Friday, October 28, 2016

Nixonian Politics

Nixon was accused of a great many crimes.  Yet he resigned to spare the country embarrassment and worse, a period of instability at a time when the Cold War was blazing.

There are and have been many academics who teach the lessons of Nixon and do so with a dripping condescension and loathing for those who supported Nixon.

Hillary Clinton, when the history is finally written about her ... will make Nixon look like a boy-scout.  Her personal attacks, her enemies folder, her private investigations and smear teams, her bribing and meddling in criminal matters, her violations of national security, emails and servers ... she has already exceeded whatever crimes Nixon committed by volumes.

And yet, those academics still sing her praises and glory.  Like they were in church.

P.S - they will hang on to the glory of what could have been, even while privately admitting how flawed she was.  Her time is over, and thankfully we do not have anyone like her on the horizon.

Our nation has been spared that suffering.

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