Friday, October 21, 2016

Note to Republican and Democratic Party


You selected a woman the vast majority of your own party do not want.  A woman who is deeply disturbed.  Her health is at best ... not good.  She will probably not finish 4 years because she simply cannot.  Her financial mess makes the Keating scandal look like a few cents were missing, Michael Milken misplaced a few dollars and Goldman Sachs issues seem like it involves change.

She has a husband who may well be a sexual predator.  He is mysogynistic at the very least and has assaulted multitudes of women, carrying on affairs with countless others, including quite possibly, under age girls (Jeffrey Epstein's private island, Prince Andrew et al).  She has allowed it.  Enabling a sexual predator is a crime, and she knew full well all about his extra curricular activities.  How else does he explain flights on Epstein's private plane darting off to a private island?

You can dress Hillary up but it doesn't change the fact she has lied to the American people on numerous occasions, lied to Congress, lied to everyone ... and you, the Democratic party know this full-well.  She has accepted donations from countries who butcher homosexuals, beat women, enslave women, traffic in human beings, and have no regard for free speech - yet your party attacks the Republicans for supporting Trump.

You have chosen someone who will very nearly be, as old or older than Ronald Reagan and you remember your attacks on Reagan for being too old.  Do you recall?  You should.  She is medically infirm.  Emails released by Wikileaks reveals a lot of evidence of her inability to stay on her feet very long.  I suppose she can be pushed around in a wheelchair.

The security who have protected her, secret service agents, and others have revealed just how much contempt she has for the military and intelligence agencies.  She lied about the classified emails, and we know she knew ... she was in the White House for 8 years.  She attended many meetings and those meetings had classified documents which she was made aware of, during attendance of same.  She is a liar, a horrible and pathological liar, and is unfit to serve in any government position.  She should not be privy to secret documents, nor should she ever be given top secret briefings.  Let her read the NY Times.  In fact, Kaine shouldn't either.  Why does your party select a VP candidate who worked with and aided a communist government.  A vice-presidential candidate who accepts liberation theology.  And you dared whine about Palin and her comments, which were true about Russia being visible from Alaska.  I feel very sad you are so pathetic a group, to have come so far from the time of Carter or even Kennedy.  And despite Kennedy's atrocious personal behavior, he believed in the United States.  The same cannot be said for Kaine and Clinton.

How do you sleep?

And Republicans, you allowed Trump to be in the position he now holds.  You are responsible.  You have allowed this to happen -  by making deals with Democrats, siding with ideologies anathema to your values, and by allowing millions of [Muslims or whomever] into this country is not an American value.  I would explain it to you but it would not be worth the time.  I'm sorry you have bought into the Democrats lies.  That is why the people of the party have deserted you and embraced an obnoxious and crass asshole.  You have created this monster and you have brought the Republican party to the brink of destruction.  He is a by product of your lack of conservative values.  He is a product of the distrust people now have for you.

And why do they distrust you?  Ever wonder?  Making deals that diminish American jobs and world respect.  Supporting policies in order that the administration throw you some crumbs.  Tolerating crumbs.  Tolerating the one-sided policies toward the United States.  Watching as a president uses force in more countries around the world than the previous two Republican presidents combined.  Allowing the use of executive orders/presidential findings, without taking the issue to the American people.  You become complicit in all that crap and why should they trust you.  Running candidates that are deeply flawed (yes, I know, Hillary was ...) - buying into the guilt complex Democrats throw at you. 

You should have had 3 of the Republicans drop out on day 1.  Yes, made them do so.  Had a tête à tête and sided with 1 and made it clear to the others everyone had to, or ... some consequence would befall them.  Then use everything on Hillary and dump it.  Attack her time in the White House - the amazing box of files on the sofa, the lies, the obfuscation, the filegate, travelgate ... then go after her financial and who has given to her ... every name.  Then go after the people around her and where their money was invested or received from.  Go after her time as Secretary of State ... each and every awful moment.  Go after everything ... but you did hodgepodge .... and it failed.  You didn't and now we find ourselves with Hillary Clinton on the verge of taking the White House ... a woman who has held congress in contempt, ignored laws and taken hundreds of millions from people and countries .... she is so tainted I cannot believe she is allowed to remain.  You all disgust me.

Where to go?  I wish there was somewhere.

None of you are worth it.

F@#$ you all.  FX$%# you all for ruining this country, for sending our country on a spiraling downward trajectory from which we cannot ever recover.  F@&%# you all for doing away with our sovereignty and independence.  F%@& you all. 

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