Thursday, July 17, 2008


And the 300 assembled, faced with the daunting task, seemingly impossible - to make Obamessiah appear like he knows what he is talking about.

The Washington Post has just informed us that Obamessiah has a cast of 300 foreign policy aides - in order to figure out what to say or do when it comes to foreign policy questions.

Senator - it must be a joke.

300 people are needed to provide advice on what you think about Iraqi president Maliki setting a timetable for US troops to leave?

Do you need advice on whether you should wear a black suit or a blue suit? Do you have an opinion on anything substantive that doesn't involve radically changing our domestic arena?

And people would consider voting for you? Insane people perhaps.

Didn't they learn with Bill? It isn't for domestic issues we elect presidents, it is for foreign issues we elect a president. Domestic issues are handled in large part by the federal reserve and the congress, with little input by the president (if he is smart). Where we do need a president is on foreign issues and you have demonstrated repeatedly, again and again, over and over, time and again - you are not qualified. Apparently, neither are most of your foreign policy advisers if it takes 300 of them to give you an opinion.

What a farce. As president, would you have teleconferences with 300 advisers before you make a decision? That in itself is enough to send our allies away, for they know how that policy fails and has failed the European parliaments.

PLEASE Mr. Obama. Quit now. Give it up to Hillary. At least she would speak to only 1-2 people before answering questions. She wouldn't consult half of Vermont.




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