Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trump: The Reckless Excuse for Yesteryear

What is the attraction to Trump's campaign.  What could possibly propel this man into the White House against all odds, all efforts by the media, all polls, and all conventional wisdom ...

for a moment, I imagine it is possible, as the world collapses for Hillary -

- the 'basket of deplorables', all 48% of the American people don't want to give up our borders.
- they do not want to surrender sovereignty to Mexico or Hillary
- they don't want free immigration across our borders
- they don't want a supranational entity directing our future
- they don't want billionaires colluding and determining what is best for 300 million people
- they do not want the atmosphere of corruption that surrounds the poster child of corruption, Hillary
- they do not want the media dictating what is and is not important to them
- they do not want the culture of corruption that surrounds the Clinton Family Inc
- they do not want politicians who say one thing to the wealthy and elite and say something different to the masses of people.

They want honesty and that is something Hillary can't do if her life depended upon it.

Donald Trump bothers the elite, bothers the media, bothers academics and all the special snowflakes because ... he simply doesn't live according to their design.  He is not politically correct.  He hugs women and maybe at some point grabbed their butt, maybe held them a little longer than a customary 4 seconds ... Donald Trump is a poster child for the masculine male of the 70s ... and he was never changed as times changed.

The Republican party has distanced itself not because what he did was immoral or unethical or wrong, but because they have bought into the idea that masculine is bad, and if they didn't deny him ... they would lose the votes of special snowflakes and women.  But what they didn't realize was the disdain so many people have for the culture of snowflakes.  And a yearning for some medium between Trumps masculine extreme and an effeminate future.

He stands a chance.  Pennsylvania.  N Carolina.  Nevada.  Arizona.  - he can take it if he gets these states.

And Nevada is doable and so is Arizona.  Pennsylvania is a state affected by the loss of manufacturing - they are the people Hillary holds in greatest disdain - and West Virginians.

It is possible.  And in the next 8 days as more shit tumbles out of her corrupt closet ...

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