Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Case Against Trump

It is unavoidable.  Dealing with the bombastic, tourrettes-afflicted Donald Trump.

He calls women names.  He comments on the breasts, their ass, how fat they are, or what they are good for.  He suggests their highest level of accomplishment could be satisfying a man, or would be under a man.  He has shown a sexist streak Texas-wide.  Some of this is unacceptable and he has demonstrated crude and insensitive comments regarding women. 

He cannot stop with the hair and hands - he waves those little hands around, and squints like he has an aversion to light.  Perhaps a condition of his night crawling.

He seems to have a strong reluctance to releasing tax information.  Candidates have for many many years released their tax records.  From the Democratic to the Republican and Green Party, candidates have always released their records, yet Trump won't.  Like Hillary said - why, what is he hiding??

He has commented on possibly using nuclear weapons, how he would react to various circumstances, and his feelings toward our allies.  He has a shoot from the hip mentality, saying whatever comes to mind, regardless of impact.  He would alienate world leaders and worse, would alienate Americans from the world by his actions.  He would make the world a less safe place.

He makes claims that at best are unjustified and indefensible, and more likely a set of bold-faced lies.  He does not seem to be able to distinguish between truth and fiction, and lives in a world dominated by the Trump brand.  He sees everything in light of the brand, not in terms of what is best for the United States.

His idea of studying the facts is going over rhetoric in his head.  He is one of the least prepared human beings who could ever possibly want to be in the White House.  His preparation for debates, depositions, and by extension meetings with world leaders would be at best, whatever comes to mind at that time.  He would have no patience and no tolerance for differences.

He is in one sentence: a bigot, liar, sexist, misogynistic ignorant blowhard.

The only person qualified and capable is Hillary Clinton.

But, you know what - in reflecting upon the attacks listed above, everything is personal.  Oh yes, it deals with women or debate preparation, but it is entirely an attack on him personally.

His comments about women are stupid and he should have shut his mouth, but if we could hear Bill Clinton talking to Jeffrey Epstein about women, we would hear far worse.  If we heard any two men who just saw an attractive woman or any woman walk by them, chances are they would say something.  The difference, those men are not running for president.  Yet they are all men and they all say things, some men just do it quieter.  He is rude.  True.

His taxes.  Whoa.  Well, according to PolitiFact , a non-partisan Pulitzer Prize Winning fact-checking site, the vast majority of candidates who have run for president or vice president in the last thirty-five years have indeed released their tax returns. Of the thirty-four candidates who ran during that time period, only seven—Jerry Brown, Pat Buchanan, Mike Huckabee, Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Richard Lugar, and Ralph Nader—have refused to release their tax returns altogether. Most released their records in the late spring. Even Romney’s dad, George Romney, released his tax returns when he ran against Richard Nixon in the Republican primary in 1968.
But Mitt Romney has never released his tax returns. Not during the US Senate race in 1994. Not during the Massachusetts governor race in 2002. And not during his last presidential bid in 2008. Ironically, during the 1994 Senate race, Romney challenged his opponent, Senator Edward Kennedy, to release his state and federal taxes to prove Kennedy had “nothing to hide.” Romney said he would release his own tax records after Kennedy released his, but Kennedy never did.

 I guess the Green Party, Ralph Nader never did, so we need to edit the statement above to refer to most Democrats and a majority of Republicans.  But you might say, what about his billion dollar write-off.  That's one of those things that takes too long to explain (and Hillary and Democrats know it) and makes easy fodder, while they all do it.

When you begin to make $100,000 plus a year, you will look for write-offs.  Deductions from education, business, travel ... even lotto tickets can be written off.  Loss from stocks - you buy a stock for $100 and sell it for $10, you can write off that $90 X however many stocks you bought/sold.  For most of us, those deductions run into the thousands.  For someone with over 100 million, the deductions are an entirely different story.  Certain free labor can be written off in taxes along with a host of other issues including Trumps business loss.  All legal.

What is illegal is someone releasing that information.  That is a federal crime.
What is illegal is someone purchasing that information.  That is a crime.
What is illegal is someone printing that information.  That is a crime.
The NY Times committed a crime and someone will lose their job or worse ... JUST to publish tax information to discredit Trump.  Tax loss write-offs that are not even illegal, but the NYT would like to affect the election in Hillary's favor. Did someone on Hillary's campaign pay someone to release the information to the NYT?  Serious crimes have been committed, and none by Trump.

That is the person and party you want in the White House, again - Bill's treatment of women is horrendous.  And Hillary defending and protecting him by attacking women who came forward ... is criminal.

Trump can be a jerk.  Hillary and Bill have demonstrated their true colors.

Will he alienate other leaders.  I'm sure he will.  But he didn't make his empire by not working with people.  He has better skills at getting work done than Hillary in all her 30 years.

So, sure.  There is a case against Trump.  It's been trumped up by Hillary.

Go figure.

To be updated as I have time.  Each of the claims, including serial liar, can be dealt with.  What is interesting is some columnists for major newspapers/magazines have at the bottom of any article about Trump their disclaimer that he is a misogynistic, serial liar ... and it's quite funny, sad really - he isn't - they are.

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