Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear Donald

I wanted to dash off a short note to you before I get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

You don't deserve our votes.  Not a single one.

In a 'normal' year, you would have only 10 votes and most would be from your family.

You are obnoxious.  Your actions and words are highly objectionable.  Your behavior is odious.

You are highly annoying with an objectionable word use problem - your use of malapropisms is simply ... wrong.  I cringe every time I hear you speak or read anything you have written.  Worse still, you don't even understand you are doing it.

You appear to be a bully, inconsiderate, and highly disrespectful.  You say things that are not only wrong but just ... wrong.  Making light of nuclear is something no political figure should do, no human should do.  Your speeches are popoloca and that is disturbing.  Your crass behavior and use of vulgar vocabulary may be typical for you, but it is not what we want from a president.

You should never have fallen into the trap of answering 'their' questions which, regardless of how you answer, you lose.   Hillary is a great example - she weasels out of everything by changing the subject or simply deflects to whatever subject she wants to drone on about - like Assange.  You bound straight in habnab. 

You don't deserve our votes, but you will get more than the media believe you will get on November 8.  My guess is you will still lose, as you deserve to do, but you will get a LOT of votes ... perhaps almost close to her popular vote ... which should tell her something!  I doubt she will even notice - she is a deeply disturbed human being with little remorse for her actions, or empathy for others.  Her sociopathic and dare I say, psychopathic behavior is very disturbing.  To have someone like this sitting in the Oval Office, even if they are napping all the time, is scary.

It is still possible to defeat the bitch, but it will take a miracle.  The National Enquirer story is pretty damning, but the major media will ignore it and will instead chase and hound you about an apology for having winked at some person 30 years ago.   They don't want to look into the allegations raised in the Enquirer, or the $2 billion foundation and what it doesn't do in Haiti or Columbia.  They don't want to demand an immediate retraction and return of funds from those countries who slaughter gays and subjugate women.  The media won't demand a denunciation from her for anything.  Her misprision will not even raise eyebrows, not yet at least.  Had her campaign made comments about Muslims rather than Catholics, the media and world would have jumped on them ... but it was just Catholics so no one cared.  

No, the miracle will have to be much bigger.  On the level of an appearance by the Holy Mother.

 Absent that, you are done, toast, baked, over cooked, ready for the trash ... and we must endure that bitch and her sleazy, abusive, misogynistic husband for 4 years.  I'm sure women will cheer, although if I were them I would be deeply shamed.  We will, most likely, not have to endure her for the full 4 years ... her health will not permit her that luxury and so we will get Kaine and his obnoxious.  In fact, the American people will be exposed to the obnoxious of Hillary for however many years and then Kaine for the remainder.

Then she will be some heroic figure when in truth, she should be relegated to the ash heap of history.  Sadly feminists and others who would rather deify her than help women and the poor, will not allow that to happen.

I am very sad Donald.  I am sad for my family and for millions of Americans who have to endure that woman.  She is not a supporter of anything except making money for her foundation.  She doesn't care about the United States. She never did.  She is in the truest sense - psychopathic.

I am deeply saddened by the fact you were nominated instead of almost any other human being - because anyone else would have been elected over her.  Even Democrats don't like her.  Bill doesn't even like her. Romney could have won.  McCain still could.  I even wonder about Palin.

I am very sad.  Sad for our future.  Sad.

 (Still) An American

(and yes, I did use obnoxious correctly - look it up!)

You stand a real shot at winning today.  You need Florida and 1-2 other states that are now in flux, and you can do it.  I really believe Florida will go for you.  I hope so.  Pennsylvania probably won't although I really hope it would.

I hope, if you win in 4 days, that you don't believe the votes were all for you - many were against Hillary.  Don't disrespect the office.  Don't gild the White House in that horrid and putrescent color scheme of your NY apartment.  The White House is our house, you rent it for 4 years.  Disappoint me, disrespect the Oval Office, or Office of the President, and I will oppose you equally as I oppose Hillary today.

Good luck.  Our future is counting on it.

You do deserve some credit Donald.  I know Democrats are aware of this, even if they never acknowledge it - you beat them.  
Hillary had her machine.  She had the media behind her.  She had billionaires and tech companies behind her.  She had all of Hollywood behind her.  She had virtually every journalist alive supporting her, Mexican billionaires donated.  She had the Democratic party behind her, the current president supporting her, the current Vice President supporting her.  An ex-president who is still much liked, out supporting her.  And then there was you.

You, almost alone.  The Republican party split as soon as the temperatures went up a degree.  The ex-presidents of the Republican party were invisible or said they would vote for Hillary.  Billionaires in the Republican party distanced themselves.  Most Republicans distanced themselves.  The party apparatus did the least it could do.  The party leaders all but tripped you as you went about campaigning.  And you still did better than Romney or McCain.  You did it.  Not them.  You stood up to Hillary and her entire apparatus and have her very worried today.  And even if you lose, you did something the Republican party couldn't do.  

They should really be ashamed.  Had they done 10% more for you than they did ... you could have blasted her out of the water and taken down the most formidable system we have known in 50 years.


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