Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama or McCain

McCain - old, as articulate as Bush+, far from my choice for a Republican candidate, boring, not presidential, a wife who nearly scares me away from women.

Obama - young, articulate (when he has a teleprompter only), exciting, si se puede, presidential, an attractive wife, cute children.

Seems pretty clear. Obama.

But this should not be a beauty pageant. This should not be what we like and do not like. Our country is just a little (SLIGHTLY) more important than how I feel about a person or his wife. My country will outlast me by (I pray) centuries and my decision has to be made based upon the future - not the present. The present fast becomes the past and cannot be fixed, but the future is why we should vote - not just on how we feel fifteen minutes from now, but thirty years from today.

On that issue, McCain is unquestionably the better candidate. On the issue of experience, judgment - McCain has demonstrated that ability. On his loyalty to this country and commitment to protect this country - again, unquestionably McCain.

He will serve the country and the future.

Unlike Obama, who we have no idea what he stands for

Obamessiah's Ideology - Washington Post

or whether he has judgment / other than poor judgment

AJC: Regrets, he has ... quite a few.

I may not find Cindy the ideal First Lady, and perhaps I may even wish for Barbara Bush again, or even ... Hillary, but she will be a fine First Lady, and will serve the country well.

John McCain is a better choice for President. He has the experience to deal with world leaders and continue building relationships with our allies as President Bush has done quite well up until now. McCain is by far the better choice.

Americans need leadership, not sermons. We need strength, not rhetoric. We need someone to lead the country - not espouse views not held by a majority and then modify the views to get elected only to swing back when he is elected because he wants to implement his policies whether the people want them or not.

Our country is not a yo yo nor is this a game for children and whiners. Our economy is still doing reasonably well. We are not in a depression or a recession. Unemployment is as good as or better than during the 90s. Manufacturing and purchasing are still doing better than the lows of the 1990s.

Yes, so too are foreclosures and some of these issues did occur during the last eight years, some simmered a while longer from the late 90s. The stock market has still done relatively well - from a low of 9000 in June 2000 before the election to over 11,000, is a less than stellar eight years, but, highs and lows like everything in economics.

Much of our issue is, as Jimmy Carter said - a morass. We are depressed, but it isn't something the government can do as much as something we will do for ourselves. Hard times. The world is having hard times. Gas prices - of course we are all dealing with this. Remedies - there are some and we should do them all. Overall, we are still a state that is seaworthy. Could we be better? Yes. Who couldn't.

John McCain will keep us on the right path at home and abroad - in war and in peace.

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