Friday, July 11, 2008


I am considering the idea of looking for a new home - it must have a moat and a wall, or some form of moat and or a wall or both.

If there is a wall on a couple sides and a moat on the other, or whatever variation of moat/wall to give the greatest amount of privacy possible. Even a mountain side isn't private - anyone on an adjacent mountain and or in a helicopter can / would be able to see in. There are a few times in life when I can think of money as being a useful asset in the pursuit of happiness.

It is not the money that brings happiness, but what you can use the money for that can bring you greater happiness. For me - a walled moated fortress - with no neighbors and no traffic in front of the house. I don't want people parking in front of my fortress (hence the moat), I do not want solicitors (the moat and wall will come in handy for this), and I do not want people standing outside their home across the street for the heck of it watching as I come and go (hence the wall).

I don't think homes in the US have moats, so I am kind of out of luck, although I suppose I could look for one with a lake on one side and walls on the other sides, or I will have to consider the UK (England and Ireland). The problem I now have with the UK, is I may say YUK to some of their food and end up being called a racist, or stopped by one of the tens of thousands of CCTV cameras. However, if I live behind my moat and walls, it is possible I could outlast them.

There are small castles turned homes that have moats. I will have to look into them just as soon as I get my first million dollar check. Until then - neighbors across the street staring, and cars parked in front of my house.

Maybe I should learn Spanish - that will make it all better. Si se puede, and I will be able to say YUCK in two languages, or three if you count French (lucky for us it's the same word).

Hmm. That makes me more European than American (according to Obama) - I knew there was a reason why castles appealed to me. I should get the bags packed.


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