Friday, September 9, 2016

Hmmm: Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?

In the Washington Post, an article by puzzling over the fact that with "less than two months away, Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Clinton has not built a formidable lead against Donald Trump despite his historic weaknesses as a national party candidate."

The article linked:  The Wonder Why?

Very simple, and it can be answered in less than 4-5 pages, which is what the WP takes, and then they don't really answer it.

- People do not like her.
- People do not trust her.
- She lies, and gets caught, and despite the fact the media suggest she isn't really lying ... the people know she is.
- You cannot be in the White House for 8 years, be involved in high level meetings, and still claim you don't know whats happening as she did to the FBI.  People understand this.
- The fact the FBI say something, doesn't mean much given the terrible happenstance of "mis-steps' by Clinton.
- The lies. The health issues that are apparently not important but the people get it.

After 8 years of her husband fucking everyone he could get, while President, the disgrace he heaped upon the Oval Office and on women in general ... and she defended, protected, and enabled his horrendous behavior, and to feign otherwise is simply ... lying.


One word sums it up.

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