Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have reached a conclusion - people who believe in conspiracies are mentally ill. Like any mental illness, there are stages and degrees. Some people are in the earliest stage and are afflicted to a lesser degree than others - for them there is hope. For others, there is no hope. They live to follow a conspiracy that is in the kindest words possible - idiotic, moronic, insane, foolish, assinine, stupid, and ignorant.

It is not a matter of being open minded - I have never considered it necessary to be open to bestiality to be fair when offering an opinion about bestiality. I have never felt it necessary to be open minded about human slavery to offer a condemnation of slavery. I do not need to consider what the genocidaires thought to dismiss them as murderers and evil.

Our education system has created this culture, in part - to be open minded is equated with a willingness to accept all things.

But not all things are equal and the September 11 conspiracies are the most stupid ramblings I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. People who utter those ramblings are as mad as a hatter. Like a hatter, they have no idea they are crazy, they simply regard everyone else as slow or shrouded in a fog.

They refuse to grasp the reality and instead feed off of every little idiotic thread of doubt. It is not academic and it is not mature. My only hope is that a majority of these people will grow up and leave their childish ways behind, and become contributing members of our society.

I have addressed enough of the claims in class or in earlier posts on my FAQs page to make it clear to the fools with the tin foil, that I have been exposed to their insane views and claims, and I reject them and the fools who utter them. It would indeed be a better use of their time if they got high all day and stared at their navel.

Instead, they infect others and each new semester I have one or two students who feel they have just had The Secret revealed to them and wish to enlighten me. What it does for me is it gives me indigestion, an ulcer, stomach ache, headache, back ache, fatigue, and flatulence.

You do not show your intelligence. You demonstrate nothing but stupidity and ignorance. When an academic hears you utter the insane ramblings you no doubt will utter in an attempt to impress them with your open-mindedness, they are not looking at you with interest as you speak, but with disdain and contempt. They only refrain from making that contempt clear for fear you will stab them with a sacred dagger from your sacred chest designed by some ancient mystic to kill the anti-Christ.

Please - stop with the insanity. You are not privy to some secret information the rest of us just refuse to see. We have seen it and reject it as stupid and idiotic.

What is even sadder is - for you to believe the crap you believe and maintain a logical framework in which you live your life, you will necessarily believe that when the next attacks occur, they are also perpetrated by the same people - that when millions of Americans are incinerated / vaporoized, or otherwise killed, the same men are responsible. For your brain to go down that road, and for some of you, it will, makes you as dangerous to our survival as the Islamo-fascists who will have committed the act and publicly claimed responsibility.


Remember the day, and all those who lost their lives that day, and all those who have given their lives since.

Time does not, and should not diminish our resolve, nor the anger we feel for what was done that day.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I overheard a half dozen or so people talking amongst themselves the other day. The subject was how to conjugate the verb etre and aller (in French of course). I intruded on their conversation and explained that I had a fair amount of French in my past and asked who among them knew French. No one raised their hand, although 2-3 of them stammered a bit and said that didn't matter - they knew 'these things anyway' because they understood Spanish and English.

I was a bit taken aback by that statement and suggested maybe I had a little more authority on the subject and suggested they let me explain it to them and I did explain how the verbs were conjugated in French starting with etre (to be) ... 'Je suis ... Tu e..' and they interrupted me and told me I was being unfair and they had an opinion on the issue and I was not being respectful of them. Furthermore, one person among the group suggested I was not clear on my explanation of the verb conjugation anyway.

I repeated the conjugation, wrote it down for them and asked if anyone was unclear - no one raised a hand. I left and continued on walking. The next day I received a note from my neighbor who had no role in the prior days events except he received a note from someone who had listened and was actually quite vocal. The note explained how unclear I had been, how inconsiderate and disrespectful of others I had been and how I just confused a subject they already knew.

Then I woke up and realized it had been a nightmare.

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