most secretive administration I have ever covered." Barack Obama sees it as "one of the most secretive administrations in our history."

Read the article by Schoenfeld

Perhaps one day when I have the hours to devote to this red herring thrown out by the Losercrats to instill fear and hate, I will detail the hypocrisy and foolishness of these ignorant beliefs. However, it would take an entire book and I do not have the time to spend. Suffice it for now - the evidence is available to provide any clear thinking, rational, sane person with the facts about this. Unfortunately, this president seems incapable of articulating a defense and the retardicans are too busy collecting all their nuts before the fall.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hope, Change and all that stuff.

What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback and let me tell you something, For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment. I have seen people who are hungry to be unified around some basic common issues. It has made me proud.
- Michelle Obama, Feb 18, 2008, 1:13pm PST. Milwaukee.

Hope, change. Two key words that mean very little. Anyone not have hope? I suppose so, they are dead. Change? Does anyone not want some change in their life? Again, I suppose a comatose patient is unable to articulate the hope for change.

Trite comes to mind. Mindless is another word choice. You would think we were just finishing four years of Carter to hear her speak. No hope, no chance, no opportunity. I am not sure what she has done in the years since she graduated - not provided any hope or change to anyone. She did have children and has raised them well. She has the education and background to be the role model that hope is alive and change can occur in education, in employment - real change and real hope. What they offer today are words of no meaning. They satisfy no one with a brain yet satiate the brainless.

UPDATE: Obama’s Hollywood movie. 14:59 , 02.25.08.
Apparently I am not the only one who finds this man to be nothing but hot air.

Egypt and their illegal immigrant issue

When Egyptians don't want you to sneak in to Israel, they shoot you.

If you are Palestinian and tear down the wall erected between Egypt and Gaza, they will run in fear, especially if you get in to Egypt so you can turn around and sneak in to Egypt elsewhere.

But an Eritrean woman was shot in the head as she tried to climb over barbed wire.

Feb 13 - Hamas fires at Egyptian builders to prevent new wall.
Egypt is trying to build a concrete wall the entire distance across the border with Gaza and put troops on its border with Gaza. Hamas apparently doesn't like that idea and shoots Egyptians when they try to build the wall.


Reuters, Feb 18. Egyptian police have rounded up some 500 Palestinians ... of more than 3000 who broke in to Egypt in January. The police are raiding apartments and chalets in north Sinai in search of the Palestinians. The nearest town to the entry point from Gaza, where police know many Palestinians are hiding, is Sheikh Zuweid. On February 17, police uncovered 220 lbs of explosives in three sacks buried near the town.

Now ... why would a small farmer living in a dirt outpost near Gaza need 220 lbs of explosives?

Monday, February 18, 2008

There Will be Blood

Nominated for several Oscars. In its place, should be Rambo. Rambo has more plot. Blood is all over the place and no place. It is sadly, pointless. Rambo at least has a point - to cater to brain dead audience members.

On Kennedy and Art, War and Remembrance

In February of 1964, The Atlantic Monthly published a speech given by John F. Kennedy to honor Robert Frost. President Kennedy told his audience that the "men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the nation's greatness, but the men who question power make a contribution just as indispensable, especially when that questioning is disinterested, for they determine whether we use power or power uses us."

He urged that if "art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." Our country President Kennedy argued should set free the energy and vitality of these men and women who seek truth, to go wherever they might with their truth telling.

It was an imperative to permit truth and poetry, one and the same for purposes of this speech, to be given free reign in order that greater understanding of the human condition occur and to understand that "when power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the areas of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses, for art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstones of our judgement."

The artist whether music or art, paintings, or sculpture; the teacher, whether of art or music, poetry or the social sciences - they lead us, they show us, and when they do it well, they inspire us to free our minds and see beyond the limitations of our self and experience the whole of humanity. The symphony or recital, the classroom, or library - all places of great achievement and art - where the mind flourishes and is nurtured, set free to lead us to the furthest reaches of human imagination, thus showing us our limitations and offering to us the ability to follow the great minds into something greater than ourselves or our time.

Yet many denigrate the art and artist, they stomp upon the teacher, belittle the poet as unrealistic and self-absorbed, and otherwise show us how small our minds can really be when the greatest of art forms is mocked. We have had administrations that treated the arts poorly, laughed at them, mocked the great poets, slept through recitals, and had little interest in funding the arts. We have had political leadership that showed little leadership and instead joked about the tiresome old codgers or daft old men with a pen.

President Kennedy celebrated the greatest agent for freedom - art and music; while some celebrate the status quo, he pushed for change in a world ever in flux, that may have been easy. Kennedy often slept through recitals. It was his wife who pushed for and in the end won the day on arguments over whether to have Marie Callas to the White House or have another old codger do a sonatas or partitas from Bach. Kennedy had little interest in the arts, but for the public spectacle and interest created by his feigned interest. Kennedy loathed Robert Frost and never wanted him as the speaker for the Inaugural. He had little interest in Frost, ignored the opportunity to meet with him, was quite unwilling to take the time when the time did avail itself for a meeting. It was also uncertain whether Frot would make it on time to the Inaugural and Kennedy was not to distressed. The myth created around his passion for the arts, is just that, a myth.

Kennedy understood that some may have an interest in the arts and that was fine, but the arts never kept a Chinese or North Korean or Soviet soldier from hesitating before an advance. It was, President Kennedy understood, the American military that permitted the Frosts and Callas to do what they did and do so freely. The American military did not have the luxury of such ideas for they stood ready at any given moment to fighting overwhelming odds and most likely dying in an effort to allow Frost to sputter on with his poetry and Callas to sing out to the birds. The American fighting man stood between us and them and they do not receive the respect and honor they deserve.

These men left their families to stand in the dead of night or lie in Asian mud for one reason - to allow us the luxury of reading poetry, making art, singing, or reading, sleeping, and raising families without fear. They did not volunteer to die for us, and what mortal man would ever volunteer to die for strangers - yet it is a cross they bear so that we might live.

We did not raise our sons to murder and pillage. Have faith in the character of America for America is revealed on the faces of the American military man. President Kennedy understood that the greatness of America came from all sectors - the poets and the artists, but most importantly, all who reveled in thought and ideal did so because the soldier or marine stood ready at a moments notice.

It is true what the president said, that "a nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers." The president understood the sacrifices made by men of honor that permitted men of leisure the time to expand their minds and idle away their time contemplating utopia. It was never a this or that - he appreciated art, but was not consumed by it. He understood the limitations of poetry and compromise.

With his death, the party of Kennedy, became the party of surrender and compromise - it preferred the academic to the man who provided the academic with the freedom to rant about government and the limitations of democracy. It became the party of whiners - the generation of the 60s who expected and demanded and wanted and ultimately were the most self-absorbed generation in our history. It become the party of accommodation and compromise - negotiate and talk and talk and negotiate and they cheered regardless of whether it accomplished anything. Their education had left them numb to reality and they idled away their time on drugs, expanding their minds while men died to protect that right. When those men returned home, it was not to a heroes welcome, but scorn and ridicule. While not as damning today, the hypocrisy is astounding. They proclaim their support, but they know in their hearts they do not support the military now or ever. They prefer to attack the government for its lack of sensitivity or for an appreciation of any number of things they espouse, and that is fine - the American men and women in our armed forces, none the less, stand ready to bear the cross if needed, to enable the feckless wonders who inhabit our ivory towers the chance and opportunity to attack everything the American soldier fights and dies to protect.

We do not take the time, as a nation, to reflect often enough on what is given to us, and at what cost. If we did, we would most assuredly all be poets.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why can't the man stay dead. Che just won't go away

With no question should we for a moment believe any connection exists between the official campaign headquarters and those unofficial headquarters. Feb 12, 2008, Texas.

However, it is still worth noting for the foolishness of this woman if nothing more. If she is so fixated on the Cuban flag and Che, please go back to Cuba and fly your flag and march for Che. Obama is not Che. Obama does not support Che. Obama does not like you much at this time.

Galileo and Science

Galileo was born in the later 16th century. His advances changed the world and the science world most certainly. The prevailing belief, of overwhelming numbers of scientists and other noted experts, was that the Sun and for that matter all life, revolved around us on this small planet, Earth (geocentric). He argued something much more radical for the time - that we revolved around the sun. For which, the science of the time, the overwhelming majority, dismissed and riducled him, evnetually landing him under house arrest for the remaning years of his life.

Comes Mercury News, 2/15/08. Bill Would Require California's science curriculum to cover climate change.

A Silicon Valley lawmaker wants to require all texts used in California and all classrooms to teach global warming. Not to teach it as is most likely done in most classrooms from lecture and discussion, but to put into a text and then indoctrinate the students with the prevailing belief.

Now - set aside the silliness of texts that will be out dated in ten years, but ... consider the more complicated issue of SLOs. Student Learning Objectives. These are requirements by the federal government applied via the funding to the state, to hold teachers to standards, and measure that standard. Administration and or objective outsiders would (in the most optimistic approach) be in charge of determining whether teachers have achieved that standard or not and they would be graded accordingly. This is most certainly in effect for K-12, but it has crossed over to the college level and will infect the universities (much later). If faculty are held to prevailing standards to teach certain material - who is to say the content of the new texts will not be part of that requirement, including global warming. And if that becomes part of it, has administration intervened in the classroom. Some say NO - because the various departments make up their objectives. Yes, but in light of texts dealing with global warming, it would be difficult to avoid including it in the curriculum and then grading the teacher on whether they had or not.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

24 - Fox TV Series - Season 7 - Re-Scheduled


Dreary as this may get, it seems otherwise too complicated to express how very displeased we are with the decision to not finish and broadcast season 7.

Newspapers have seen drops of 7-16% each reporting period.

Television has seen its numbers drop. Oscars and sports events - very low numbers. The fact this year the Superbowl went up in numbers does not mean anyone is returning to watch TV rather more people were sold Direct TV this year than last.

Television programs suck and however you may wish to color them, they suck and the public knows this. We have tired of Idol (still high ratings but much lower than past years and while you may publicly deny the change, privately you must understand this or be in a coma) and Survivor - who knows what season they are on and where they have gone this time. Few people care - meaning the ones who determine ratings.

Of course you will show me that ratings for Idol are higher than any other programs and yes, but that isn't hard to do when everyone shuts their TV off after Idol, it only takes 1 viewer to make it 'more watched than any other.'

TV has lost ratings and good programs have lost ratings - LOST, before it went on its LSD trip, did very well ... then the public turned on it and amazingly, the producers decided ... the show would only go for another season or two and wrap itself up. It wasn't Gilligan's Island.

'24' LOST viewers in season 6. LOTS. I found it difficult to watch very boring crap. It was exciting to start, as it always is, but then you made a (in the '24' reality) dead president's brother, president and he was so indecisive and incapable of acting either presidential or acting period (the actor), that the whole season was a wash.

You filmed 8 episodes of season 7 and then (gasp) a strike, and you decide rather than DRAGGING the season into MAY, that you would just not have a season. Oh my gosh, what difficult decisions. Do you have a war planned for late April and need the time slot? Like anything you have planned will work out (it won't) as well as '24' a couple seasons back.

You have just given '24' the death knell and I am really not pleased with your irresponsible and stupid behavior. Did you resent the fact Surnow left, did you hate him for being conservative, did you just plain hate '24' and felt the deep desire to end it for all time, because you have done that whether your little brains can yet comprehend it or not.

Don't mistake me for some '24' twit who watched the show and went on community boards or the internet to comment afterward. I never set up a website to follow the program and its driving around LA. I cared about a well acted, well written program that made all the other programs pale when stacked against '24'.

You lost a percent of viewers with a crappy season 6. You lost a LOT MORE with this stupid strike and will have lost even more postponing it to January 2009.

A few of your brain cells are working - viewers will return ... SOME VIEWERS you twits, not all. Not enough to push the program back where it was two seasons ago, and when the show lags, you will lose even more.

I like to think of it as 100% were with you in season 4 and 5, you started with 90% in season 6 and lost 20% with the crappy season. You end 6 with 70% and after 8 months waiting for 7, you would have begun 7 with 50%. You will now lose 15-20% waiting until January. A great PR campaign and fast paced first two hours will bring in 25% more - puts you at 55-60%. Wow. What a number. You can claim victory and close shop, except when the numbers are looked at as I have offered them above. 8 months between seasons is stupid. Starting in January is stupid. UNLESS YOU REVERSE YOURSELVES AGAIN and put the show on starting March 3 through June, you will have set an irreversible course for the program and by your foolishness, set in motion the replacement with a brainless, idiotic program that appeals to stupid people on LSD.

And don't give us crap about June and it needs a hiatus and the contract and ... you have been abel to find more excuses for a pathetic season than a four year old who wants to stay up just another minute. If you run through June, you still get 3-4 months hiatus. You can still begin filming in Aug and Sept. Your actors really will not be too upset not working for four months. I think they can live with it. Actually you had, in season 4-5, filmed 6 episodes in advance and you did two at a time which means 3 separate occasions. So - start in October and film each week and you will have 6+ in the can by January. It isn't like you couldn't ... you sent Sutherland off to jail in December. There is no commandment about showing a new show in June. way back when, new shows would show up until May/June. You coul, just once, try it the old way.

Hold a hearing

In the far fetched world of my imagination, the following very well could have taken place a few weeks ago;

Henry Waxman, strolling down the corridors of power, still breathing very deeply the air of power all around him, unable even at this late date to believe he and his fellow Democrats had taken power away from what seemed only three years ago, a unified and powerful Republican majority. He starts whistling, then his nostril catches the scent of smoke - he stops in mid stride, nearly toppling over because literally it was mid-stride. The smell was coming from the closet, he opens the door and sees a congressman in the closet with a cigarette. His eyes widen, his mouth narrows, his nostril flares and he points and opens his mouth. Out of the mouth comes the most ear splitting sound as he points and waves his finger. The republican congressman cowers and begins to fall out of the closet, stumbling away from the pointing Waxman ... the crescendo builds ... the Republican congressman runs down the hall. By now, others have gathered and are pointing and screeching also. Soon a large swarm have gathered and as the Republican scrambles away, the mob chases. As they go out of sight, Waxman closes his mouth and continues along whistling. A few moments later he bumps in to Nancy Pelosi -
"Hiya Nance - beautiful morning isn't it?"
"It sure is Henry. Anything new today?"
"We should think about running some ads in the 13th district. They will be needing a new congressman."
"Great. Oh Henry, I heard from a little bird, before I swallowed it, that Bush is in league with the manufacturer of HGH. It seems he wants to grow and will try anything."
"Gee, I used the rack and I grew two inches. It was a little painful, but it worked. You know Nance, you should try it. Looking a little short, you are."
"Henry, maybe you could check in to the HGH issue. It could topple the Bushie if we coudl link him to HGH."
"Sure thing Nance."

Two weeks later - House Committee Hearings involving baseball pitcher Roger Clemens consume dozens of hours of congress' time, interns are paid, aides are paid, photographers are paid - tens of thousands of dollars are spent to determine whether a baseball player used HGH.

At a time when scores of people are killed by al-qaida daily, Pakistan's nuclear program is in serious jeopardy with the kidnapping of its scientists, al-qaida is in its death throes in Iraq (making it even more dangerous) ... the US Congress finds it important enough to avoid work on serious legislation and hold hearings on whether Roger Clemens used HGH.

"I'm sorry we had the hearing. I regret that we had the hearing." so says Henry Waxman.

It is, according to Waxman, not his fault - Roger Clemens forced him to have hearings. Yep, I always told my lawyers that anytime I had been insulted I wanted a congressional hearing and was always told I could have one anytime. Because Clemens had been mentioned in the Mitchell Report ... so Bush could demand hearings every time his name was libeled. Ha. He could keep Congress tied up for ten years and Congress could then blame Bush for not doing the work he was hired to do.

Mr. Waxman, you were hired to work for the people, not your own sorry ego - stop wasting our money. Accept responsibility and do not do it again.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Paulie want a cracker or a padded room

Ron Paul is a joke. Well, perhaps not - at least among those who like him, he is a truth talker and a wise old man. Among the other 290 million people he is a loonie.

I have never understood the fascination with this guy although I suppose it is the 'idealism' many young conservatives have and don't see anyone else who utters the same sort of nonsensical isolationist crap.

It is the issue of isolationism I would like to try to begin to work out and will revise in the coming days.

A student asked me why I didn't like Paul. I mentioned isolationism. He was quick with his response - he's not isolationist, he believes in trade.

I do not like to see people become so attached and so disheartened. They become very susceptible to the wrong beliefs or party while in a weakened state. They could go and move to Canada and really ruin their life.

In a very simplistic explanation:

Neo-Conservatives: regard the world as a scary place. Bad people live in the world and the US needs to be engaged in the world to prevent the bad people from being too bad. Trade is ok with neo-conservatives, although they are very doubtful of trading bad countries into becoming good. They doubt much benefit from trading with China or North Korea. They will sign treaties if and only if it benefits the US.

Conservatives, Traditional: regard the world as a place of bad people and they distrust the world and the people in it. We need to close up bases around the world, maybe keep 1-2, otherwise all others shut down, bring the troops home from wherever they are, build a wall around the US, cancel international trade agreements that do not benefit the US in some way. Very doubtful of treaties. Not inclined to have open borders. Would become more closed to the world, BUT would trade when necessary. As for US military - only when we are directly and imminently threatened.

Of the two - which one is more ISOLATIONIST? Traditional Conservatives!!! Bingo.

Where is Jesse, Where are the democrats when you need them? The will of the people!

I believe the will of the people should prevail. I believe every vote should count and we should not ignore the people's voice. I believe everyone should be heard. That is why in 2000 and 2001, the state of Florida undertook an exhaustive process to review the ballots and why the media collaborated on an effort to recount and re-add all the votes that had been recounted scores of times a further time and they all came up with the same conclusion - Bush won. Applying the same rules and same guidelines, Gore would lose no matter how you cut the pie. Lose yes, but not by much.

We don't preface every win in hockey or basketball or football with - by the slimmest margin and with questionable counting Greenbay won the Superbowl or with uncertainty and questionable counting the Lakers won the NBA.

A win is a win whether by 1 vote or 10,000. JP Kennedy is reported to have said aloud during the 1960 campaign that they should 'not buy one vote more than needed to win.' Kennedy won and with little doubt, the numbers were very questionable.

Johnson was known for his chicanery. His first election in Texas - likely bought or stuffed. He was elected only because people mourned Kennedy and not because Johnson was the desired candidate.

Carter while noble and moral, was working within a Democratic system that had skewed elections for winning, not losing. Would it have changed the balance - unlikely, but with little doubt boxes were stuffed and or the dead voted. He is elected not because he has anything useful to say, but because the country tired of Nixon and Republicans. With Carter, we have looked at every Democratic president back to Truman excluding Bill. Questionable voting, uncertainty, missing ballots, stuffed boxes ... all part of the Democratic party win each time.

The voices muffled, votes uncounted only become important to Democrats when they don't win.

February 2008 - California. 50,000 votes were thrown out. NOT ONE DEMOCRAT, NOT JESSE, NOT AL, NOT JOHN, NOT BILL .... NOT ANY have said EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT. NOT ONE SAID THAT THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE must be heard. NOT ONE. Hypocrite and liars.

Florida and Michigan defied the Democratic parties antiquated and biased rules and moved their primaries to dates they were not permitted to use or face punishment. What was the punishment - the delegates selected would not be seated at the Democratic Convention. That is democratic speak for: the voices of the millions in Florida and Michigan will not be heard. No one has spoken out. 2.3 million votes will not be counted. 1.2 million votes for Hillary will not be heard. They have been disenfranchised. They have lost their voice, all due to technical mumbo jumbo that no one who voted cares for. They want their voices to be heard. Like the waitress who stood in line for two hours to vote for change, like the single mother without health care who braved the cold of winter to make their voice heard.
Like the family without medical care who marched through the snow and cold to cast their ballot for change. The group of elderly residents in a home in Florida who wanted a champion and a doer and who made the effort to get from their beds to the rec room to vote. About the unemployed who wanted a green job and wanted energy independence - all voted for change. The retired army officer who crawled to the voting booth so he could cast his ballot for the one person who would serve veterans, like her husband did ... and none of their votes were counted. A disgrace. A shame. A sham.

These are the voters, these are the little people ... is this what we can expect from a Democrat who says they will listen to our voices ... as long as we speak quietly and in conformity with their rules. They do the greatest disservice to the democratic process by disenfranchising millions of voters. In Florida in 2000, it was several thousands of ballots with flaws and triple and double voting ... we are now talking about MILLIONS who did not get their chance.

FEW HAVE CALLED FOR THE VOICES TO BE HEARD and in fact, the Democratic leadership want their voices muffled. Why? because if the delegates are counted from Florida and Michigan, Hillary will get the nomination. WHERE ARE THE HYPOCRITES WHO WANT THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE HEARD! Where? Well, Nancy Pelosi has stated publicly that "the Florida and Michigan delegates should not be seated if those delegates would decide the nomination." Did you understand what she said? Imagine in 2000 if we found 50 votes after everything was recounted for the 200th time and it would give Gore the win and Bush said - well, I won't count them if it changes who wins.

Where is Jesse. Where is the other limelight hog - his shorter self? Where is the cry for the people to be heard? Pelosi went on to explain that any state "that operated outside the rules of the party" should not get to decide who wins! Because if we didn't ignore the votes of the people, "they can't make the difference because then we would have no rules."
She is actually arguing in favor of then Governor Bush winning in Florida. Odd how these hypocrites end up using the arguments they loathed when used by Republicans.

Update 2/16: Harold Ickes, one of the members of the Democratic National Committee that voted and supported taking away the voice and votes of Floridian and Michigan voters has changed his mind. His argument: millions of voters in Michigan and Florida would be otherwise disenfranchised. Even when they do say something ... it is very funny.


The Fight Against Terrorism Must Be Left to Adults

Several times I have expressed the following sentiment - that democrats should not be in charge of anything pertaining to or involving our national security. They abhor the military, loathe those who fight and die for the United States and freedom more generally, scoff at silly notions of evil and good, mock Bush and his evil-doers, and dismiss fears that al-qaida wants to kill us and instead prefer to rationalize it as the act of people who are marginalized and unhappy about something - usually the fault of the US. They tend to believe that all bad behavior is caused by the US either directly or indirectly.

They are wholly unqualified and more - their attitude will get even more of us killed.

Evil exists and it must be extinguished.
(The link was removed. I downloaded the file, but am very ambivalent about uploading or linking it. Not because I do not believe it should not be seen, but I am unsure of the reason why the original was removed and do not have an interest in defending myself over the posting of one of the most violent videos I have ever seen or imagined. No wonder I had nightmares. )

The original story where I linked from is at this address. There is a 40 second clip that still works. It was part of the 15 minute version.,2933,330810,00.html)

Another segment of the 15 minute video is located at the following link. It seems that most of the video can be found, just not all in one video. AGAIN the STRONGEST WARNINGS must be attached. DO NOT, DO NOT watch unless you are well over 18 and understand the graphic nature of the video. This is no joke. This is what we fight daily in Afghanistan.

(DO NOT watch this video clip unless you have removed children from the area and have a strong constitution.)

We should see more of these to remind us what evil is and that it lurks about. It is not about arresting these people, for that would be like walking up to Jason, Freddy, or Michael and explaining to them how their actions violate the civil liberties of innocents. Our purpose must be to extinguish this evil and I do not trust any democrat to accomplish that task for they do not understand the nature of the evil we face. Maybe they can hold another hearing on HGH or whether baseball cheats by building arenas/fields that are smaller than the fields Babe Ruth would play in - sounds like something these fools can do. They believe it is so important as to waste tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money ...

Likewise, many retardicans would have us pull out and return home and let them do what they will to each other. Both left and right have been infected with the lie that 'these people' wake up with a desire to kill each other every day and have for centuries and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I would expect someone wearing bed sheets to argue such racist propaganda.

They (the people) do not wake up each morning and pull out their knives and guns and eat breakfast and head off to slaughter children. What infects the minds of some people, takes control of their lives, and destroys everything it latches upon is the Islamo-fascist belief. It is that belief, from Iraq to Sudan and from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan that we battle and we must win. It is not just another belief system nor is it something eons old ... it is an idea from the last 1000 years and it must be extinguished before it extinguishes all it touches.

Meanwhile, the NY Times fails to understand, fails to grasp the seriousness, and otherwise inundates its readers with the most trite specious laden commentary while the real evil is evident if they only looked. You could argue that by ignoring the evil that faces you, you have contributed to the deaths from the evil spreading. If so, the NYT is responsible.

'Tweens' in sexual, abusive relationships

Washington Times, February 14, 2008

'Tweens' in sexual, abusive relationships.

"Sixth graders with boyfriends and girlfriends. "

That alone isn't a problem or the problem. I recall a girlfriend in sixth grade, but what becomes more serious is the details which follow in the article:
- 30% think oral sex and sexual intercourse are expected in bf/gf relationships.
- 62% of the 1043 interviewed, reported being harassed or bossed around or physically abused by the other person when they ended the 'relationship'. Specifically: 21 reported being slapped or hit.

Is this an issue? How did it begin/why? It is important to figure it out because pretending that sex education will fix anything is rather idiotic. Why are children at 11 or 12 or 13 getting involved in actions that are far beyond their mental capacity to comprehend. Why.

If the argument is - it isn't. Some 13 year olds are very mature - then you have made an argument why a 50 year old should not be imprisoned for life or worse for raping a 13 year old, because it wouldn't be rape. If she consents with a 13 year old boy, she consents.

Why. Why are 12 year olds doing this. Figure it out and stop it.

The Warm and Fuzzy Side to the Left

John Conyers, the congressman from the Detroit area, has a wife. She is as complicated as he, at times, or so it would seem. I will assume the story is true. If so, she has anger management issues and a tendency to threaten. Must be difficult to be told NO.

China's ride over? Please.

What a wonderful week. One less evil-doer on earth, now residing in hell; and then the news that China's economy is faltering and heading into a downward spiral with massive unemployment. For a country that will one day end in a military confrontation with the US, that is good news.

In China, you don't count as unemployed until you have not worked for three years. Until that time you are laid off. That helps keep the unemployment figure low. A better figure would be between 15-20% of the urban areas are unemployed. 5-8% of rural areas. Rand Corporation came up with a number of 23% total unemployment.

300 million unemployed.
300 million employed and living under poverty
600 million living in an underclass that is not being accomodated by the new found wealth, will eventually, either have to be remedied, lowering the wealth and economic might to accomodate over 1/2 a billion, or the 1/2 billion will play a roll in change.

In any case, they are far less of a threat, because they face a very uncertain future.

UPDATE: The threat level increased. They are speeding ahead with military build-up.
China speeds pace of military buildup.. By Bill Gertz. March 3, 2008. Washington Times.

A soul or a head

When President Bush began the first months of his first term, he quickly met with President Vladimir Putin and told the world that he had looked into the man's soul and liked what he saw (paraphrasing very broadly).

Always one to snap at Bush, Hillary told anyone who was listening, back in January, that Putin didn't have a soul.

(Not to ignore McCain saying very much the same things)

On February 14, 2008, Putin was asked, at a conference in Russia, what he thought of her comments:

"At a minimum, a head of state should have a head."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Drug testing ... on your sewer

March edition of Popular Science. Your Sewer on Drugs.

The article is 4-5 pages long and quite interesting. Testing on the sewage system to check various issues but along the way, also testing for drugs.

According to the Annotated Sample on the final page of the article, 95% of sewage is water. The other 5% is what is more interesting.

Germs - e coli, strep, polio, hepatitis
Prescription drugs - hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, and patients - dump it down their sinks and toilets.
Illegal drugs - testing is possible for 20 illegal drugs.
Pesticides - agricultural runoff and improper disposal by the public.
Industrial Waste - from factories, paper mills and smelters
Toiletries - from shampoo to cosmetics
Solid Waste - heavy metals, needles, condoms, diapers, even dead animals.

Fascinating shit.

Drug tests are fine, but how to drug test a city!! Test the sewage.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) uses polls to find out who is and is not taking illegal drugs - but people lie. According to their survey for 2006: 20.4 million Americans age 12 or older were illicit drug users. 14.8 million admitted using marijuana. 2.4 million use cocaine. 731,000 admit to methamphetamine use.

But those numbers may be understated.

An Italian researcher decided to test the PO RIVER in ITALY. His results:
The equivalent of four kilograms of cocaine flow through the PO each day (they were search for benzoylecgonine). That breaks down to 40,000 dozes of 100 milligrams (pinch of sugar). If it were distributed among all people age 15 to 35, about 2.7% use cocaine. According to this research and figures, it is double what Italy believes is the rate of usage.

They checked on Milan - cocaine use spikes on weekends and levels off during week, but it doesn't drop! Use is ongoing or habitual.

This is one way to drug test a city. See if it is passing or not. Watch for this in the future when federal funding goes to city with lowest drug figures. To provide an incentive for cities to do something more than they are doing!

UPDATE: March 10. 2008, Washington Post. Area Tap Water Has Traces of Medicines
Tests Find 6 Drugs, Caffeine in D.C., Va.
Whats in your water??


Do not smoke near government buildings. Do not smoke in buildings. Do not smoke in offices. Do not smoke in airports. Do not smoke near airports. Do not smoke in the city parks. Do not smoke in the city. Do not smoke in your car. Do not smoke in your home.

The Crusade continues.

Update: 2/15/08 BBC: £10 license to smoke. That is, you will pay £10 for the right to buy cigarettes and smoke them in your home or in the tree or far away from humanity.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where is she now?

I often comment on naive, foolish, and stupid people. I reflect upon their having fallen out of the stupid tree or their having been banged on the head a few too many times. They may also be called retarded rodeo clowns (with no offense to: people with real mental handicaps/challenges nor to rodeos nor to clowns). I have also drifted off hoping that God cleans up the detritus and removes a few useless human beings (his determination). All of the above could and is judgmental - I accept that label. I will again accept a few labels - unkind, mean, judgmental when I state the following:

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan joined a protest Wednesday seeking the support of Egypt's first lady in ending a military trial of members of the country's largest Islamic organization.

Under the watchful eyes of dozens of black-clad and helmeted anti-riot police, some 50 heavily veiled wives and children of 40 senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood detained for the past year, gathered in front of the headquarters of first lady Suzanne Mubarak's National Council Women carrying banners calling for their release.

"I am here to protest the trial of civilians in front of a military tribunal as this is a violation to international law," said Sheehan, who gained fame in the U.S. for her sit-in outside President Bush's Texas ranch following the death of her son in Iraq.

This woman should happen to fall into the hands of al-qaida in Egypt and be kept alive long enough to understand how utterly foolish and wrong she was. She does not deserve to hold American citizenship. She is a fool, naive, a failure. She has done more to dishonor Casey than had she urinated on his grave. She has utterly no idea what she is doing in Egypt nor who the Muslim Brotherhood is nor how many hundreds of thousands of people they have murdered over the decades. She should disappear and be dropped into an al-qaida camp. They would most assuredly surrender being forced to spend 1 minute with her.

She was a joke when she attacked Bush for so long to no end. She is now a fool and a joke and should instead wear a jokers cap and dance around entertaining for that is what she has become and what she has caused her family to endure. She is and has nothing.

Travelers to Europe May face Fingerprinting

The EU will discuss whether all foreign travelers including US citizens, should be fingerprinted.

Each EU country would fingerprint foreign travelers (including US citizens). That would make over 14 countries fingerprinting anyone 'foreign' and making all that data available to participating counties, including the US. WP, 2/12/08

Imagine a world wide database. That's what we will have, but we will most certainly be safer.

God willing, it will be the end of al-qaida

President Bush made several mistakes in the days and hours leading up to the invasion of Iraq and several more after the US removed the tyrant.

Of the several problems, Bush was unable to articulate an idea, a path, purpose. He could not deflect the crap thrown at him nor was he able to address the crap, instead, he retreated and those who flung crap, piled on more until Bush was on the defensive about everything from believing in God to apple pie. And worse, he didn't have the ability to deflect and return shots of crap.

Iraq had several opponents the US had to deal with - former Ba'ath party members who had lost everything and were fighting to restore something they could grasp on to after losing everything from 35 years of Saddamite control. These people were Sunni, and while as religious as Barney is green, they immediately found religion and played up their faith and opposed the US not on Ba'ath party grounds but on religious. With the inclusion of Ba'ath party members into the government again, most have given up their fight and returned to the political process.

Another group - Shi'a who had, for 35 years been tortured, chopped up, eaten, mutilated, executed, blown up, ripped apart, starved, driven over, thrown into the ground in mass burial plots, used as experiments in chemical and biological testing by Saddamite followers, and or otherwise exploited, oppressed, and repressed politically, academically, and in employment. After 35 years they stood up and smacked back. They took their shoe off and smacked the Baathists. They killed the killers, they burned the murderers homes, they looted from those who had starved and exploited. They destroyed all that had been built upon their bodies and families. We cannot imagine this emotion. Of 300 million Americans a few, a select handful can imagine. Everyone else fails to understand what is lost and why people act as they do, instead they see shi'a killing and think it no different than Sunni killing no different than Saddamites killing. But the reasons and purposes are so far apart as to make the mind spin. One cannot justify murder, but for Arabs and arab culture, it isn't murder - it is restoring honor. When Americans got in the way, they were the enemy, not because they were the enemy, but because they would not allow the shi'a to finish what had been started 35 years before.

The third group didn't exist in February 2003 ... the families of people killed during the invasion and after - either accidentally or mistakenly or intentionally - the families, in the same way as the shi'a set upon the Sunni for 35 years of grievances, set out to exact revenge upon the Americans for the deaths of their family members. With the death of an Iraqi their family sent out another to retaliate. This is the saddest part of the entire invasion and removal of Saddamites. Innocents killed become the impetus for others to kill Americans who in response kill yet more Iraqis. There is not a great deal to do about this, but for Americans to be extra careful in all actions to not harm an innocent (which I know they already try very hard to prevent).

The fourth group are al-qaida and Muslims inspired by the call to jihad to come to Iraq and kill. They are not Iraqi. They are not family nor friends of people who have died (although many of them died and their comrades were enraged and killed yet more Americans and innocent Iraqis to avenge their deaths - odd given the fact they should not have been in Iraq to begin with.) This group needs to be exterminated and the sheikh on the video addresses group 4.

We can eradicate group 4. Group 1 have now been accommodated and taken in to the fold while group 2 have finished or nearly finished their honor killings and have accepted the political process. What is left are those members of group 3 and there is little we can do about that group but let Iraqi police and courts administer their rights and grievances.

Group 4 blow up women, children, men, old women, babies, soldiers, citizens, medical doctors, UN, peace keepers, construction workers, police men - they blow them up, cut off their heads and seek only to destroy civil society and all who desire hope. We are bound by human rights declarations yet the animals we fight understand no such declaration. We cannot, say some, violate those beliefs or we become no better than those we fight. I cannot make it any clearer - we cannot win against evil that will use anything and everything against us if we are bound by one hand and blinded in one eye. I am not interested in the argument to the contrary. It is naive and will result in hundreds and thousands of American deaths. When that happens, the moral responsibility will lie with those who argue 'but for' the human rights we would be no different. It is naive. We believe in life, freedom, opportunity, justice. The killers we kill want to erase all we know and they will do so using our laws against us and when the final nail is hit and as it sinks into the coffin, the naive fools will realize what they have done, and it will be too late.

This individual will help lead Iraq out of a morass of death and destruction at the hands of foreign killers in al-qaida to a better Iraq.

Hell has one more resident

It is always a good morning when you wake up and find out earth has one less inhabitant and hell has one more resident.

We may not be sure what our final sentence will be, but for a few people, we can be sure. Such is the case of the Hizballah leader in Damascus, Imad Mughniyeh.

The US wanted him for his role in terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of Americans in the 1980s: the 1983 bombings of the United States Embassy that killed over 60 people, the attack on the US Marine barracks at the Beirut airport killing over 240 military personnel; the hijacking of a T.W.A. jetliner in 1985 and the murder of Jeremy Stethem on board that plane; a series of high-profile kidnappings in the 1980s - the torture and murder of William Buckley; the kidnapping and murder of Lt. Col. William Richard Higgins on peacekeeping duty in Lebanon in 1988; in addition to the seizure of a number of other Western hostages in Beirut.

He was a very bad man. A very, very bad human, and today he is in hell enjoying a much deserved very close and personal relationship with Satan. Couldn't happen to a more evil human.

UPDATE: Hell has a few more residents as of 3/13/08:
The long-wanted Bethlehem chief Mohammed Shehadeh was killed, along with Imad Kemal, Issa Marzoura and Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades operative Ahmed Balful, by an undercover Israeli force in Bethlehem Wednesday. They were sought for years for orchestrating major mass-murder attacks in Israel between 2001and 2004.

I pray these individuals enjoy their personal relationship with Satan and each day brings new wonders for them and to them.

Looney Iran

Mehdi Kahlor, media advisor to the Mad Iranian President Amadinejad had a mouthful to say about September 11, 2001 and who it was that attacked the US. It is always edifying to hear the world spout off their theories. As useful as asking what brand toilet paper they use, if they use toilet paper.

Kalhor, who doesn't deserve any respect in a title - informed anyone who was listening to his ramblings made several statements:

1)American society knows what happened on 9/11 did not happen the way it is depicted.
The thing about this one is, it presumes to offer facts - EVERYONE KNOWS it did not happen this way. The only one who knows anything is clearly Kalhor because the American people do not know such things. I love the idea of debating with an Iranian what Americans think in America.

2) Traditionally, the mayor of New York City is jewish. This has always been the case. Traditionally, this is a Jewish American city. The Christians are perhaps the minority there ...
No comment needed (what a flaming retarded rodeo clown)

3) Sharon, the Israeli prime minister at the time, was supposed to be visiting New York. Since they planned the attack and knew about it in advance, they told him not to go there, and so he didn't.
There are brief moments when I would like God to end this for us all. Clear away the detritus and wash it into space. You cannot sit down and converse with someone who is stuck on stupid.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boulder Boondogle

Murders, Sexual Assualts, Car jackings, thefts, burglaries, educational deficiencies, traffic, taxes ... no, the Boulder City Council will take up proceedings to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Perhaps they believe their city council can do two things at once.

Mental Midgets.

It is not even the fact they want to make a point - silly children often want to be heard.

They are whiney children saying - pay attention to me, I'm important.

They (City Council) need to be impeached and the voters need to lose the right to vote due to sheer ignorance and stupidty.

Jackass = Boulder City Council.
Jerry Springer Guests (JSG) = Voters of Boulder.

Update: The JSG apparently are not as supportive as the rabid handful and the city counil has opted not to, at this moment, move forward. What is rather stupifying is the fool who first proposed the idea. he now says that he is "not interested in engaging in purely symbolic acts. ... We obviously lack the power to act on any of the constitutional violations of the current administration." And what, at some earlier moment he actually thought he could change one thing on earth besides his underwear? And they think Bush is on a different planet.

driver of SUV = Bin Laden

According to Mayor Bloomberg, current billionaire mayor, compared the scourge of global warming to the threat of terrorism.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You have to love hot air, when it is packaged well.

Americans are so emotional, loud-mouthed and prone to emotional outbursts at the drop of a hat - whether about terrorists, evil doers, with us or against us - after all, isn't that what the world thinks of us. We are so wrapped up in cliches and emotion, we resemble an Oscar host in rehab.

Interesting then that The Australian has an article 2/11/08 - Obama's first coming.

Comparing Obama to Mandela. I never quite thought of the US as South Africa, but I suppose a deeply touched person might find it so ... five decades ago. Either the writer is unaware of American history or was taught American History 101 in an Iranian school.

One cannot be compared to the other as it does both the greatest disservice. The article is very emotional. The writer compares Obama to "a cult figure" that is "akin to a messiah."

Very troubling. Very emotional. An outburst of religious nonsensical crap. Not what we would expect from a Non-US writer.

Be Worried, Very Worried

The father of Pakistan's nuclear program made comments about having met with or discussed issues of nuclear weapons or modifcations to existing weapons systems with Bin laden in a cave several years ago. Bin Laden can get a suitcase nuke, but modifying it to get it where he needs it is not an easy task - it takes skill, not religious lunacy and he and his demonic band do not have the skill. Consequently, they need help.

They may have found the help they needed.

Warm Thoughts

Warming temps should end worst cold snap since 2000
By Tim Mowry
Published Monday, February 11, 2008

-->There is light at the end of the ice fog, and residents in Alaska’s second-largest city should begin seeing it today.
While it was 48 degrees below zero at Fairbanks International Airport on Sunday, the coldest temperature recorded so far in Fairbanks’ worst cold snap in eight years, forecasters were calling for a significant warming trend beginning today.
Temperatures should be above zero by Wednesday, said meteorologist Daniel Robinson at the National Weather Service in Fairbanks.
“The high pressure system that’s been locked in over us is finally starting to retreat toward Siberia and Russia,” Robinson said. “Hopefully we’re going to see an end to these minus 40 temperatures.
The cold air mass will be displaced by a low pressure system from Canada that will bring warmer temperatures and the chance of snow by midweek, he said.
The overnight low on Sunday was still expected to dip to about 35 below, Robinson said, but the high temperature today could climb into the single digits below zero, a marked contrast to the past week when the high temperature barely broke 30 below. Forecasters were calling for a high between 5 and 10 below today.
“That’s a significant improvement over 40 below,” Robinson said. “The difference between 20 below and 40 below feels great to me.”


Record Cold for Northern Minn.: 40 Below
Feb 11, 2:03 PM (ET)By JEFF BAENEN

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - It lived up to its name: The temperature in International Falls fell to 40 below zero Monday, just a few days after the northern Minnesota town won a federal trademark making it officially the "Icebox of the Nation."
It was so cold that resident Nick McDougall couldn't even get his car trunk lid to close after he got out his charger to kick-start his dead battery. By late morning, the temperature had risen all the way to 18 - below zero.
"This is about as cold as it gets, this is bad. There's no wind - it's just cold," said McDougall, 48, a worker at The Fisherman, a convenience store and gas station in the town on the Canadian border. "People just don't go out, unless you have to go to work."
Residents of the area use electric engine block heaters to keep their cars from freezing.
"You plug in your car, for sure, and you put the car in the garage if you can," McDougall said. His garage is full of other things, so he had to park outside - a "big mistake."
The previous record low for Feb. 11 in International Falls was 37 below, set in 1967, said meteorologist Mike Stewart at the weather service in Duluth. The cold was expected, he said: "When the winds finally died off and the skies cleared off, it just dropped."


Coldest since the 60s in Northern US
Snow in Israel, Jordan, Syria, lebanon, Iran, Iraq - first in 100 years.
Greenland ice returns
Coldest winter in Siberia and parts of Russia.
Southern California - a couple weeks below 40 at night
Wisconsin - snowiest on record, one of the coldest.
South America - coldest winter in decades
Canada - coldest again with more snow than decades past
Polar bears are cold
China - snow and cold - extremes and rare. Historically cold records. Millions stranded.
Australia - moderate winter (summer) temperatures, rainfall.

The world is freezing or very cold. Even Gore's global warming efforts with his flying around the world doesn't seem to be helping.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Viva Italia

Gotta Love the Euros. So civilized. They don't do war any more. They are much more passive. They love life and love each other, whatever age.

In Italy, a 34 year old man was arrested for having a 'love affair' with a 13 year old girl. In America, I know, we are so puritanical, we call that pedophilia. We lock him up where he gets to know Bubba very personally, every night until Bubba tires of him and cuts his throat.

In Italy, the court sentenced him to 16 months because they accepted his argument that he and the 13 year old girl had a 'real love'. His lawyers argued that a 'deep tenderness' existed between the 34 year old and the 13 year old and that he had fallen head over heels for her after a sexual encounter in his car. His lawyers said that the 13 year old had consented to every action. According to a judge in Rome (Simonetta Matone), the law must "always look to be reasonable in these cases." [How many cases like this do you get in Rome?]

I have no use for these people or their country, not to apologize nor discuss anything of a mature nature. Useless idiots in this country would have us do rapproachment with all countries on earth to make amends for Bush ... and why? Why discuss anything with Italy. It is they who should apologize for what they have done. And yes, this is one case and that isn't indicative of anything - although the attitude of the judge is. There are more, we just do not always hear about them.

Deconstruct this argument and the chronology - this man (34 years old) and this child (13 years old) are in his car. He does not YET HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER or they are, at that moment driven by his need to molest a child, he rapes her and she tells him she enjoyed it. A child does not have the maturity or emotional skills to make those decisions - the reason why we don't let 13 year olds get married or buy homes.

Then he develops feelings. I would be willing to accept that argument - even though he is a liar and said that to avoid eternal imprisonment with Bubba. I would then turn around and sentence him to 100 years for the first act - rape of the girl in the car, BEFORE he had feelings for her.

For the Italians, that transition was too difficult to make and they gave up and said it was ok. Did you wonder when reading the story why he had "sex" [raped] in his car with her? Most Italian males live at home with mama until their mid to late 30s. Real men they are - living at home and raping 13 year olds.

I have utterly no use for them, now or ever. Good riddance.

Nobel Winners and their foolishness

Whether Gore and his idiocy or Doris Lessing - predicting the demise of Obama should he be elected. afp. 2/9/08.

She says that if "Barack Obama becomes the next US president he will surely be assassinated."

Why? Because he is "a black man in the position of president. They would murder him."

So who does she think should be elected? Hillary.

First - deconstruct this foolish woman's reality -

Obama is elected president. That means more than (assume ONLY two people in the race) 50% of the popular vote and or electoral vote. Many people would have voted for him - at least 50 million.

There is between a 10-30% African American population that would not vote for him. Either Republican or not registered or anti-Obama and pro someone else.

Hispanic vote - a percent would not support him due to his race.

That means Ms Lessing, please pay attention, I understand what a doddering old fool may find difficult, but try to keep up - that means WHITES would put him in the White House. THEY you refer to ... are whites and it would be WHITES, you doddering old fool, that would put him in the White House.

And for that majority of the voters to put him in the White House means we have moved beyond race, you stupid old doddering fool ... and if someone were to act in a criminal and evil manner, is not a reflection on WHITE as much as it is on EVIL or CRIMINAL. You may wish to continue racial divisions, old doddering fools tend to be very set in their ways, but the majority have moved past that, even if they do not all vote for him it will be because they do not like his insipid liberalism - you know all those inconvenient truths that doddering old fools like yourself are so beholden to.

US and Hugo

What if we said we didn't like actions taken by Canada that impacted our dollar value and hurt our economy and thus deprived the American people of their rightful economic well-being. What if we threatened China over shoddy material, foot that killed pets, toys that contained lead that may have or will lead to deaths of children, food that is contaminated and killed several people - what if we threatened China for undermining American integrity, our well-being, depriving us of value for our money (in supplying shoddy products - fraud).

Would the world look at us as a little odd? Maybe a furrowed brow, squint, a look you'd find on the face of a 10 month old just about to let loose with built up gas pressure - perhaps.

Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off all oil to the US if Exxon Mobil wins a court judgment to seize his governments assets. Reason being: he seized their property in Venezuela and they are asking to seize his in the US and other countries. AP. Chavez Threatens US Oil Cutoff. 2/10/08. (amazing timing isn't it - just when oil prices are in decline.)

Is not the threat of oil a weapon, like cutting off food to the poor?

he can say whatever he likes, the world knows he is a bully and a bad one at that. He is not half the man Castro was and never will be, for his time draws near - the Venezuelan people have said no to him and will again say no. When he flees as wimp assed tyrants usually do, he will hide in Cuba, until Castro dies, at which time he will have to flee to Iran. Good riddance.

More Inconvenient Truths

I attempted to consolidate other news bits dealing with greenhouse gasses / global warming under the posting on Gore, but, alas, too many and maybe it is easier to paste them in as they appear.

Seattle Times article taken from the NY Times by Elisabeth Rosenthal - Biofuels make greenhouse gases worse, scientists say. 2/10/08.

So all the biofuels billed as better than carbon (fossil fuels) are really much worse!

So you want to save the planet, scold an SUV driver and drive an ethanol vehicle, and ruin the planet faster.

The journal Science has several of these articles all supporting this point.

Plus we are starving the poor in our desire to save the planet for all the people who have no voice. Yet we are ruining the planet faster and starving people while we are at it.

Pelosi - Nuff said

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said twice Sunday that Iraq “is a failure,” adding that President Bush’s troop surge has “not produced the desired effect.”“The purpose of the surge was to create a secure time for the government of Iraq to make the political change to bring reconciliation to Iraq,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “Late Edition.” “They have not done that.”

I have pointed out in several postings that there are very real reasons why Democrats should not and cannot be trusted with power. She is the best reason, at this moment.

Facts for liberals are inconvenient truths. Take her statement and deconstruct it. First, cut out all the nonsensical words to make a concise statement:

Iraq and the troop surge have failed. The troop surge was supposed to bring about political reconciliation. It hasn't.

Well Nancy and you are a nancy - it has worked and the surge worked. Your party has stopped talking about Iraq - Hillary admitted it was working, reid admitted it was working and then concluded it wasn't. Sadly, most Democrats have admitted to the success of the surge ... and they didn't do it willingly.

Everyone in Iraq are talking Nancy, they are working together - just not the way you want them to. Just as it is not right nor reasonable to drop our Democracy on people who have never had democracy, so to - it is unreasonable to expect everyone in Iraq to sit at a table and drink Perrier and settle their issues. They are talking and they have discussed and they have settled many of their issues. They are, generally, united against al-qaida. That is the last and first group that wants no part of stability in Iraq. Similar to Democrats - you both want Iraq to fail. But it isn't - the tribesmen are working against Al-Qaida and al-qaida is all but vanquished. That is success. Our troops have made advances and the Iraqi government has taken over control of most of Iraq with the US reserved for assisting Iraqi forces and providing intelligence and operations independent of Iraqi forces when needed.

You are lying Nancy and wishing like mad that our troops lose. Your wishes cost lives and are not very responsible given your position in the US government.

Useless Nations of the World

Academics do one thing very well - compartmentalize their irrational logic to enable them to bemoan the US and Bush and the great horrors of this administration while simultaneously championing anyone else. There have been polls - mostly from Europe, in which most respondents believed it was a good thing that the US as a sole superpower was ending or should end and that China would balance the US. I'd bet that 95% of all academics polled agreed. They are so enlightened.

The problem is, those same useless wastes have neither the fortitude nor honor to fall upon their swords - or pens. China is now requiring the Olympic Committee to require from all participants a signed statement that they will not criticize the Chinese government.

They will require the statement and wash it down with comments such as - the Olympics are not political and the individuals can say all they want but they are here for sports ... unless it is in the US.

Sort of like the photo the Daily Mail made available with the article.

1938, UK Soccer team - the Nazi salute was required and they complied.

I am sure academics the world over saw no issue with the salute.

UPDATED: 3/8/08

Athletes and intellectuals will dismiss the requirement and pass it off as a quaint little Chinese thing, of no real importance and nothing to get all stressed out about. The more important thing to worry about is the 1-2 occasions the US used waterboarding. That should get you apoplectic.

On the other hand, perhaps we can tell how the Chinese treat their people - if we ignore Tiananmen Square (or June 4th incident) in 1989 killing hundreds of people, and the Gorges dam ... and consider how they deal with their animals - cats and dogs. Apparently, the Chinese want a clean city and to get the clean city they will rid it of animals. All will be killed at a secret prison camp.

Make Mine Freedom - 1948

American Form of Government

Who's on First? Certainly isn't the Euro.