Saturday, September 10, 2016



Over 40% of the country supports Trump, at least.  That would be, if everyone is counted including children = 120 million people.  And 50% of that many is 60 million people.

Or another way, about 40 million will vote for him.  20 million are deplorable.

I like that sincerity.  I like that 'inclusivity'.  I like her!

Deplorable is taking over 100 million from the Australians.  Over 30 million from Canadians, and close to 100 million from people who, may or may not have supported terrorists in attacking the US.

THAT is deplorable.

Deplorable is selling deals to foreign entities so that her husband can make a speech and walk away with nearly a mid six figure sum.  Deplorable

Deplorable is supporting, protecting, abetting, enabling a man who preyed on women for decades with her knowledge.

Deplorable is staying with that man after evidence surfaces of his multiple visits to Epstein's island paradise of young girls.

Deplorable and criminal.

Deplorable are those who will support her because of her husband, and ignore or 'look past' his treatment of women, because Trump is ever so much worse.  Deplorable is being unable to make judgments without political biases.


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