Thursday, July 31, 2008

China, the Olympics and Censorship

Something interesting.

The Olympic Committee gave in to the thugs in Beijing and censored themselves. China is one large censored society.

They don't allow discussion of Tiananmen Square, no searches on the internet of said event, no searches about censorship, nor any searches about censorship of censorship or anything to do with anything not condoned by Beijing.

So then who is it that visits the website from Beijing and reads about censorship?

Beijing should understand that you cannot control the will of liberty, for it will prevail inevitably. History has shown this. The fact Chinese history is so long and government plans are slow to fruition, or that your history books show something quite different - is regardless of the reality.

Thugs and dictators are washed away by history to face a certain future. The fact a bunch of spineless wimps from Europe and the rest of the world give in to your demands, does not alter the inevitability of what will be, for we cannot stop the tide of liberty - we can only slow it down. Dictators and tyrants may trample upon the tide of freedom, and oppress the people, but eventually those dictators will stand upon soil that will swallow them.

I have had 15 visits from Beijing.
- 16 visits
- 18 visits

-20 visits



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