Friday, September 9, 2016

Psychopathy and the NY Times

The most recent edition (Sept/Oct 2016) of Scientific American Mind has a great article about psychopathic tendencies and American Presidents, and candidates in 2016.

The NY Times must need Xanax after writing anything about Trump, for they go so far off into personal attacks, they must recoil once expended, retract, and need a recharge on something, or perhaps meds to calm down.

I don't have the 'facts' at the moment, but it would be easy enough to do - read the Washington Post and NY Times, and be amazed at their attacks on Trump.  One might believe they were sitting back watching this whole affair, and felt the Clinton's were not doing enough so they joined in to see if they could stop him.

In the NY Times today (9/9/16), A Debate Disaster Waiting .... the editorial board writes the following:  He repeated his view that President Vladimir Putin of Russia, who invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, is a better leader than President Obama. He denigrated America’s generals as having been “reduced to rubble.” He talked in circles about defeating the Islamic State, boasting of a secret plan that he would not share.

This showed Trump's "abysmal judgment."

I would like to chime in - I personally believe Putin is no better than Chernenko, Andropov, or Brezhnev.  He may even be worse.  He is a dictator with no regard for freedom, liberty, or the ideals of Democracy.  What Gorbachev started and Yeltsin stood up for, Putin has erased, and in fact reversed.  He is reassembling his former Soviet Union as best he can, given what is possible.  Assassinations and long prison sentences are common for opponents.  Diabolical and maniacal.

Yet, I will also write that he is a better leader than Obama.  He has rebuilt Russia.  America is crumbling at the seams.  We are deeply divided, not united.  We are less safe, less strong, less respected.  Russia is boldly stepping forward and in the process crushing opposition, but the US is retreating, not extending.  And don't give me the global carbon treaty as an example of forward thinking by the US.  We signed it with the worlds worst polluter.  And that polluter, to grow economically, must pollute, and will.  Disregarding treaties and laws is not a problem for China.  The World Court found against them on the seas issue with Philippines and China's response - it would ignore the court.   The invasion of the Ukraine is a valid point until you examine the history of the Ukraine and the NY Times should know better!  Regardless of that small fact, one should not invade and annex property, true.  But that doesn't make Putin less of a leader, just less of a decent human being.  Shame on the NY Times for trying to conflate morality, ethics, and politics and doing so shamefully so.

The Times goes on to say Trump denigrated US generals .... oh my.  Trump has sat down with more Generals than Obama or Hillary ever has, probably in their combined time in office ... more than 80 have signed on to Trump.  Their view is they have been "reduced to rubble" although I admit, the term or phrase was probably Trump's own.  The fact remains true.  Our military is being decimated.

And as for ISIS - that JV team, Obama was so clear and eloquent in discussing and explaining to us what they are, and that they are virtually erased and was very dismissive of them ... before they came back and took a huge part of Syria and Iraq, and only with the combined forces of England, France, the US, Russia, and others are they having problems.  To recall Obama - they were not important.    And Hillary, who came, saw, and killed off Qaddafi or whatever her cackling version was ... and the Times says Trump was talking in circles.  All Obama has said is they are finished, gone, a JV team, oops, no, but they are on the run, almost finished ... and none of that is true.  Lies.  But the Times won't call that a lie.  It's politicalese for whatever.  Trump said what he did because he has also been made aware of the same intelligence as Hillary and perhaps Obama, but he has a plan, will it work.  Who knows.  It may go belly up.  Like his empire, but he has a plan, probably proposed by some or many of the 80 plus generals he sat and talked to, or had sign on to support him. 

The media are apoplectic at the polls showing Trump equal to or hovering around Hillary.  They are so fearful Trump could win, they are doing everything but donating to her campaign.  And I think we could find out, will find out, they are donating ...

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