Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daily water allocation could be the next California drought strategy

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One day in the life of a student

I was explaining that we really cannot talk about history.  We cannot explain or discuss history because it is, very much, all subjective.  Events are categorically factual, but almost all else is subjective and open to interpretation and opinion.  Therefore, we cannot study it, or rather, should not be able to due to our inability to set aside opinions and bias.

One student stood up and said we could study history, and that he tries very hard to be objective and he didn't believe it would be that difficult.

The issue of Palestinians and Israelis was raised as an example of how difficult it is for people to set aside their opinions and bias when discussing a situation.  The student responded that no, he prided himself on knowing what was happening 'over there' because he was Palestinian and he prided himself on being able to see that there was a difference between the great power of Israel and the rag tag Palestinians who were (not his words but his sentiment) simply wanting to be free of the Israeli oppression.

Later the issue of Libya came up and the aircraft and al qaida seizing the airport and this student stood up again and asked why all Arabs were being lumped together with bombs and terrorism.

Hmmm.  Maybe that was the original point raised, and maybe this is exactly why studying history is difficult.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I wish I had more time, but I don't ... despite how critical this issue is.

First nomenclature -

Bob, Robert, Rob are all the same name.  Anyone who goes by Bob is still Robert and vice versa.  Same person, different name.

ISIS - Al Qaida = same ideology, intention, desire, and purpose, comprise of many of the same people who float from one cause to another and the names change.  Same people, same purpose and they are NOT JAYCEE.

An airbase fell in Syria to these barbarians, with our help (you will recall we supported the 'rebels' at the time, against the 'mean and cruel and evil' dictator Assad.  He was sooooo mean, Mr Obama would not stand for any more of his bad behavior.  So, he helped weaken him, to the point where the 'rebels' aka as ISIS or Al Qaida have slaughtered tens of thousands and created a new caliphate or rather, restored the first Umayya caliphate under ... how original ... Abu Bakr.

They took an airbase some time ago - out of which they could fly airplanes that would hurtle toward any European country, thus providing them with something much worse then 9/11.  Why worse?  Because Europeans tend to seek compromise before they are attacked, so imagine if they are attacked .... they would surrender.  In any case, a base taken by these ideologically driven barbarians from which to launch air attacks.  With, in part, the assistance of the US.

Something Obama can be proud of.

Then there is the case of Tripoli.

Over a dozen planes captured by their equivalent of ISIS - a group we armed and trained to topple Khadafi - because he was a "mean and cruel and evil" dictator, and Obama and Cameron had had enough!

In any case, he is gone and al qaida (or whatever name they go by in Libya) have taken control of the Tripoli International Airport along with over a dozen planes.

These planes, from what we have been told are of the Airbus variety, which means they are failure driven even at their best, but ... they have a range between them of 3700 to 6400 miles.  More than enough to fly into all the major European cities and make it to the Eastern coast of the US almost.  Doubtful they could make it to the US because of fuel use and the lack of knowledge concerning flight paths to reduce fuel use .... but they can all certainly make it to Europe ... where our 'allies' would be nearly apoplectic with fear.  I would not be surprised if, at this moment, the European nations have all sent 20+ fighters up to scour their skies, and all radar and air traffic control systems are monitoring any and all movement in the skies.  I am sure many of the leadership class in Europe will, until those 12+ planes are located and destroyed, sleep very uncomfortably.  From Parliament building in London to Buckingham Palace to the Versailles, and the Bundestag ... Europe is littered with targets and ISIS/Al Qaida/ al shabaab are planning.

And ... they have still never found that plane from Malaysia.   It does not look good for Europe.  They lack the will but I suspect when the evil doers finish with their warped plans, Europe will be ready for a new Crusade.

Update:  "Rough men ... visit(ed) violence on those (individuals) and in the dark of night destroyed many of those aircraft. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coming Soon! A Torrent of Rambling and Musings.

It has been a long time.  Over a year in fact, since last I posted.  Much has happen ed in that time, and much has changed.  The world is a much messier place today than it was 10 or 15 years ago, and in so many ways it is getting worse.

There is, I feel, little hope, but allowing everything we have created to be thrown away without so much as a yelp, is no better than those who dismantle our civilization each day.

So ... I have much to write, post, and comment on.

One thing - we will not worry about prepositions, and ending a sentence with one ...

: )

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