Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Getting Hotter


According to UN meteorologists (read: Usually Nincompoops), the temperatures are cooling and have not risen globally since 1998. BBC, 4/4/08.

We should begin preparing for the ice age on its way. Oh, and message to Gore ... global warming does not cause global cooling. The case is not closed on global warming and the only people who are certain and closed to the questions are closed-minded fools reminiscent of the Catholic Church and Galileo.

While we are at it, we may as well pay attention to all the weather disasters to prove global warming, as has been suggested - ooops. Lloyds of London warns of lack of natural disasters having an effect on insurance companies ... they will have to start lowering their premiums.
The Guardian, 4/4/08.

Now who could possibly be pushing this agenda (besides Gore who wants to keep his Oscar - and would he do all this even if it was proven otherwise, likely)? Hmmm. The World Bank is one answer. Reuters 4/4/08.

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