Friday, July 18, 2008

Canada - Whats Wrong With You?

In a much earlier post, I mentioned that during World War II, Canada had something on the order of 1 million people in the armed forces. Admittedly, that number is reasonable given a WORLD war, but is exceptionally high given the fact Canada's population was around 12 million.

They try and we have to give them that, although not too hard. They expend more energy capitulating to the French in Quebec than they do resisting any particular thing. Of course there are exceptions to that rule - Romeo Dallaire, who stands head and shoulders above the best of anyone from anywhere, but exceptions do not come close to making a rule.

Today the Canadian Armed Forces are approximately 88,000.

Canadians pride themselves on their small force, and the fact they do not get into conflicts regularly (like the US). On the other hand, it is because we do get into conflicts that many countries are free not to - to expend their money and resources on other things - like criticizing us for going to war so often.

We are in a world war today. It is on a different scale than World War II, but it is still a world war, and the consequence of losing is, perhaps, more dire, for the free world (in this case - anyone who is not Muslim).

At a time when we are at war with Islamo-fascism, it is not the time to show weakness - nor is it the time to close military bases.

While the news is a bit dated (2004) the point remains valid.

'BANKRUPT' Forces may shut 5 bases.

February 24, 2004
Chris Wattie
National Post

(I cannot find the original online, so I provide my poorly scanned copy to prove at least the facts - base closures)

These closures follow closures in the year prior to September 11, 2001 of nearly ten bases.

They do not have many more left, but I suppose for a military of 88,000 men and women, you only need one base.

When you are under attack by a force that intends to win, and in the process defeat your civilization - you don't close bases.

Do you take it seriously or not?  I guess we know the answer.



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