Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Neighborhood

After watching the neighbors, well, not really watching - I would go out to the mall, come home, two hours later head off to the grocery store, return home, leave again for Costco ... in any case, after their 12 hour day yesterday, I went for my run last night and paid more attention to the neighborhood.

Several homes on the block have motor homes, boats, trucks, sea-doos, motorcycles, and jeeps. One home has a motor home, boat, two trucks, a jeep, and motorcycles (they were on a trailer behind the truck, apparently ready to be pulled somewhere).

On a farm, you could have a five minute walk from property to property. Huge driveways, and property for all types of equipment from tractors to wagons to tents. When I paid closer attention to all these toys, I thought of a farm. Reasonable people should think about their neighbors and the neighborhood before they buy more toys. We do not have distance between our homes. It is pretty standard - 10-20 feet between homes unless on a corner or in another configuration. A typical property, cannot and should not hold that many toys. It congests things. It isn't a neighborhood, it's a parking lot.

Furthermore, it seems many families have more than one car / vehicle per person. Most families have four people, but the ones in particular I paid attention to are smaller and or the children much too young to drive, yet they have 3-4 vehicles.

When we see them shedding their toys, reducing the numbers of vehicles, and cutting out the trucks - we will know we have officially hit a recession. Odd that I now pray for recession. Either that, or a moat and wall.


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