Friday, July 11, 2008

24 - SAG Strike

July 11, 2008

Screen Actors Guild Rejects Producers' 'Last Deal'
Studios Hope Avoid Repeat Of February Writers' Strike

LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― Unable for weeks to agree on terms for a new contract, Hollywood studios and the Screen Actors Guild have now found themselves unable to agree on whether negotiations will continue.The guild rejected the latest offer Thursday, turning down a deal producers insisted was their last."We made it clear our final is our final and that we're not interested in further counter proposals," said Jesse Hiestand, a spokesman for the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.


So what does a possible SAG strike have to do with '24'? Not much - if they have last season err I mean, this season already finished, in the can, and ready to roll. They better - they have had more than a year to sort this crap out.

Given my state of mind on '24' and actors, it is less likely each day I will watch as often / regularly as I did when they actually had a series. Even less likely with a January start date.

The difference between Hollywood producers/directors / studio people and OPEC - OPEC is an illegal cartel.

The difference between Hollywood producers/directors / studio people and drug dealers - drug dealers are illegal.

Both treat the public the same. You believe we have no choices and will return. More people quit drugs each day and do not return. More people buy hybrids and a few have purchased electric cars and will never return to the days of yester year. With hybrids - you see the people less often. With electric - never. With people off drugs - yes, new people get on drugs, but not necessarily your drugs nor the same type. Maybe it is pills or pot and you sell hard stuff ...

Your TV programs and your checks and your future depends upon having the audience and honestly, the public is still not over the screenwriters destroying an entire season. If actors follow suit ... well, watch your networks and programs drop like flys. Hello HBO/Showtime movie channels, goodbye everything else. Goodbye million dollar checks. Hello unemployment and honestly - we just don't care that for everyone who gets a million there are 1000 who get $50,000. We don't.

You go on strike and 10% of you won't come through it intact, another 10% will lose the show they were on. perhaps its time Hollywood had a cleansing. Home mortgages have whittled down the mortgage industry, now Hollywood gets its colonic. unfortunately many people will lose their homes who have never got the million dollar checks - those people who make the films work - from lighting, electric, to sets ... and the blame rests with SAG.

Happy Days.


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