Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary and Her Cough

UpdatedWell, she faints, coughs, spazzes out, can't recall, gets tired, falls and hits her head ... I have a vague memory of Democrats attacking Reagan because he was too old and couldn't remember ....  She can't for sure.  The video of her being pushed into the van, watch her feet.  She isn't even acting under her own volition, they lifted and shoved her into the van.  It's all ok though right.  Her incessant cough that has plagued her almost every single time she opens her mouth, her famous video of a spaz attack, which those defending her said was her reaction to being caught unaware ... ha.  Lie.

Look at the video from 9/11 ... the same spaz attack just prior to being dumped into the van.  

We deserve A LOT more information, by doctors she doesn't know or control.  She needs to be evaluated.  She can't remember things.  She faints, she falls, she trips, she stumbles ... and she does all that in the same week.  THAT is A LOT.  

How does it feel to work for someone who is medically impaired and should not by reason of medical issues be a serious contender ... that she may not last 4 years yet you all foisted her ... do you ever wonder about that? 

Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?

 Can't we, please!  I would ask that if I was Chris or anyone at WP or for that matter ... pretty much any news outlet.

I remember, and I went back and looked, more than 47 stories about McCain and his age, more than 93 stories about the cancerous spot on his nose, 13 stories about his age ... 

I have listened to, watched, or read articles or stories about - Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama ... Biden, Gore, Cheney ... and never have I witnessed anyone cough or hack away as much as Hillary.

Now the author of the WP article above goes on to say - "if suffering an occasional coughing fit" ... OCCASIONAL?  I remember watching dozens of Bill's speeches or lectures, however we define them ... he never went into a coughing fit and only a couple times went for water.  Bush never had a coughing fit.  Biden never has.  Obama never has.  So, whats with the OCCASIONAL ... apparently its not all that occasional.  The WP author continues - " ... is evidence of a major health problem, then 75% of the country must have that mystery illness."

 Ha ha.  Use faulty logic to divert the attention  and dismiss the issue.  After all, who hasn't once or twice had a coughing fit.  Few people would ever say they haven't, yet Hillary isn't asking to be the head chef at Nabu.  She isn't asking to be selected as America's Best Talent ... she wants a job that ... well, that we have a right to delve deeply into any of her issues we feel important, and NO, she isn't have an occasional ... it is nearly everytime she breaks down hacking.  And hacking is different than a simple cough.  


She hacks and wheezes and coughs, and sputters away.  We have a right to know.  And Tim Caine - we have a need to know everything in his life and closet, because Hillary is seemingly one of the least fit people running for office, and Caine is a heartbeat away.


Oh but her doctor gave her an all clear - really, remember with the Clintons - the meaning of is!

We need to ask her doctor very narrowly focused questions.  Very specific.  Not broad and general.  Broad and general allow FAR TOO MUCH wiggle room and for the Clinton's - that wiggle room is the world they inhabit!

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