Saturday, April 26, 2008

Food Rationing

After Katrina, the world felt sorry for the US. We were after all in decline. We were weak, needed help from all the neighbors. So they obliged and sent us tents and water and blankets. That part was widely reported. The part that wasn't reported - we sent it back.

Now the New York Sun reports that we are rationing food in the US.
New York Sun, April 21, 2008

First, we should consider what we are rationing - flour: In the stores I have been to, there is no rationing. I called three friends who live in, three different states and none of them noticed any flour issues. Likewise no issues with oil nor rice. The only rationing was on imported long grain rice. Costco has a notice that you may buy as much as is your usual purchase amount. That to will sort itself out when people get over the fear that there isn't enough rice.

It is one thing to tell the world Saddam is a threat and has weapons of mass destruction - he did. It is another thing to tell the world the US, the breadbasket for much of the world has run dry. The fear and panic created by the false stories will create untold panic and speculation, leading to people dying over stupid newspaper sales.

Before we totally dismiss this fear-mongering, analysts are telling us that there will be corn rationing in 2008. Thank you Mr. Gore, you are personally responsible. AP. 3/31/08.

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