Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Hillary

Dear Hillary,

I do not know you personally, nor do I ever want to.  I did come close once.  I was in the White House after the man you are married to finished the 2nd inauguration events.  He was in the Blue room having photos taken.  I was brought in by his director of Americorps and had the opportunity to shake his hand.  There is more to that story but it isn't important in regard to the point of this letter.  What is important is you.

I do not like you.  And from polls, a vast majority of people do not like you and most do not trust you.  The top three words that 1500 people had when asked their feelings about you were: untrustworthy, liar, and dishonest.  We don't trust you.  We don't like you.  43% do not like you.  Only 3% of Democrats believe you are trustworthy.  60% do not trust you.  More people believe in Bigfoot or Aliens than believe you.  THAT is a sad state.

Imagine being elected by people who would rather get hit over the head with a stick than vote, but they will vote for you because they cannot stomach the alternative.  How does that make you feel?  If Joe Biden ran as an independent, he could very well win at this moment, weeks from the election.

You may have contempt for us, but we hate you, so the feeling is very mutual.  It isn't a right-wing conspiracy Hillary.  It is you.  really.  When your own security details would rather slip than stand in front of a bullet for you, what are you going to do?  And imagine if the worst case happened - they do jump for you and push you down onto the ground.  You are already in pretty bad shape ... what then.  I cannot imagine why you feel compelled to do this given the fact you may not make it out of the presidency in great shape.  You won't be able to troll the speech world, in a wheelchair.  You won't be able to sneak out of studios through the back door without an ADA compliant ramp.  And you certainly can't pretend on November 8 that we like you.  You stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders - his supporters know that.  Republicans all know you did.  That is a majority of Americans.

The Congress is going to investigate you, and from the beginning you will be a lame-duck president.  You know that the world governments create profiles on other leaders - you know they all know shit on you we don't even know - and you think they will respect you?  Why?  because you are nice?  Because you are ... supported by a majority of Americans - who freely and with purpose voted for you because they ... wanted to??  No one will feel any compulsion to work with you let alone listen to you.

Yet, you may well win the election, and understand that the people will not suddenly trust you, those scandals you have been hiding will all come out.  The lies will be exposed.  It is slightly possible we see two presidents married to each other impeached ... it could be a world's first.

Imagine the effect on the world ... on Russia and China, North Korea, and Iran.  Imagine ISIL and Al Qaeda.  I doubt you can imagine that ... it requires the ability to transcend your personal interests and that has never been demonstrated.

I don't know how the people who work for you actually go home at night and sleep. They are all complicit in the shit storm that will follow in the next 6-8 months.  Of course no one will say they are responsible.  You rarely ever have.  It's always 'them' never you.  But those people who work for you - they know you are not nice.  They know you really are not the best choice, just better than Trump.  How can they sleep.  Honestly.  What is about to follow will make the current state of affairs look pleasant.

I hope Kaine is capable because your health is an issue, your stamina is an issue, and the cluster-fuck that is about to follow in the Congress when everything is exposed ... I want to cry.

On the other hand we have an arrogant blow-hard clown running against you (the same 1500 people used those terms when describing him).  I want to cry.

You have never - never in 8 years in the White House, never in the time in the Senate, never have you made people like you who didn't.  The vote you get is not because they like or respect you.  Know that.

And also know that once elected, a lot more shit on you and Bill and Chelsea will be vomited forth onto the pages and screens across America for all the American people to read.  Your approval rates won't go up because you tell us you want to help us.  We have read and seen the emails about your contempt, and to be honest, it is mutual.  You will be a lame-duck from day one.

We are declining Hillary, and you can paint the job growth and whatever as positive but we are declining and you have been a part of that for 8 years.  It is very sad.  I want to cry.

A Very Sad American

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