Saturday, July 19, 2008

Balance of the world

A Canadian wrote:

Does Americans think they can control the world? That Israel is allowed to be the only one in the region with nuclear weapons? Why doesn't America encourage Israel to get out of the illegally occupied lands and to try and live in peace with its neighbours? Who tells America they have the only true God and that it is His will that they should police the world? Did someone die and come back to earth and tell America that they have this right? There are more educated people in the balance of the world than in America.
Yvonne Wackernagel, Woodville, Ontario, Canada

Ms Wackensmacken,
There is a reason why the expression was used: Keep them down on the farm. In your case - you should stay on the farm and shut the hell up.

First: DO AMERICANS think they can ... or ... Does America think it can. I don't suppose Canada teaches English anymore, does it. Too busy being multi-cultural and french.

Second: That Israel is allowed to be the only ... is a statement, not a question. You may not simply insert a question mark to turn something that is not a question, into a question. On occasion, this can be done - you however, must never try this as the task exceeds your capability.

Third: Those ILLEGAL lands. So many ideas conflated into one flawed statement. This is not only directed to you Wakensmacken, rather, to all stupid people: Assume you own a piece of property. I come along and say - who says you own the farm? What do you say in response? That you own it simply because you say you do? Wrong answer. You do not determine ownership. You own your farm only because you/family bought it, paid for it, and have papers showing you own it. You are registered as the owners. Canada owns the lands it owns/possesses due to treaties - with Britain, the United States, Russia. Those treaties define the borders, shape, and title. You own or rent or sit on your farm, I come along and take it from you. I then sit on it, possess it, and dispossess you of it (the farm). THAT IS (under most circumstances) illegal - given you having papers showing ownership. Those Palestinians NEVER had a country nor were they ever recognized as the possessors of the land by any international entity. They would be equivalent to the aboriginal people in Canada or the US and I do not see you giving back your farm and getting on the ship back to Europe. Sorry Wackensmacken - NEVER have the Palestinians owned the land and if they never owned the land, they cannot lose the land illegally. Therefore, taking what was never recognized as having belonged to someone, is NOT ILLEGALLY POSSESSING. I understand these thoughts are very complex and require use of the right and left sides of your brain, but, do it slowly and it will not hurt as badly.

Fourth: Israel, got up and walked out of Gaza in 2005. Not one Israeli soldier remains, no Israelis remain. Since Israel left Gaza, on average (until the truce a couple months ago) 10 rockets per day were fired from Gaza into Israel. Since the truce, the number is about 2 rockets per day. Peace? I take your farm (does not imply/suggest that Gaza was taken, rather land that Palestinians considered theirs was occupied), give it back, and THEN you start shooting at me. Does not make me want to be very nice to you the next time Wackensmacken.

Fifth: No one tells America we have the one God. By the way Wackensmacken - you are also part of America. The US and Canada are part of NORTH America. When you use America, you are referring to Canada and the US and possibly, Mexico. Be more accurate in your writing.

Sixth: God has no part in the US playing the role of World Policeman. That role has been held by the US since the early 1900s. Waking up and finding that problematic now, 100 years later is like going to a party (at 6pm) with 1000 people, and around 11pm deciding there are too many people. I am not sure why it took 5 hours to figure it out, but perhaps, like the dinosaur, neuron transmissions take hours to get from one neuron to another. No one died and came back to earth, although I am wondering whether you are perhaps one of those people worried about alien invasions. The US accepted the role due to the fact everyone else was either European or incapable of building a navy and or sailing that navy outside their bathtub. Seriously Wackensmacken, France and England had the role from the 14th through 19th century. With the utter collapse of Europe into a pile of shit between 1898 and 1917, only the US was capable of fulfilling the role, unless you were hoping for the Chinese or Japanese (we saw how well they ruled from 1939-1945 in the Pacific), and the Chinese are one of the last remaining vestiges of tyranny on earth. Even if you don't care about them ruling the world - every right-minded person does worry. There is no other choice Wackensmacken. And please don't say the UN. That is an insult to the millions who have died as a result of the UN in the last thirty years.

Finally - those educated people around the world - seriously ... there are many bright people Wackensmacken, and they should be, considering the US educates a majority of the engineers, doctors, and scientists on planet earth at this moment. The political class from at least eight of the largest countries received their educations in the US (A government is led by 2-3 people plus their cabinet and parliament - I am referring to the top 2-3 people whether called Prime Minister or President, or a couple - King or General).

Bright people elsewhere - yes, a few. On average - the brightest in the world reside in the US Wackensmacken, which is why you live in Ontario.

I did not write this for you per se, although, apparently someone did a search on you on the internet, maybe you did, and maybe you will do it again ... rather, I did it for others who are as dense ... on the other hand, someone as dense as you are, will never learn.

A lot of good men have died (more than 86 from Canada) and more than 4000 from the US, so you can remain perpetually dense.

Too bad.

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