Saturday, October 22, 2016

Age and Experience

Society, ours and for the most part, humanity, give a pass on behavior (excepting murder) while you are in your teens or twenties.  You could be 50 and a story comes out from 30 years ago in which you behaved badly and ... you get a pass.  You grew up and ... hopefully behaved.

Donald Trump gets no such pass.  Regardless of his actions ten years, twenty years, or thirty years ago - he was still a mature adult when he did those things and as psychologists tell us, after your mid/late 20s you don't change your character much.  In his case, his behavior hasn't changed much at all.  Whether 30 years ago, 20, 10, or 5 years ago, his words and behavior were then, and are today,  unacceptable.

Richard Branson tells a story about lunch with Donald Trump many years ago in which Trump told him he would get a few people who didn't help Trump in his time of need.  He would spend the rest of his life getting even with them.  And this made Branson uncomfortable.

It should.

Just as it should make us all uncomfortable that Bill and Hillary never let go or forgive people who cross them.  They make a list and check it every so often to remind themselves who they still have to destroy.   They keep secret files and use various entities and resources to destroy people.

There is no difference but scale and the fact the Clintons have access to extreme power and have used it.

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