Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump, the flu, his and hers medical and the Main Stream Media

Mr. Trump has, over many months, sought to raise questions about the health of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, 68, and his supporters have flatly claimed that she is hiding something about her health (her aides have strenuously denied this). But Mr. Trump has answered almost no questions about his own health over the last 15 months of his campaign, except for issuing a highly unusual doctor’s note.

Really - an unusual note ... he campaigns 10-12 hours a day, flies into one city and out to another, campaigns ... and speaks to multiple crowds each day.  Hillary over the last couple months has been doing no press, one campaign stop, and dozens of fund raisers.  He doesn't need a note from his doctor.  He isn't tripping on every set of steps, he isn't fainting, collapsing, twitching, and hacking up a lung almost every time he speaks.  He doesn't need to be as closely examined as Hillary.  He does need to be looked at, but Hillary ... that's a story.

And maybe she should consult with her husband about what it is she has ... 

“It’s a crazy time we live in. You know, when people think there’s something unusual about getting the flu. Last time I checked, millions of people were getting it every year.”

Even if he misspoke, which is possible given the meaning of flu ... still.  Makes you wonder.   

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