Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Canada to deport war resister

Again, the article/news is not as interesting as the COMMENTS that followed the article in the Globe and Mail. I read through several hundred and selected the 24 that were the average.

It is interesting to read how people respond to this guy (the US soldier who fled to Canada to avoid doing service), to each other, and to the war in Iraq.

I do commend, if you have some time, skimming the full list of comments.
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Canada to deport U.S. war deserter
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
U.S. army deserter Robin Long is slated to be deported back to his army base in Fort Knox, which would make him the first resister to the U.S. war effort in Iraq to be sent out of Canada .

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Yvonne Wackernagel from Woodville, Canada writes: This Judge must be a Conservative; and must support the warmongers.
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Jim **** from Canada writes: No, Yvonne, I would say that the government is Conservative and supports the war mongers. A country that can't provide refuge for people who chose to be non violent has let itself down.
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Andre Carrel from Salmo, Canada writes: If you really believe in a principle, and if you really want to take a stand on that principle, then you do not try to avoid the consequences, quite to the contrary, you invite the consequences because it is by accepting the consequences of your principled stand that your are trying to make is made most forcefully.
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More CO2 Gas from Canada writes: That was a good honest decision by the Judge. Mr Long joined the US Army of his own free will and collected his US Army pay. He has no business hiding out in Canada.
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EJ Ravensbud from Canada writes: Julie, he is leaving tomorrow. Perhaps if you reach him tonight, find out where he lives, you can move next door.
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Paul, Bytown, from Canada writes: One down and .... Oh crap, too many left to go.
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Luctor Et Emergo from Canada writes: Absolutely the right decision, and it is heartening to see the Court stick to basics. The US military no longer drafts its soldiers as was the case during the Vietnam War, but is a professional military just like the Canadian Forces. When Robin Long signed up, he was made fully aware of the obligations that come with his decision to become a professional soldier. By deserting he let his colleagues and comrades down in the most irresponsible and despicable manner. In fact, he is one very lucky man: historically deserters were summarily shot.
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Jim Goodwin from Canada writes: I have to agree with the judge on this one. Although I disagree with the deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is different then the draft dodgers of the Viet Nam war. This man is a deserter, not a draft dodger, he signed the dotted line and joined a VOLUNTEER military, just as our members of the Canadian Armed Forces have. It has to do with duty and honour, and this man shows neither, if he can't be depended upon to uphold the conditions of his contract with the armed forces of his home nation, how can he be depended upon to do the same here, either in a civil way or military if called upon. When you sign to serve your country, you serve your country, it is not for the military nor its members to pick and choose where they are sent, that is for their civilian masters. If he did not think he would have to fight in a war, given the history of the United States he should not have joined, nobody forced him.
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Chris H, formerly of Canada from Australia writes: A couple points to consider:'The choices...' brings up the bit about joining the US Army for employment and education opportunities. Don't think that the recruitment policy-makers of the US military machine is oblivious to the fact that for thousands of conscripts, fighting in Iraq is the only alternative to living in the (sub)urban slums. It's not so much the fault of the conscripts that they find themselves faced with this choice.Dishonourable discharge, which I presume is one of the lesser punishments for desertion, pretty much guarantees that the sod in question is barred from meaningful employment for the rest of his/her life. One of those consequences that the judge might consider before carting these guys back.I don't for a second believe that the US military is taking good care of their soldiers in terms of training, realistic expectations, PTSD treatment or anything that would help mitigate the catastrophic effects of this war on these people's lives. But I am having trouble being entirely sympathetic to someone who deserts, after knowing full well that they were signing up for war. It's a tough call...
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Fish Lips from Canada writes: This man was forced to enter into the military because of poverty and inadequate resources. The only way he could gain an adequate income, and to ensure that his basic health needs were provided for was to enlist.The US military specifically targets poorer demographics, since they know that these people have few options, and since the allure of a steady income and healthcare are quite strong.Seems to me like having to choose between worse and worst isn't really making a choice at all.He understands that his personal circumstances are being abused systematically, and it seems he is trying to fight this. Good for him. And I wish we as Canadians would give this man the respect he deserves.
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Haper must Go from Canada writes: The majority of the public feels deserters should be allowed to stay, parliament voted they be allowed to stay. It has been established the US justification to go to war was based on fabricated evidence, the war is not authorised by the UN, why should someone be required to take part in a war that is fought under false presumptions?Who is give the judge her marching orders?
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Kevin Desmoulin from Canada writes: At least he has ethics and principles and it is victory never the less.It is this government that is bent on war.
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Haper must Go from Canada writes: Since when has it been the policy of Canada to enforce US laws. The parliament voted to not enforce US laws in this case where to the judge get her authority to act outside of the wishes of parliament?When one signs up for the military they have an understanding that any action they are involved in will be just. Bush fabricated the justification to go to war and the US congress has called him on that Even the most ardent warmonger has to recognise there are questions about the legitimacy of the war.Interesting that no one seems concerned that returning Long is against the wishes of the parliament. You can not pick and choose the views of parliament that you wish - you must accept and submit to the rule of law - all laws or not recognise the authority of parliament.
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Laureen McMullan from Calgary, Canada writes: I think the USA is screwed up and their people are not free by any stretch of the imagination. We Canadians unfortunately, are starting to follow down their path with our leader Harper who is a war monger like Bush. Just what does it say about a country that is supposed to be wealthy and prosperous and their own people are trying to escape. The USA is a very very sick country. Soon Harper will be invoking the draft too, why else would he flaunt the military at the Quebec celebrations.
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David Griffith from NS, Canada writes: Haper must Go from Canada writes: Since when has it been the policy of Canada to enforce US laws.---------------------------------------------------Idiot: Canadian courts uphold Canadian law. This decision is BASED on Canadian law! WHAT PART OF 'THIS ISN'T ABOUT HARPER' DON'T YOU GET??? Posted 14/07/08 at 9:05 PM EDT Link to Comment

Edmond Dusablon from United States writes: Fish Lips from Canada wrote: 'This man was forced to enter into the military because of poverty and inadequate resources. The only way he could gain an adequate income, and to ensure that his basic health needs were provided for was to enlist.'Thank you for providing the cartoon charicature of the day. LOL.If this deserter wants to be a Canadian, let him apply for immigration through the normal channels once he's back in the USA.
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Edmond Dusablon from United States writes: 'I would go as far to say that it was actually his employer who breached the contract - by engaging in an unconstitutional war.'You may not like it and the Defeatocrats do all they can to disavow it (and sabotage the effort) but Bush went to Congress before the invasion of Iraq and got both House and Senate authorization to go to war. While the authorization was not a formal declaration of war it is not unconstitutional.
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Tim Burns from Calgary, Canada writes: This guys lawyer was an idiot. All he had to do was say that he was gay, had aids, and witnessed a drug crime and he could stay and live off the Canadian taxpayer forever. If he was 1/16 aboriginal he could have gotten cheap cigarettes and gone to college for free.
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W W from Canada writes: There is military draft in Russia and this country is involved in war in Chechnya. However avoidance of the Russian military service has never been a reason for even allowing an application for the refugee status in Canada. If this would have been a case we would see lots of young Russian boys spending at least their several formative years on a public dime waiting for the board decision and sending appeals. These US soldiers certainly were certainly given very good lawyers.
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Ontario Man from Canada writes: Last time I checked, real war resisters don't volunteer for an all volunteer army. This deserter should be sent back.
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Bill H from Maritimes, Canada writes: He signed up by his own free will, therefore he is a deserter and should face the consequences of his actions. I like how the looney left have come up with the fuzzy term war resister.
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Jason Young from Canada writes: tim burns. please, for the sake of every canadian who isn't an idiot: shut up.
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Haper must Go from Canada writes: Edmond DusablonIt has been well established that much of the justification to go to war was fabricated, I don't think a decision based on fabricated evidence can be considered constitutional. Mis representing a contract is not legal in Canada is it legal in the US?
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David Griffith from NS, Canada writes: Angry West Coast Canuck from Canada writes: There we go. Canada continues to prove it's just a puppet of the USA, and continues to refuse to take a stand against an illegal war of aggression. Of course, with our current prime minister having dared to apologize to the American administration for our country not wholeheartedly following the US charge into the Iraq oil fields, we could hardly expect anything else.-------------------------------------------Are you with stupid? This was a FEDERAL COURT decision.
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All I can say is - there are some really dumb assed people. People I would not want reproducing. Some people are so stone cold, dense as a brick stupid, and they write comments to news columns - which means they are generally more active politically on both a community and national level.


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