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July 24, 2005: NBC, Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Interview with Senator Dick DurbinThe interview concerns Durbin's standard for questioning of Judge John Roberts for the Supreme Court. The last couple questions deal with his recent comparison of US troops in Guantanamo Bay to Nazis. You decide whether he is sorry for those comparisons or not.

September 2, 2005: Reuters: World stunned as US struggles with Katrina.I am not sure what to say about this. Perhaps it was punishment for the US removing Saddam - so say some. The world has forgotten and perhaps it is time we show them again.

September 7, 2005:
OPEC: Oil production exceeding demand Strange. The more they pump the higher the cost. Would a Senator come forward and do more than mouth concern!

September 8, 2005:
Oil Prices Rise Ahead of Inventory ReportEven if OPEC tells us more oil was pumped and available - this reports suggests prices go up anyway because. Go figure - the less oil, the higher the price. The more oil - the higher the price because there is less oil. Makes perfect sense. FYI: I understand that if you produce 1000 barrels and I can only refine 10, the price will not be based upon 1000, but upon 10 with the 1000 barrels less useful in determining costs. This makes little sense in the macro view. Very little. Too many holes.

October 27, 2005: More Oil News. ExxonMobil's quarterly profit to exceed $8.5bnThis is a rather long article but it does explain issues concerning oil, types of oil, who has it, and what the issues might be. Between Oct 2005 and April 2006, the oil companies have posted profits that exceed every quarter past and each other. The answer is not a tax on oil companies, that provides revenue to the federal government without fixing the costs.

Oct 27 and 28, 2005:
As oil profits soar, scrutiny rises. Record oil profits prompt calls for probe. Exxon, Shell Net Record ProfitsThree articles to choose from. The oil companies told us: OPEC raised the prices for us, so we must charge higher gas prices. It costs more to refuel, so we must raise prices. Katrina came along and blew over our oil refineries and oil pumps - consequently we must raise prices because we have to fix those broken bits. My question - how then can they make more money than ever in history if they are spending so much!!

October 27, 2005:
Sex Workers Ask EU to Respect Their 'Rights'.

October 28, 2005:
UN Team names firms in oil-for-food scandal.The UN and why they are not only irrelevant but dangerous and criminal. Nearly half of the companies in over 60 countries used bribes. Bribery, apparently, is the business as usual practice for them.

October 28, 2005: How some Gold Star Families feel about Cindy Sheehan.
Military Families 'Disgusted' by Sheehan

October 29, 2005:
Third night of trouble in Paris suburb following teenage deaths. Yahoo news. What is omitted from this news story by AFP. 'French leaders fiddled while France Burned' Best headline.

October 30, 2005:
Bush administration as dangerous now as beforeHaroon Siddiqui writes in the Toronto Star about the dangerous and belligerent Bush Administration.

October 30, 2005:
Caller claims Islamic group behind New Delhi bombings.The interesting fact to pay attention to is not the bombing which has killed between 58-60 people, but a lesser point.

On October 8, 2005, a major earthquake struck Pakistan. The numbers of dead range from 20,000 to 50,000. Pakistan's president pleaded with the world community for assistance and of all the countries who signed up to help Pakistan, one was unusual in that it has been in a low state of conflict with Pakistan over the Kashmir - India. India helped the earthquake victims. India sent medical aid and money, food, and supplies. In return, 20 some days later ... if the report/claim is to be believed.

October 30, 2005: Remember OHIO and Florida. How about we pay attention to Detroit!
Absentee ballots tainted?

November 3, 2005: Court widens parental status in lesbian case: Ruling a win for non-birth parents.Ruling is a win for anyone.

December 19, 2005: Our Friends the Pakistanis: Support for the U.S. is surging in some parts of the Muslim world.

February 21, 2006:
POLL: Youths Back N. Korea if AttackedWhat happens two generations removed! Look at South Korea.

March 17, 2006:
Canadian Senator attacks US family and US policyAnother reason why we should not be interested in what Canada thinks

April - May YEARLY:
POLAR BEAR HUNTOne safari company and description. Suggestion: leave the seals alone, polar bears will have food source, no need to place bears on endangered species list. Maybe we should send the suggestion to the Canadian Senator who cannot distinguish between the morality of years of criminal justice/appeals/right to counsel and shooting/clubbing an animal for a piece of fur - AND NOTHING more.UN position on polar bears

National Geographic - they need the ice, but what the magazine mentions yet fails to payt any attention to is the seal as the polar bears food source. Without the food source, readily available, the number of polar bears will decline regardless of ice.

What the Canadians say about their hunting polar bears: It's a tradition! All of this is fine. Kill the bears because it's a tradition. Kill the seals because it's a tradition. But don't tell us that the polar bear is endangered. Don't tell us to protect the environment you systematically are eliminating all life from. Save the polar bears which requires the seals which requires the ice. Without the seals, the bears will die off. Without the ice, the seals will swim and the bears will drown. A very odd world the Canadians live in. We may be a geographic neighbor, but surely not an intellectual neighbour.

March 22, 2006:
China's Competitiveness May be on the decline

March 23, 2006:
A former aide spills the dirt on Fidel CastroAs of April 2006, Castro is ranked by Forbes as worth over $900 million.

March 23, 2006:
Chiac walks out of EU summit because a French businessman spoke EnglishAnother reason to really not care what happens to the French.

March 23 - 26, 2006: Islamic Law and Converting. Afghan man on trial for his lifeThis story is more important than is conveyed by words alone. Due to international pressure, the political leadership in Afghanistan has caved in (whether they did or not, it will be perceived as such) to Western demands. This may well be as significant an issue as Mohammad al-Durrah or the Danish cartoons, although it may be long simmering and more political than emotive.

March 24, 2006:
Canada says annual seal hunt to start SaturdayAnother reason why we should not pay attention to what Canada thinks:
"At one time most thought the hunt would die out. By 1983, only 25,000 seals were being killed. But in the early 1990s the hunt was revived with the support of the Canadian Government, as a substitute for the failed cod fishery off Canada's Atlantic coast."

March 24, 2006:
No agreement in talks on French labor lawAnother reason why we should not be interested in what the French think

March 24, 2006:
Russia gave Saddam US intelAnother reason not to be interested in what Russia thinks

March 24, 2006:
Want a burger with that beer.In England, the concern was beer and burger could be poisoned. So heard the court.

March 24, 2006:
Al-Qaeda's Nuclear OptionAs Iraq settles down, Iran involves itself - Bin Laden et al, find themselves with fewer options. Iraq will not fall to Sunni insurgency while Iran sits by. This leads us back to, what is described as the inescapable conclusion of a nuclear attack.

March 25, 2006: Freed UK Hostage: Full StatementI personally hope Norm enjoys his freedom after four months captivity, and has time to reflect. Read his statement and tell me - what isn't mentioned? And let us hope he does reflect or next time another person may not have the opportunity Norm has at this time.

March 26, 2006:
More on Russia - Provided intel to SaddamOf course Russia and Canada are our friends and we must acknowledge their interests. We may also consider that not everything is as it may be portrayed on either side/case. However, giving Russian interest precedence over US, given the very questionable position they find themselves, places our national security at potential risk.

May 1, 2006:
May Day and Protests. A Day Without MexicansWhat does Mexico, Boycotts, and McDonalds have to do with illegal immigration and immigration reform?

May 8, 2006:
WSJ: A Dying Nation's Schizophrenia (This is a paid site and may not be available to non-subscribers)The social system some would impose upon us works fine until it doesn't. You do not purchase a large item knowing it will fail and when it does the social chaos will outweigh any benefit you think you received. Example: Germany. A great social welfare system that is now about to implode. In 12 generations there will be no more Germans.

May 8, 2006:
WSJ: Cost of textbooks. A letter in the WSJ: Predatory Behavior in Textbook Buybacks (This is a paid site and may not be available to non-subscribers)I have heard this from more than one source as to why the textbooks costs so much.

May 21, 2006:
Culture of Corruption in WashingtonEver wonder what happens to government funds to Louisiana

May 28, 2006: Washington Post:
Murtha's Rush to JudgmentDo our Marines make mistakes? Are they human. A better question to ask is not whether a crime was committed at Haditha, but rather why a member of congress would make such prejudicial and ignorant statements.

May 28, 2006: London's Daily Mail:
Babies Aborted for not being perfectStriving for perfection. Aren't we all. Just make sure you get out of my way or I will stomp all over you.

June 4, 2006: AP:
Masked Gunmen in IraqIt is foolishness to believe what is happening in Iraq is purely Anti-Americanism, or for that matter anti-Americanism almost all together. It is something far worse in many respects than simply anti-American. Unfortunately, for the useful idiot types, they can not and will not ever understand this.

June 11, 2006: The Times of London.
He Found God in the Human GenomeThe scientist who led the team that cracked the human genome is to publish a book explaining why he now believes in the existence of God

June 12, 2006: Canada Free Press
An Inconvenient TruthJust because Al Gore believes he created the internet and the world is melting, does not make it so.

July 2, 2006: Opinion Journal:
Don't believe the Hype
As soon as we finish reading this article, the earth will simply implode, leaving only Al Gore to clean up, claiming he was correct after all.

July 4, 2006: UPI:
N. Korean missile test apparently fails
On July 4th, North Korea test fired three missiles. Efforts by Japan, US, China, Russia, and South Korea have failed. The fact the long range missile failed is not important to the fact it tested it as if it would work and then covered up, in their little minds, by firing two short range missiles into the Sea of Japan. Engagement failed in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 .... and has failed again - having China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and the US all urge North Korea to NOT test-fire missiles. What would you suggest we do? Give them something? A hug perhaps. Kim Jong il is a despotic little tyrant. The very first article at the top of this page - Life under the Red Star, April 17, 2001. Read it, then consider what South Korea would be like if Kim Jong il reproduces his evil regime in the south.

July 16, 2006: Independent Online:
President Jacques Chirac has accused Israel of possibly seeking the destruction of Lebanon
Do the French have any moral or legal authority to speak on this subject.

July 23, 2006: Daily Pioneer.
War for the World
Ms Ganguli has an interesting position, one I believe to be morally clear - at a time when some find these issues to be foggy and vague.

August 4, 2006:
You think it's hot now? Think Global Warming is to blame? Try 1930

September 2, 2006:
HEADLINE: The Sky Is Falling - Global Warming Around the Corner. UPDATE: Not quite
From The Australian. Scientists have changed their dire predictions from DIRE to less DIRE. Quick, someone - tell Al Gore.

September 2, 2006:
Global Warming is too important to leave to Al Gore.
One scientist at Cook University has it right - pathetic. With that stated - the governments of the world should make efforts toward repairing damage done.

September 3, 2006: Idiots on Parade:
CBS: Chilling Effect on Free Speech Worries prompt questions on 9/11 program
When you read this you begin to feel as if words have every meaning yet no meaning. If the FCC fines CBS for the program, I will: 1) move out of the United States, and 2) pay a small percentage of the total fine, and 3) I will never vote for a Republican the rest of my life and will instead only vote for the Green party. Yet an Executive Vice President of CBS would make such a stupid and ignorant statement. he has no clue what a chill is nor what a chilling effect is. he is over reaching and me thinks the rationale doesn't live up to his concern - there must be another reason why he and CBS are pulling the programs!! Question: which markets, demographics!! Find the answers, follow the trail and you will find the truth. He (the Exec Vice Pres) is an idiot. The American Family Association is behaving irresponsibly as are all affiliates who cave in to these issues. Foolishness.

September 7, 2006: Disney / ABC - Path to 9/11.
Read this very unthreatening letter to Mr Iger, from several concerned citizens.
Afterward, please spend a couple hours, less than the length of the film, read what the 9/11 commission did state, research the facts, research the history involved, and then write a very nice letter to the same concerned citizens expressing your sincere thanks for the gestapo nazi tactics employed.

September 11, 2006:
Newsweek: The New First Grade: Too Much Too Soon?
What have we become that we begin sex education in kindergarten and first grade; testing, homework, essays, and reading by first grade. What fools we are. It would be a great moment to do the whole 'tsk tsk I told you so' when it implodes but for the fact there may not be a world left to exercise that moment of gloating. Silly, silly ... stupid people.

September 11, 2006: Five Years Later.
Not an article, but an observation.
I have inserted it here as I cannot think of another page where it should be situated.

September 23, 2006: CBS Reports:
Bin Laden: May be living his last few days. InshahAllah. Seattle Intelligencer: France looking into reports Bin Laden dead
It would not be a disappointment for this man to have celebrated his last Ramadan or viewed his last sunset. However, even if the man is dead, we will hear from him at least once more.

October 9, 2006: AP:
Democrats Assail Bush on North Korea.

October 9, 2006: Reuters:
North Korea conducted a nuclear test. Otherwise known as: The Day The World Changed For the Worse.

1994 Agreed Framework October 1994 between the Clinton Administration and the government of Kim Jung il.

November 11, 2006: Reuters:
Another reason why people in Broward County Florida should have to pass a voting / eye exam

November 25, 2006: Reuters, WP:
Rwanda cuts diplomatic ties with France
It was not bad enough the French trained and armed the Hutu, aided and abetted the Hutu genocidaires, now the French have decided that the President of Rwanda, a man who would have been butchered had the Hutu aided by the French succeeded, is responsible for the downing of the plane that sparked the genocide - even though no legitimate, respected, honest review of the facts or report on the events supports the conclusion the French have arrived at on their own. One should ask themselves why the French have now decided to file a legal action, what prompted it? And better still, what do the French have to gain? For all those who still somehow find an ounce of usefulness in the French or their leaders - this should be the final nail.

November 25, 2006: Reuters, NYT:
Chad Rebels Seize Key Eastern Town
The French once again and perhaps the answer (in part) to the question of why the French are so interested in Rwanda's Kigame . They just can't seem to keep their hands off everyone else's country even though they make a big deal of the US and Iraq - all one needs to do is look at their actions practically everywhere else in the world.

December 23, 2006: Reuters.
Islamists in Somalia urge Muslims worldwide to wage jihad against Ethiopia Somalia should be the showcase for anyone interested.

January 19-22, 2007
This newspaper is considered one of the finest in the world. Editorial staff come from the Ivy leagues and 'anyone' who is 'anyone' thinks of this newspaper as some beacon of newspaper journalism.

The other great paper, the Washington Post:

And finally, our own paper rag:,1,4651120.story?coll=la-headlines-world

First, read each of the above stories. Then read the two articles (Reuters and the Telegraph)


Then my question is, what is missing from the greatest and best of all news sources – NYT, LAT, WP and what is it that is in the other two and most importantly - WHY is that piece of information missing. It is NOT for the newspaper to decide what should be printed and what we should know for that is not printing the news, that is deciding what we see and hear - and that is he same attack leveled at FOX news and any conservative news site.

January 31, 2007. NYTimes:
FRANCE tells US to sign Kyoto or get taxed. Inevitable that worldwide carbon tax.

February 6, 2007: Canada Free Press:
Global Warming. yet another climatologist who disputes the fearmongering

March 25, 2007:
Moderate Islam? What responsibility do they play in the greater war upon terror?

March 27, 2007: Sheep with 15% human DNA.

Make Mine Freedom - 1948

American Form of Government

Who's on First? Certainly isn't the Euro.