Tuesday, June 21, 2011

War is ...

According to Mr. Obama, when Americans die.

Otherwise, war is not war, it is a conflict.

-  Libya isn’t war because it doesn’t “involve the presence of US ground troops, US casualties, or a serious threat thereof.”

Amazing from a man who was all over Bush for 'torture' and American values.

Who are the men on the ground n Libya directing those missiles that strike at or near Kaddafi ?   They are not simply missiles flying from ships without guidance.  Nor are the missiles off aircraft sent randomly into hit whatever they see.  Someone is on the ground using technology to direct the attacks!  Now, maybe they are not 'US ground troops' but they are American and there is a possibility they are captured and or killed.

So is it war?

Not to Obama.  War is not war unless he says it is, but torture is torture whenever he says it is, unless he is still doing it in which case it isn't torture.

I love liberal hypocrisy.  Conservatives may well be hypocrites but they do not take such a long and tangled route to reach a conclusion that is logically unsupportable. 


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