Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was thinking, which is rare, and more importantly, very difficult for me to accomplish well, regardless of the thought.

I was thinking about the economy. I read something somewhere about a possible $11 trillion write-off, 5.1% unemployment, housing foreclosures, stocks drop, gold rising, dollar sinking ... even I am beginning to become depressed about the economy.

We need to rev it up, get the engines going to reinvigorate our system, get that unemployment down to 4% and restart the housing market. We need to. In fact, the simplistic polls printed in the NY Times indicates Americans are concerned about the economy and may wish to vote accordingly.

Then we have Bill Clinton, who, on January 30, 2008, while stumping for Hillary Rodham Clinton in Denver Colorado, told the audience that "We just have to slow down our economy ..." in order to fight global warming. January 31, 2008. ABCNews Blog.

Hmmm. Let's think about this for one moment.


He is suggesting we slow the economy down, raise unemployment, depress the economy ... which is exactly what is happening so ... we're on the right path and he shouldn't have any problems leaving it well enough alone.

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