Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strange Things Happen in the Porta Potty

There are weird people everywhere and even if Russia has more than its fair share, and Germany a whole nut box of fruit loops, the US has some serious nut cases also.

Poopy peeper explains why he's not a perv

Monday, June 27, 2011 3:39:55 EDT PM
Luke Chrisco. (Eagle County Sheriff/HO)

A man accused of hiding out in porta-potties to watch women doing their business at a Colorado yoga festival told a local TV station the experience wasn't as bad as people think.

"It seems terrible, but it didn't actually smell that bad or anything," Luke Chrisco told FOX31 Denver during an interview from jail.

"There's bacteria in there, but to me it's just normal ... we all have bodily fluids," he told the station. "I still would have done it even if it smelled a little weird, because where there is muck, there is gold."

Police arrested the 30-year-old man after a woman at a Boulder yoga festival on June 17 noticed "movement in the tank" of a porta-potty, investigators said.

A nearby man confirmed that he saw a man in the waste tank, covered in a tarp. He locked himself inside the toilet tank, until he flung the door open and ran.

A security guard tried to stop the feces-covered man, but he got away.

Police said Chrisco was arrested nearly a week later, on Thursday, as he panhandled at a gas station.

Chrisco admitted that he moved from the waste tank of a vacant porta-potty to a "busy one" to watch women above him.

"I was at the yoga festival, doing a little bit of yoga, and I'm just seeing all these goddesses," Chrisco said. "It seems crazy, but I just felt like I was being blessed by their energy, even though it was unintentional."

Chrisco admitted to police that he has spied on as many as 200 women, including through bathroom peepholes at businesses and restaurants. Police said they contacted business owners to seal the holes.

Chrisco is charged with unlawful sexual contact and criminal invasion of privacy.


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