Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Answer to Who Said It from March 2008

Well, not quite.

I believed that the person who said it was one of the greatest of presidents in our history ... until very recently. The affairs did not alter my opinion, nor did his wealth. His education, his background, nothing changed or altered my perception of him as one of the greatest presidents we have ever had ... until very recently.

I believed that his was a presidency unfinished. The hopes, ideals, and dreams of millions were washed away in that one brief moment, November 22, 1963. The pretender to the throne took credit for his programs, for his dreams. Until very recently I believed John Kennedy was a great president.

Until I heard Barrack H. Obama ... and I began to consider what Kennedy achieved and failed to achieve and why. Historians almost universally ripped Kennedy apart, placing him near the bottom of any top list, if not down with the medicore of presidents. Until recently that is.

If the speech seemed familiar, it is and should - Kennedy's chief speechwriter - Ted Sorrenson, has jumped into the Obama campaign and brought with him and the Kennedyesque treasures. All Kennedy's speeches have been pulled out and dusted off ... the same mindless tripe from 1959 is being shuffled back into use for a new generation to swallow, and by all measures the American people are swallowing it, with vigor.

Kennedy has become a myth and he should remain in our mythology. We do not need another pretender to the throne who will offer us nothing but words and war when we bought hope and idealism.

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