Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brattleboro Boondoggle

An article published in the Rutland Herald, January 26, 2008, written by Susan Smallheer, explains that residents of Brattleboro will vote on March 4 whether to arrest Bush and Cheney the next time they visit Brattleboro, Vermont.

I sent a letter to the editor of the paper, suggesting the nice people of Brattleboro en masse get sterilized to prevent the passing on of their stupid genes.

Ignorant, stupid, and idiotic. It isn't a matter of taste, belief, or opinion. It is a matter of lunacy and ignorance.

Brattleboro, its unions, and everyone else who fell out of the stupid tree must strive to avoid passing the stupid gene to the next generations.

Oppose and dislike Bush, fine. Silly and wasteful voting such as that which will occur, waste more money than any average citizen can afford, and time none of us have to accomplish nothing but warming the cockles of the scores of Brattleboro citizens who fell out of the stupid tree and hit their heads the hardest.

UPDATE 3/5/08: They voted.
The fools in Brattleboro and Marlboro voted ... to arrest Bush and Cheney the next time they appear in their towns.

What a thought.

Imagine this you twits - Bush shows up with Secret Service, the police show up to arrest Bush and as they push through the phalanx of Secret Service, the police pull their guns and are all shot dead. In the ensuing melee, hundreds are wounded, shooting breaks out everywhere. The City Council convenes and emergency meeting to request the National Guard show up, the President nationalizes the guard and they surround the city offices and everyone is arrested and tried for attempted murder, mayhem, and summarily taken to hospitals where they are all euthanized for their own good.

Maybe some good will come of this.

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