Friday, January 11, 2008

Snow in Baghdad

Reuters, January 11, 2008
Snow falls on Baghdad for first time in memory.

South America experienced the coldest winter in decades.
Snow in Baghdad (Middle East)
The polar bear capital of the world - more snow in longer than most people can remember.

Southern continents - cold
Northen continents - cold
Middle East - cold

According to the World Meterological Association in Oslo, all that means is global warming is happening.

It works for me.

When it is cold - it's global warming.
When it is hot - it most assuredly is global warming.
When it snows, rains, floods, or when there are droughts, hurricans or blizzards - global warming.
When there is no snow, rain, flood or hurricane - that is also an indicator of global warming.

Nothing on earth or in the heavens can contradict the fact that global warming is happening and the fact you try indicates global warming has already settled in, on your brain.

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