Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gawking at Trump

The image, off Gawker.  An article about why Trump hasnt taken his coat off in 17 months.

 How meaningless can writing become?  What a load of tripe.

Let's do Hillary.

What's her height and weight ... oh wait, it's a secret.
No problem with that, women prefer not to tell and that's perfectly ok.

Her height and weight ... she is overweight, so is he.  Apparently some people want to become as obsessed about his weight as many people are about her health.  Now it's a battle of overweight versus OVERWEIGHT.  Like Bill when he was elected.  Remember.  He would go running, and ran right into McDonalds!

Look it up.  Bill wasn't exactly fit!  And Gawker never mentioned it.  For that matter, no one on the left mentioned weight.

Do you feel particularly bright having uncovered the fact he doesn't take his coat off ... oh wait, he did, he does, golfing.  So maybe when he is relaxing, which is when the cameras are off him, he takes coat off.  He has to wear a bullet proof vest which would be very evident if the coat came off, but for a writer of the caliber employed by Gawker, the point is missed, or maybe they would joke about why it's necessary.  Probably from all those right wingers wanting to shoot him!  Same applies I guess to Hillary.  She wears the same.  Actually, for the stellar writers at Gawker - a bit of insight into those pesky vests - they can work the vest into a suit jacket to make it less evident.

And when relaxing the coat comes off.  When there are NO cameras.  That running for the office of president deserves more respect than feet up on the desk.  Reagan and Bush - neither had their jacket off in Oval Office with sleeves all rolled up, or looking disheveled.  Respect for the office.  Unlike others.  Reagan was very conscious of respect for the office and furniture which wasn't his to muck up.

Stellar journalism.

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