Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goodbye Burbank Blvd

Caltrans goes green in 101/405 connector plan
Sue Doyle
07/22/2008 02:51:03 PM PDT

SHERMAN OAKS - In a plan that should please environmentalists and loosen traffic at one of the world's busiest freeway interchanges, Caltrans officials announced today they have chosen a $135 million proposal for a 101/405 connector.

The plan, picked from three options, will demolish the clogged connector linking the southbound San Diego Freeway to the westbound Ventura Freeway, and replace it with an elevated bridge.
Most importanly to environmentalists, it will not cut into the 225-acre Sepulveda Basin wildlife refuge.

But sparing up to 73 coast live oak trees and 2.64 acres for burrowing owls, redtail hawks and Canadian geese means shutting down the well-traveled Burbank Boulevard access to the 101 in both directions.

Expected to take four years to build, the project has no start date because no money has been identified to pay for it.

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