Saturday, April 19, 2008

How would you choose to die

Gun, Knife, Grenade, Car ...

Every year in the United States - thousands of murders from guns and every weapon imaginable, and no weapon in some cases (if hands constitute weaponless).

Every day we hear about the need for gun control to prevent needless deaths.

Every day we hear about a culture of violence and death in the United States.

And if not every day, very nearly so.

But the question is - if we took all the guns off the streets, would you be safer? Too often this simplistic question and equally simplistic answer are puffed up as THE only reasonable answer when they are in fact a glaring indication that we have failed to deal with aggressive and violent behavior.

Instead of dealing with the causes of the violence, they deal with how that violence plays out in society via guns or by whatever means. The simplistic answer above is a failure to address the problem by pretending the problem is guns.

From the: Edmonton Journal, April 19, 2008. Front Page.

Suspect in west-end killing apprehended in Saskatchewan


Police in Saskatchewan have arrested a man in his 20s in connection with the slaying of 77-year-old man in a shopping centre parking lot earlier this week.

The man’s identity and information about how officers found him was not released.
The man, arrested Thursday, has a history with police. Charges have not been
formally laid.

Witnesses to the attack said Hans Alberts was helping his wife, Adelaide,
into their car in a parking lot at Stony Plain Road and 149th Street when he was
approached by a man in his 20s with stubble on his head and a mole or scab on
his cheek. The man didn’t say a word
to the couple who had just finished
celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary at the Royal Fork Buffet.

Alberts was stabbed repeatedly. Adelaide tried to fight off the attacker, beating
him with her purse.


It doesn't make a difference. That is the truth. Now, address the problem and guns and knives and axes and shotguns and rifles and poison and rope - won't be material to the issue.

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