Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The West Incubate Terrorism

The following from an Iraqi blog.

The West incubate terrorism

The scenes of blood and car bombs in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq became part of the daily life. No day passed with out tens of Iraqis killed and wounded. The causalities in the last month exceeded one thousand.

If the situation remained so it may certainly leads to serious consequences as far as the terrorism is regarded.

We wrote before about networks feeding the insurgency in Iraq.

Yesterday the UK security police arrested a man in Manchester on charges of recruiting men and money for suicidal operations in Iraq. The UK police have not yet finished investigation about another case of a UK citizen from Yemeni origin who led a suicidal operation in Baghdad last month.

There are information that there are strong terrorist nets working inside the Western countries for Al-Qaeda with money and logistic support including recruiting men. They concentrate on young people in the Universities and other sectors.

There are different kind of cooperation between these groups and their sister nets in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Jordan, West bank and Gaza. Some of the documents found in the latest attacks in Qaim and Karabla proved this.

The announcement of the killing of Abdalla El-Rashood today is another indication of how big is the involvement of the Saudis in the terrorism all over the world and not only in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan but everywhere.

What is needed is not operations on the tail of the snake but it is suffice to direct quiet few big blows on the head to finish the poisonous snake once and forever. What are happening now are few hits on the tails yet sending friendship to the heads! Head spit oil and it is needed but this is proved wrong and the best way to deal with it is to make the head to put itself away from the source of the oil or it will be pushed away. On the same time this rooted head should and other small heads should not suppress the minorities and either leave or introduce real democracy which have to push them away.

Syrian regime is out of date not because of its dictatorship but because of its support for terrorism in Iraq and other countries. Saudi regime is the other face of Wahabism and no one not know the main role of the later in the terrorism. The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia should have its role as a state or given self-role rights. The international community can put a lot of pressure to achieve bigger changes not only by military means only.

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