Friday, October 7, 2016

It's all Palin's fault

Donald Trump says some dumb things.  He lacks a filter.  He lacks tact.  And he sometimes shifts blame to others, but one would tend not to assume a two-term president would be so juvenile -

According to Obama, Sarah Palin is responsible for everything, including Trump.

I see him, actually, as the start of the line - a man who had zero experience doing anything, and even the community organizing was ... very limited ... who had no experience foreign, no experience domestic, was a part time legislator in Illinois, had been there for a short time before he decided to run for US Senate with no experience, and then within months decided to run for president - with no experience doing anything other than smoking pot, writing for a Harvard Law Journal, and attending an extremist church ... no experience, but a lot of pride and ego ....

Hillary, the wife of a man who has molested more women than some men in prison for molestation.  A man who had sexual relations with THAT woman and many others, in the Oval Office - while HILLARY was nearby.  And she is a defender of women?  In what dimension.  She enabled, supported, defended, protected a serial womanizing dick.  That's what she has done.  Lied to congress, to the American people about everything from the mystery files showing up on a White House sofa to ... well, almost everything she has ever said contains part truth and part lie.

But it's all Sarah Palin's fault!

If that helps you sleep better.

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