Sunday, November 27, 2016

Castros daughter Alina said that:

“When people tell me he’s a dictator, I tell them that’s not the right word,” she told the Miami Herald.

“Strictly speaking, Fidel is a tyrant.”

But watch all the useful idiots fawn all over a dead tyrant.   Hated by Cubans in and out of Cuba.

She might know just an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit more about who he was, and what he was, than the combined population of the Useless Idiots of the World. 

Just a tiny bit!

Oh, and I forgot, his sister also said basically the same thing, although she said that she was sad he had passed.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Media: Pretense - At least try to be impartial

November 20, 2016 | 3:31am

It’s contrary to the laws of nature for a tabloid writer to tell the gentry media not to go berserk. It’s like a cat telling his owner to stop coughing up hairballs or Iron Man asking Captain America to be less arrogant. Here at The Post, our mission statement does not include understatement. We provide journalistic Red Bull, not Sominex.

Nevertheless, a word of neighborly advice to our more genteel media friends, the ones who sit at the high table in their pristine white dinner jackets and ball gowns. You’ve been barfing all over yourselves for a week and a half, and it’s revolting to watch.

For your own sake, and that of the republic for which you allegedly work, wipe off your chins and regain your composure. I didn’t vote for him either, but Trump won. Pull yourselves together and deal with it, if you ever want to be taken seriously again.

What kind of president will Trump be? It’s a tad too early to say, isn’t it? The media are supposed to tell us what happened, not speculate on the future. But its incessant scaremongering, the utter lack of proportionality and the shameless use of double standards are an embarrassment, one that is demeaning the value of the institution. The press’ frantic need to keep the outrage meter dialed up to 11 at all times creates the risk that a desensitized populace will simply shrug off any genuine White House scandals that may lie in the future (or may not).

Hysteria is causing leading media organizations to mix up their news reporting with their editorializing like never before, but instead of mingling like chocolate and peanut butter the two are creating a taste that’s like brushing your teeth after drinking orange juice.

Look at the bonkers reaction to every move made by Trump’s transition team. “Firings and Discord Put Trump Team in a State of Disarray,” ran a shrill New York Times headline, though it took President-elect Obama three weeks to name his first Cabinet pick. “Trump Transition Shakeup Part of ‘Stalinesque Purge’ of Christie Loyalists,” screamed NBC News.

Hysteria is causing leading media organizations to mix up their news reporting with their editorializing like never before.

The Huffington Post noted “Donald Trump’s Transition Team, Or Lack Thereof, Is Causing Real Panic.” “ ‘Knife Fight’ as Trump Builds an Unconventional National Security Cabinet,” said CNN. “Trump Transition: ‘Stalled . . . Scrambling . . . On Pause,’ ” said CBS News.

OK, so Trump was evidently surprised he won — possibly because he was too credulous toward The New York Times, which gave him a 15 percent chance of doing so. Still, he has a couple of months to assemble his team. If Trump rushed to make his picks more quickly than Obama did, The Times would be yowling that he’s careless and impetuous.

After reports of discord and disarray dominated the news for a day, later stories suggested that disgruntled lobbyists who couldn’t get past the doorman at Trump Tower were leaking the information, meaning that, as Trump tried to drain the swamp in Washington, the media were taking the side of the swamp. (Note that reporters swooned when President Obama promised to bar lobbyists from his circle, then shrugged when Obama reneged.)

After Trump gave the media the slip Tuesday night and went out for a steak, NBC harrumphed, “With his Tuesday night actions, the Trump administration is shaping up to be the least accessible to the public and the press in modern history.” Quite a leap there, especially considering the wall of opacity erected by the current administration, which has been stonewalling Freedom Of Information Act requests for years.


Once, hard-nosed city editors told cub reporters, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Nowadays, all that really matters is whether your mother advances what longtime New York Times editor Michael Cieply, a 12-year veteran of that institution, called “the narrative” — the predetermined party line that Times reporters are expected to rigorously adhere to and find evidence for. It’s what social scientists call “confirmation bias,” and if the Times actually cared about being seen as impartial, it would have fired executive editor Dean Baquet in the wake of Cieply’s revelations on Nov. 10. It didn’t.

The media are reaping what they’ve sown, and there’s no law that says President Trump has to hold press conferences. Trump’s behavior toward the media has been at times scary (such as when he publicly vilified NBC reporter Katy Tur in front of a restive crowd) and at times ridiculous (when he sends out dumb-ass tweets about the “failed New York Times,” which is actually profitable and has gained 41,000 subscribers since Election Day.)

If anyone should be looking at the man in the mirror, it’s the media. The media’s approval rating hit an all-time low of 32 percent this cycle, according to a Gallup poll in September, meaning the fourth estate are even less loved than Trump, their favorite punching bag — who, by the way, has 51 percent of Americans feeling more confident, against 40 percent feeling less confident, about him than they did before the election. The past week of post-election media hysteria is apparently being heavily discounted by the public.

Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds’ characterization of reporters as “Democratic operatives with bylines” is taking root in the American mind. Among independents, according to Gallup in September, the media had an approval rating of 30 percent; among Republicans 14. Almost everyone but Democrats think the media are biased, and support for that view goes way back.

In November 2008, Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell said readers who complained about shallow coverage and pro-Obama bias were “right on both counts,” publishing tallies that proved the paper had been far more critical of Obama’s opponent Sen. John McCain than of Obama. A few weeks later, “Game Change” co-author Mark Halperin said the media showed “extreme pro-Obama coverage” in a “disgusting failure.”

In 2012, The New York Times’ public editor Arthur Brisbane said the paper “basked a bit in the warm glow of Mr. Obama’s election in 2008” and cited a study that showed the Times’ coverage had been far more approving of Obama than it had been of President Reagan and both Presidents Bush.
In January 2008, NBC’s Brian Williams was honest enough to point out that the network’s reporter covering Obama had said, “It’s hard to be objective covering this guy.” Williams immediately demanded the reporter be fired for admitting to being unable to do his job.

The media should wait for something to actually happen before it declares the end of the world.
Just kidding: Williams praised the reporter, calling him “courageous.”

In 2016, the media didn’t even pretend it wasn’t working in Hillary Clinton’s interests. The blue whale of information, The New York Times, virtually signaled to the journalistic universe that it was time to abandon all pretense of objectivity in a now-notorious front-page column on Aug. 8 that advised journalists “you have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century” and “move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional.” If that result “may not always seem fair to Mr. Trump or his supporters,” tough tiddly-winks, Times columnist Jim Rutenberg concluded.

In October, Baquet said Rutenberg’s column “nailed it” and all but boasted of his paper’s hostility to Trump, in the process making a gobsmacking claim that the lesson he learned from the media’s heavily slanted coverage of the 2004 campaign was that they had been unfair to John Kerry.
In fact the media were so obviously cheering for Kerry that Newsweek assistant managing editor Evan Thomas said the coverage was probably worth a 5-point boost in the polls for the Democrat’s campaign.
This fall WikiLeaks confirmed everything conservatives have been saying about the media for more than 20 years. CNN, you have been busted. You allowed Democratic Party operative Donna Brazile to get hold of town-hall questions in advance and help Hillary Clinton prep with them.

Note that this is not a Donna Brazile scandal. Brazile did what every party hack is paid to do: She tried to help her side win. This is all on you, CNN. You should have fired yourselves, not Brazile.
John Harwood, New York Times/CNBC reporter and Republican debate moderator, you have been busted. You asked John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair, for questions you could pose to Jeb Bush in an interview.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post columnist and longtime phony “nonpartisan” political reporter, you have been busted. You reached out to DNC flack Eric Walker and asked for help putting together a “Passover-themed 10 plagues of Trump” story.

Not only are you evidently an undercover Democratic Party operative who should be drawing checks from the DNC instead of from The WaPo, you’re a tired hack who can’t even come up with his own column ideas without assistance.

Should the media be antagonistic to Trump? Yes, they should be antagonistic to all public officials. Their job is to expose bad judgment and wrongdoing, not to fawn and mewl.

That the media chose to be blasé about Obama overriding the Constitution and making law via fiat was reprehensible. It doesn’t mean the media are under any obligation whatsoever to show deference to Trump should he do the same.

For the good of us all, though, and in the interest of rebuilding the wreckage of its reputation, the media should go back to having gradations of outrage. Switching transition chairmen isn’t the Saturday Night Massacre, and going out for a steak without telling the hacks isn’t on a par with, say, deleting 33,000 e-mails.

The Trump Era hasn’t even started yet. The media should wait for something to actually happen before it declares the end of the world.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Everyone -

          I know it is a difficult time for many of you.  I understand your feelings and the need to emote.  I would hope you are able to locate a safe zone with plenty of warm blankets and teddy bears, videos of kittens and puppies, with warm, soft music in the background.  Perhaps Play-Doh and coloring books, therapy dogs, or an arts and crafts session to help you manage your emotions.  Maybe a good cry-in is the answer - Cornell thinks so.  I hope that no one uses words, unless they are measured and useful, kind and caring, and plenty of reusable tissue drip/dry type rags so that you can blow your noses and wipe those puffy red eyes.

           On behalf of everyone else, I want to wish you the best, and tell you that everything will be okay.  The sun will come out tomorrow, even if some of you believe the end of times are upon us - they can't be - you're not religious and that is strictly a religious opinion.  I understand you probably meant the end of times due to global warming, or the sudden implosion of the planet after such an unexpected victory by such a loud-mouth boor.   I know how you feel, those polls really did a number on us, didn't they.  The pollsters and media types really believed us when they asked us who we would vote for.  We lied.  60 million people lied.  I know that is hard for you folks to understand, how half of America can be such pathological liars, considering you believe in honesty and truth.  This makes it even harder, I know.  Use another reusable tissue now.  Wipe those tears, blow the nose.

            We did lie about who we were going to vote for.  I remember being asked by a polling service in a mall if I had 5 minutes.  I read a brief 5 sentence blurb about the sexist, misogynistic Trump or Hillary Clinton and which one would I vote for ... I lied.  Who wants to admit they would vote for a sexist, hate-spewing, vulgar, misogynistic asshole over a kind and caring, qualified woman like Hillary.  I wanted to cry when I left the alcove where they held court that day in the mall.  I needed a reusable tissue.  I couldn't help but wonder how I could lie to them, until it came to me.  I loathed them and their petty little minded effort to sway voters by their poll.  Then I smiled.  They were the liars.  I was simply responding to their lies, with lies.

          I am sorry now, that 60 million of us lied and you really believed the polls which made election night even more devastating.  You could not understand or believe how it could happen.  The deplorable, hate-filled, war-mongering, misogynistic, uneducated, dumb redneck, illiterate, sexist, vulgar voters just didn't feel like telling the truth after you described us all so well, we felt bad.  Why should we, many of us voted for Obama once and some of those racists voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice.  All 60 million of us didn't owe you anything after you called us out on how bad we were - even if you are the honest, unbiased, enlightened, educated, non-discriminating, non-judgmental equal majority.  Sorry to have tricked you.  I know ... time to get the reusable tissue again.  Sorry.

             Please don't cry.  Michael Moore has a plan.  To boot out the DNC and have Progressives take over.  This should give you all something to work on.  It will require you calling in all your renegade comrades from the streets, freeways, and wherever else they are burning and smashing windows and stealing cars, and get them to work on new progressive plans.  You will be in a safe zone when you are all working together for our common good.  I know you have tried for 8 years to help the country, and all Americans.  To make everyone feel included in your safe zones.  You tried.  It was our fault we felt marginalized and ignored, attacked, criticized, and taxed without question or mercy - we didn't understand that you were just trying to make it all better.  That is probably because we are deplorable, hate-filled, war-mongering, misogynistic, uneducated, dumb redneck, illiterate, sexist, vulgar Americans.I am so sorry for not understanding your best intentions.  It must have been all 60 million of us who missed the email on why all this was being done.  Perhaps Barack H. Obama missed that memo from Hillary, to let us all know.  My bad.

              I commend you on coming up with a plan of action, but you should pull in your comrades from the freeways.  They are acting like Trump deplorables .... stopping cars, demanding to know who the driver voted for, pulling people from their cars if they have Trump stickers, taking their vehicles, beating their fellow citizens on the freeway ... you know how Trump people are, so violent.  That woman in Hollywood who sat on Trump's star - what a nasty witch not letting Hillary supporters desecrate the star again. She brought it on herself to get kicked and have her signs ripped up and thrown at her.  Anyone would have done the same.   Smashing Trump political headquarters, smashing property on Trump properties, blocking commerce and creating fear among fellow citizens who are entering or exiting the buildings.  It's understandable.  In any election, the losers always do that.

           Everything will be okay.  I promise.  Take that Progressive agenda and push it.  I'm sure the American people really want a socialist platform of changes and benefits.  I know that a majority of the 60 million want nothing more than to pay more taxes to help you and your fellow comrades.  It is going to be hard to hear the words 'President Trump' ... but we had 8 years of President Barack H Obama.  America managed.  We managed despite the fact Obama didn't diminish or stop the intelligence services ... rather he expanded mass surveillance to justify drone kill lists.  He not only retained the controversial Bush policies, he expanded on them.I know that must have been hard for you to not riot in the streets.  I remember when Bush was president and he began these baby steps toward more surveillance, so many of the progressive comrade types protested and rioted and burned and plundered to show their opposition.  It must have been hard to keep from slitting your wrists when Obama expanded on everything Bush did, and then institutionalized it.  I'm sorry.  Another reusable tissue!  : (   Under Hillary she surely would have stopped all that unconstitutional behavior ... except she made that funny about 'droning' Assange.  I thought it was funny, in light of the super secret surveillance programs we have.

          In humor or sadness and despair, people can say a lot of things - like drone Assange ... but you should really cut back on the violations of 18 US 871.  Please.  I know, some of the deplorable, vulgar, racist, sexist types made a couple statements about Obama that violated 18 US 871, there have been hundreds of these statements in the last three days from your fellow comrades who I know are just upset, because they are all so open-minded, tolerant, and peaceful types.  They all needed safe spaces these last few days, to feel safe, but at the same time want to assassinate Trump and his entire family.  They would never have made those statements against Obama, even as he was ratcheting up surveillance and over-reaching constitutional authority on so many issues ... none of you once showed a concern.  Now you are concerned about the unknown.  Please don't be.  Remember when you were a child and your parents looked under your bed when you woke up screaming that Trump was under the bed groping you.  They checked.  He wasn't.  It's the same.  You will all be fine.  I heard about this one Hollywood actor who was so distraught over the election he was buying coffee at Starbucks and just couldn't wait until he got home to his long-time girlfriend, he had to go in the bathroom with a barista for a blowjob.  He was so distraught that a sexist, chauvinist, deplorable won.  After all, he had stood up publicly for Hillary and women ... so he was very sad.  You just want to give him a hug and tell him it will be okay.  He doesn't need to go into bathrooms and get bj's to feel better.  I feel so terrible for all my lying.  Look what we have all done.

           Please take a breath.  Trump will begin the process of rebuilding our infrastructure, he will put millions back to work, and will revamp our medical care plans to include all Americans who cannot afford health care.  He will make an effort at dealing with the immigration issues, and he will stand up to Russia and China.  He will do those things.  He will rip up almost every single Executive Order Obama signed.  A lot of ripping I know, but he can do it.  He will restore our respect around the world.  The world may not want to hug us, but they will respect us, and that is more important than liking.  I know that is an alien concept to you given your desire for a safe zone and hugs and kitties and soft music, but he will do all those things, and I promise he will not drone Assange.  He will cut taxes and make it possible to give more to the poor and needy, and things will slowly get better.  I promise.  All of these actions will make it a little better for you in 5 years when you decide to enter the adult world.  It takes time, no actions make change over-night.  Just think, maybe Chelsea will rise up politically, and we can look into her spending habits using foundation funds for her wedding and her 2 million dollar salary and god knows what else.

Things will get better, the sun will come out tomorrow.  After all, the 60 million deplorables promise they will not riot, beat people, burn cars, lay in the streets when they lose.  They promise to keep working and being the silent equal majority.

Good luck.

A Remorseful Liar

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Obama and the Millenial

She doesn't like the word illegal because anyone in the US is working hard and that makes them a citizen.

But when it comes to voting ... I am a little at a loss.

Is he encouraging or supporting illegal voting?

Watch and decide!

Hillary, Bill, and the Paedophile

Now, to be honest, having sex with under age minors doesn't make Jeffrey Epstein a pedophile ... he is much worse.  He has the money to buy the girls, force them, and keep them on his private island for his guests.

Like Bill and Hillary.

It isn't proven, but it is a story and could be verified ... because the SS have to be involved.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dear Republicans

The 17 people who stood on the stage were the 'best' you had?  You didn't have much.

Are Republicans just getting less competent, less qualified, less able to 'be'?  Are Republicans so caught up in the myriad of victimization schemes they have lost sight of the prize - the history and future of the United States of America.  They were a grand party, one with ideas, and men who stood for values and an identity - who were proud of America and were willing to fight til the end to save her from the wrong path.

You have been so long divorced from the people - the immigrants, and working class - you have bought in to the 2nd class status Republicans have held for so long that you believe capitulating to Democrats helps your chances of ... I'm not sure what, but you must believe something.  Each time Republicans hold a branch - Congress or White House, when it turns over, you work nicely to allow a smooth transition.  You don't ram bills through, you invite Democrats to the office and discuss a transition.  Why?  Collegiality?

When Democrats lose control of a branch of government they ram bills through, exclude Republicans from meetings or discussions until the new government takes office.  This has happened each and every time the switch has occurred since at least 1996.  Why do you still insist on following a path that hurts America each time.  They push bills through, hold committee hearings and don't allow Republicans input, even when the national/state votes are for the Republicans.  They play the legalistic game, you play collegiality.  Why?  Are you retarded.  There actions do not benefit America so why do you allow it.  They don't.  What are you afraid of - being called abrasive or pushy ... they already call you that and every nasty name possible.  Where is your spine.  Where is your willingness to do what is best for America and Americans.  In your socks.

Instead the party of ideas gave us 17 people - none of whom would be a very good president.

The Presidency is not just a job.  It is not just an office.  It is not just a position within a building called the White House.  It is the single most important position on planet earth.  From the creation of said position by George Washington, and the manner he carried himself, the respect that was developed within and for the position of President of the United States ... decades and centuries of work by men who treated the position with respect and reverence (yes, I am aware some did not) - centuries of work by men who built the respect up ... to be torn down by either of the two people we are faced with choosing from ... is disgraceful.

You created Trump.  Had someone of stature and respect run, he would not.  Your bumbling useless idiots are what brought him into the game.  You did it.  You and the Democratic party put us in the horrible position we now find ourselves.  Shame on all of you.

Now that he is the President, if you fail to support him, you will destroy the Republican party and doom your chances of ever governing again for 50 years.  It is your choice, but if you choose wrong, America loses.  The world loses.

Very unhappy camper

Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Emails #13,587

I suppose accusing Trump of some sort of connection to Russia and having the media chase that around, is ok.

Asking Hillary why she sent her daughter classified material via unsecured server - not ok.

Asking Hillary why she deleted the email to her daughter, a person who did not need to know, possessed no security clearance, containing classified material via an unsecured email server sent to an unsecured email server is also not ok.

Asking Trump about connections that don't exist versus asking Podesta about stocks in Russian companies, under his daughters name (she is at college) - is also not ok.

Asking Bill and Hillary about payments for speeches and or donations to the foundation from Russians, or from Russian companies is also not ok.

She should be indicted on the email to her daughter alone.  That should exclude her from ever having access to top secret material.  What a disgrace.

Her husband was being blackmailed by foreign governments who gained access to communications between he and females ... and he was willing to pay!

The family is a disgrace.  A crime syndicate.

Versus Trump - an egotistical asshole.

Make Mine Freedom - 1948

American Form of Government

Who's on First? Certainly isn't the Euro.