Sunday, October 30, 2016

POTUS ONLY: A major concern contained in the briefing the president receives on January 20

According to Glenn Thrush of Politico, two major issues will face the next POTUS - N Korea and recession.

Recession is something you cannot mandate away, nor can you influence deeply.  Perhaps if American companies hired more Americans and stopped moving their companies.  Perhaps if we had more money to spend.  Perhaps if companies spent more to build and develop their assets ...


 The other issue I would like to suggest worth looking into.

North Korea having nuclear weapons capable of reaching California.

Recently, James Clapper the Director of U.S. National Intelligence said that it was probably a "lost cause" and the best that could be hoped for is a cap on the country's nuclear capability.  

I would urge anyone who seeks and desires truth, to look into the years 1989-1996.  Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, and North Korea.

We armed him, indirectly.  We made it all possible.

Go back, look at the news from 1989-1992, then with those conditions in mind, look at what the US did from 1992-1996.

Good luck.

Now, some people may say we don't need to point fingers we need to find a solution.  Looking for blame is not part of the solution.  I believe it is.  First we need to know the origins and parameters of the issue, then how it came to be.  Then we can fix it.

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