Tuesday, January 8, 2008

University Education

Tuition for an in-state student in Michigan at the University of Michigan is $5129 for a full-time load (12-18 credits) per semester. $10,000 a year. For out-of-state students the amount is $15,500 for the same 12-18 units. Plus another $300 or so added fees for each in-state or out-of-state. Room and board is another $8,000 per semester as is books at another $1000.

A parent of a student who lives in Michigan and attends the University of Michigan - Go Wolverines ... would pay, if they stay in a dorm ... $29,000 a year for their son or daughter to attend such a fine institution of higher learning.

The cost for a 1 credit class, if divided by 18 possible max units would be $284. For a 3 unit class would be about $850. That is the cost for a new class offered in English at the University of Michigan. English 317: Literature and Culture: Section 002 - How to Be Gay: male Homosexuality and Initiation.

In February 2002, UC Berkeley made a class available to students -Male Sexuality and Female Sexuality sections of Women's Studies 98/198. For credit and units applied to your transcript for graduation, you could write papers about sexual fantasies, vsit strip clubs, watch an instructor have sex, take polaroids of genetalia and put them in a hat and have everyone guess which person was attached to that picture.

Our finest institutions are not. They are neither fine nor are they hallowed. They appeal to the prurient interests and not the highest aspirations of students. They seek to glorify the base instincts in animals and do not provide the highest calling for humans. They are unworthy of their status.

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