Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Emails #13,587

I suppose accusing Trump of some sort of connection to Russia and having the media chase that around, is ok.

Asking Hillary why she sent her daughter classified material via unsecured server - not ok.

Asking Hillary why she deleted the email to her daughter, a person who did not need to know, possessed no security clearance, containing classified material via an unsecured email server sent to an unsecured email server is also not ok.

Asking Trump about connections that don't exist versus asking Podesta about stocks in Russian companies, under his daughters name (she is at college) - is also not ok.

Asking Bill and Hillary about payments for speeches and or donations to the foundation from Russians, or from Russian companies is also not ok.

She should be indicted on the email to her daughter alone.  That should exclude her from ever having access to top secret material.  What a disgrace.

Her husband was being blackmailed by foreign governments who gained access to communications between he and females ... and he was willing to pay!

The family is a disgrace.  A crime syndicate.

Versus Trump - an egotistical asshole.

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