Saturday, September 24, 2016

Things that make you wonder ...

A 20 year old man walked in to a mall in Burlington, Washington and shot and killed 5 people.  4 women and 1 man.  He used a rifle.

I am not paying a great deal of attention to news and how quickly everything is being reported, but claims that he was Hispanic were very quickly released ... because no one wants to say what everyone believes more likely ...

His name according to one report I read - is known. Which means you know what ethnicity or race, and where he is from (maybe Turkey and maybe his aim was for women, and the guy got in the way) ... so tell us.

Oh, and he isn't hispanic, not that anyone thought he was.


The Governor said that "tragedy has struck in Washington" ...

Governor, tragedy is when a baby is killed in a traffic accident, when a child falls in a pool and drowns ... tragedy implicitly connotes an inability to prevent the tragic death due to other circumstances more often out of our control.

This man shot those people intentionally.  There is no tragedy.  There is and was terror and murder.

For the families, it is a tragic loss.  For us, it is not a tragedy, it is terror. 

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